May 142013
France - Indochine Musikvideo: "College Boy"

France criticised the music video of "College boy" by the Band Indochine is a gay student is tormented by his classmates. The message of the video is important: since the introduction of gay marriage, it shows how much homophobia in the circle lies dormant. "I realized that my life among people will be no longer easy. Because [...]

May 132013
Deutschland - Drag Queen casting: Wettkampf der Königinnen (Karl-Hermann Leukert)

Main of high heels: we were present at the drag queen casting in the Friedrichstadt Palace and have accompanied 21 candidates for the great Christopher Street day Gala. More, more, more! ", calls for the trainer in the governess and thinks: more pose, more attitude, more sex!" And then he falls at last, the movement, which all have been waiting for, and which since Bruce Darnell [...]

May 082013
Россия - Филиппу Киркорову грозит штраф за пропаганду гомосексуализма

Singer defends gays during a concert in St. Petersburg is the King of Russian pop Singer Filipp Kirkorov at her recent concert in St.Petersburg «October» decided to once again «sèpatažničat′»: following the example of MADONNA he defended gay. The artist expressed his opinion about prohibition of propaganda of homosexuality. His forthright speeches Kirkorov just blew up the Hall. But that was only the start [...]

May 082013
France - Mika sera la tête d'affiche d'un concert gratuit organisé à Paris pour célébrer la loi sur le mariage homosexuel

The singer Mika will be headlined by a free concert held May 21 in Paris to celebrate the law on same-sex marriage and reaffirm the importance of the fight against homophobia, announced Wednesday the Inter-LGBT (lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans). The Franco-British artist, who has made public his homosexuality last September, will occur [...]

May 062013
Россия - "короля поп" Блюстителям нравственности не понравилась речь короля поп-сцены в БКЗ “Октябрьский”

Unexpected excitement on the Internet on Monday, 6 may, caused it to Philip Kirkorov concert v bkz "oktyabrskij" three-week limitation. Moral guard protested that the King of Russian pop stars dare followed Madonna from the stage to comment on the St. Petersburg law banning gay propaganda. And it's all the children in the audience. – Perhaps only here you can be honest and feel their [...]

Apr 292013
USA – Larry Kramer to receive second Tony award: Isabelle Stevenson Award

Playwright, author and activist Larry Kramer will receive this year’s Isabelle Stevenson Award, a non-competitive Tony award given to an individual from the theater community who has made a substantial contribution on behalf of humanitarian, social service or charitable organizations. “Writers who are activists are very rarely taken seriously as artists,” Kramer said in an [...]

Apr 292013
Belgie - Vrouw belaagd na optreden in lesbische modeshow

Fatima Tinouzar (39), a Moroccan-Genk, all days long because they threatened during a fashion show in Hasselt a lesbian character played. "I get anonymous threatening phone calls from people from the Moroccan community because I would be lesbian", says Fatima. "But that is not true: I'm straight, but played just a lesbian character." Fatima stresses [...]

Apr 292013
Vietnam - Gay sitcom becomes smash on internet

Vietnam’s first gay sitcom has become a YouTube sensation, racking up millions of views as support for legalising same-sex marriage strengthens within the communist government. Homosexuality was once seen as a social evil in Vietnam and the success of “My Best Gay Friends”, a low-budget series about three people sharing an apartment in southern Ho [...]