May 142013
Ukraine - Parliament drops gay anti-discrimination bill as hundreds protest against it

A bill to protect gay Ukrainian workers from discrimination based on their sexual orientation has been dropped by the country’s parliament, as hundreds of anti-gay protesters gathered to demonstrate against it. Ukraine’s Parliament postponed the measure indefinitely. It had been backed by the European Union, and was up for a vote on Tuesday. The law [...]

May 132013
Bolivia - Colectivo LGBT: "Denuncian impunidad en casos contra miembros de grupo TLGB"

The collective Trans, lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (TLGB) of Bolivia reported that no cases of abuse or discrimination against people with a different sexual orientation not clarified in the country. The Office of the Ombudsman confirmed that charges these defendants did not receive any punishment. The problem of discrimination against the members of the [...]

May 132013
Northern Ireland - 80% of homophobic, transphobic attacks not reported – study

Anti-gay violence in Northern Ireland is massively underplayed, with eight out of 10 attacks not reported to the police, according to research. As the lord mayor of Belfast prepared to launch Anti-Homophobia Week at the city hall on Monday, a report by the Equality Commission reveals that nearly half of the gay community in the province (44%) [...]

May 132013
Türkiye - 24 kişi gözaltına alındı cinsel içerikli film izleyerek eşcinsel

KEENAN, a cinema, a movie determined that gay sexual intercourse 24 people were arrested. Last week, on the sidelines of the cinema in Sisli, Beyoglu and 2 printed, cinema operator in which 72 people were detained. One of the people with the HIV virus had been found in detention. Directorate of public security branch Bureau of morality, sexual in a cinema film teams, shows and movies [...]

May 132013
Россия - «Запрет гей-пропаганды – часть антизападной истерии властей»

The Agency "Rosbalt" published May 8 article "how to live without Putin?", in which the adoption of a law banning the promotion of homosexuality is regarded as part of the general policy of the Russian authorities to destroy the creative class and European values in Russia. "The Kremlin quickly recovered from the humiliation inflicted upon him in the winter of 2011/12, and moved to the counterattack. It was very successful, "the article says, [...]

May 132013
Erythrée - Pourquoi il est dangereux d'être gay

as it is understandable the deportation of an Italian teacher of Asmara, Eryhtree, information broadcast by the Italian news agency ANSA, which cites the University of Palermo. According to officials of this institution, Paolo Mannina, who taught Italian since the month of March in the Eritrean capital, was expelled when the Asmara authorities discovered [...]

May 102013
Deutschland - "Ich würde nie ein Präservativ verwenden": Politikerin Arantza Quiroga tritt radikal gegen abtreibung und homo-ehe ein

Whenever Arantza Quiroga (photo) occurs anywhere, silenced the talks and this is due not only to her fabulous looks. The current President of the Basque Parliament to enforce white and is known for its strict labour discipline. It asks also candidly they by their peers. The culmination of her career could come in a few days, because of the [...]

May 092013
USA - Gay binational family inclusion: "may kill Gang of Eight’s immigration reform bill"

A proposal to expand gay rights is threatening to splinter a fragile, bipartisan agreement on immigration reform and kill a pillar of President Obama’s second-term agenda. The Senate Gang of Eight, which crafted the immigration legislation, pledged to fight off “poison pill” amendments that would derail the bill. But one controversial proposal has already divided [...]

May 092013
Honduras - Salvador Nasralla comparecerá ante fiscalía

Presidential candidate Salvador Nasralla shall submit to testify this morning before the public prosecutor for human rights, after he was accused by members of the community lesbian gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) for alleged incitement to hatred, homophobia and discrimicacion. The so-called "Lord of television" said last April 28 in its [...]

May 082013
USA - Religious leaders: Gay rights plan seen as threat to immigration bill

Religious leaders said Wednesday that adding a gay rights proposal to immigration legislation could risk their support for the bill, setting up a potential Senate showdown. “We’re extremely hopeful that this bill will remain an immigration bill and not get tangled up with the issue of gay rights,” said Richard Land (pictured), a leader of [...]