May 092013
Portugal - Adopção por casais gay volta ao Parlamento, advogados defendem chumbo

Ordem dos Advogados refusal adoption by families where "a man makes a woman and mother of father". Does not mean that all couples formed by persons of the same sex may be able to adopt children. It just means "to ensure the future prosperity and security" of children who "live your days [...]

Apr 262013
Россия - Владимир Путин поддержал пересмотр соглашений об усыновлении детей со странами, узаконившими гей-браки

Russian President Vladimir Putin considers the right to make changes to the agreement concluded with the other countries, if there are changes in local laws that contradict Russian regulations. The head of State said in response to a proposal to the head of the Legislative Assembly of the Kaliningrad region Maryna Orgievoj. She referred to the French law on same-sex marriages [...]

Apr 242013
France - Mariage gay: "Les dispositions sur l'adoption sont un des points faibles de la loi"

Less than an hour after the adoption by the National Assembly text opening marriage and adoption by same-sex couples, UMP and IDU parliamentarians seized the Constitutional Council. Their goal: do censor by proving that he does not respect the basic law. Can the text be invalidated? Lighting of Didier Maus, Constitutionalist. Parliamentarians [...]

Apr 192013
New Zealand - Marriage bill leaves a few inequalities to sort out including adoption, visas

The legalisation of gay marriage in New Zealand does not eliminate every shred of legal inequalities for gay couples, with a grey area still remaining around adoption. Same-sex married couples could also run into problems when seeking visas in other countries, legal experts warned after the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill passed into law [...]

Apr 172013
France - Mariage gay : «Même quand la loi sera votée, nous serons là»

"... Morons. A member of the service of order of the demonstration for all loose a disenchanted sigh. It is 22:15 Tuesday night, a short walk from the National Assembly. The manifestation of the same-sex marriage opponents was solemnly dispersed a few minutes previously by Frigide Barjot, but a few diehard want resistance. They just plant one [...]

Apr 102013
Australia - Tasmanian same-sex couples one step closer to legal adoption

Legislation allowing Tasmanian couples who have a significant relationship registered under the Relationships Act to adopt children not known to them was passed by the House of Assembly yesterday. The Bill, introduced by Children Minister Michelle O’Byrne (pictured), passed 18 votes to four after the Liberals allowed a conscience vote on the issue. Tasmanian Gay [...]

Apr 012013
Nederland - Turkse demonstranten zijn boos dat het 9-jarige Turkse jongetje Yunus is ondergebracht bij een lesbisch stel

On the afrikaanderplein in Rotterdam-South have Sunday afternoon about 500 people demonstrated against the policy of Bureau Jeugdzorg. The predominantly Turkish protesters are angry that the 9-year-old Turkish boy Yunus is hosted by a lesbian couple. According to the Organization of the demonstration are hundreds of families torn apart by the policy of youth care and unjustly is Yunus only [...]

Apr 012013
France - Le PS dénonce la "radicalisation" des opposants au mariage gay

Children who have been "gassed", chahutes Ministers... PS sounds the charge Sunday against verbal and physical hardening against the project of the Government. "The radicalization of the opponents of marriage for all who no longer hesitate to opt for a strategy of tension, to conduct a guerrilla war against the Ministers, is worrying," laments Frédérique Espagnac. [...]