Mar 282013
USA - San Antonio Texas Chick-fil-A "feathered" in signs by activists supporting marriage equality

The battle for same-sex marriage equality took an interesting turn in San Antonio late Wednesday night as gay rights advocates ambushed a Chick-fil-A with signs and posters. More than two dozen Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) messages covered the windows of the fast food restaurant in the 1300 block of Austin Highway. Workers at the business [...]

Mar 272013
Россия - Воронежские памятники стали участниками акции секс-меньшинств

"Northerners" could see a very strange sight. The most famous monuments of the city have become participants of the action of sex minorities. Vysotsky, Mandelstam, kitten from street Lizûkova Belyj BIM, and a few sculptures adorned with rainbow colored scarves around the neck. A rainbow as a symbol of the LGBT movement. The responsibility for the event took on the leading gay activists. In social networks has 7 photos photo report-undercover [...]

Mar 262013
USA - The prehistory of gay marriage: Watch a 1971 protest at NYC's Marriage License Bureau

The gay-marriage fight, which this week reaches a major milestone with the Supreme Court hearing arguments about the constitutionality of same-sex marriage prohibitions, may seem like your classic 21st century culture war battle. But the first skirmishes did not take place in the 21st century. They didn’t take place in the 1990s. They didn’t even [...]

Mar 252013
Brasil - Beijaço contra Feliciano reúne simpatizantes da causa gay

The three days of the decision on the presence or not of the Shepherd and Mr Marco Feliciano (PSC-SP) in front of the Commission on human rights and minorities of the Chamber of Deputies, more a protest occurred today (23), on Paulista Avenue, strengthened the parliamentary rejection. Since the religious leader made biased comments against homosexuals and [...]

Mar 222013
USA - Students protest at Senate Majority Leader Reid's office over "Robin Hood tax" to help end AIDS

The words written on her body: Robin Hood Tax to end AIDS. On her mind: Outrage over funding cuts to global AIDS programs. The bikini-clad co-ed stood among several nearly naked student AIDS activists who took over Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s office Thursday to protest funding cuts to global AIDS programs. The students convened in [...]

Mar 212013
USA - Adopted son of two gay men to Justice Roberts: My family is ‘valuable’ and ‘worthwhile’

As the Supreme Court prepares to address marriage equality, one 12-year-old asked the chief judge to consider his own family when making the final decision. Daniel Martinez-Leffew, the adopted son of two gay dads, wrote to a letter to Chief Justice John Roberts–himself the father of two adopted kids — urging him to embrace marriage [...]

Mar 202013
Italia - Insulti a liceali gay su Fb Studenti in corteo a Nuoro: Omofobia, indignazione collettiva: "Serve una legge"

A demonstration by students against homophobia was held this morning in front of the liceo classico Asproni of Nuoro. Hundreds of guys wore a white t-shirt and, despite the rain, marched to protest insults to some gay boys appeared on a Facebook page of the historic high school students open to Nuoro Exchange [...]

Mar 202013
Suomi - Tahdon2013-aloite rikkoi 100 000 nimen rajan

The law of equal marriage doing the citizens ' initiative gathered Tuesday evening by more than 100,000 supporters. In the evening, after the 10 names was more than 100,000. At midnight on Tuesday began collecting signatures on the Internet. Names are collected today, including Oulu Tahdon2013-aarilla on the occasion of the start of the campaign on race at 14-18. The parliamentary law Committee on the matter after the vote from deputies recently refused to strict equal in the marriage law to the reading initiative. If the citizens ' initiative Gets a half years 50,000 signatures, [...]

Mar 202013
France - ACT UP-Paris joins 40 organizations to denounce "new secret EU-US trade agreement endangering basic rights"

More than 40 organizations denounce (see the list on this website) a new secret trade agreement that endangers basic rights. Last year, millions of Americans told their government not to undermine the open internet. We sent the SOPA and PIPA bills down to defeat. Soon after, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of [...]

Mar 192013
Finland - 50,000 sign petition in one day forcing lawmakers to consider equal marriage

After taking just one day to gather 50,000 signatures on a petition in order to force lawmakers to consider an equal marriage bill, pensioners delivered the petition to parliament. Finnish lawmakers must now consider the bill which was blocked earlier this month, which aims to legalise equal marriage by making marriage gender-neutral. On 1 March [...]

Mar 132013
Россия - Виталий Милонов не хочет обсуждать права геев со Стивеном Фраем

Депутат Заксобрания Санкт-Петербурга Виталий Милонов, известный как инициатор закона о борьбе с пропагандой гомосексуализма и педофилии, не хочет говорить о правах геев с известным актером и писателем Стивеном Фраем. Ранее британец, который приехал в Россию для съемок документального фильма о жизни геев, выразил желание пообщаться с политиком на эту тему, сообщают питерские “Аргументы и факты”.