Nov 062012
One of the new communities to be addressed in this second set of posters is the Filipino community. The poster is in Tagalog and English.

Throughout the month of October, Our City of Colours has been busy rolling out their second wave of posters designed to increase the visibility of queer people in cultural and linguistic communities throughout the Lower Mainland. (The last poster went online on November 2.)

The community-based non-profit organization released their first set of posters in November 2011.

This second set includes some communities represented in the first wave of posters, such as Chinese, Farsi, and Punjabi.

But they also expanded their reach to address French, Spanish, Russian, and Vietnamese communities. They’ve also included elder and trans individuals in this set.

In the gallery below are just some of the posters that you’ll see going up around town. The ones shown below represent the new communities that the campaign is reaching out to that weren’t in the first set.

If you’re interested in getting involved, check out the Our City of Colours Facebook page for more information.

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Maya is not queer but an ally. She felt so strongly about the campaign that she volunteered to pose for this poster, which is Russian and English.

This poster depicts a cross-cultural relationship between women. The text is in French and Spanish. A Spanish-speaking gay male couple was also portrayed in another poster in this set.

Although a trans person was a model in the first wave of posters, she was not identified as such. The group wanted to portray her in a trans-sensitive way, as this poster does.

Another new community to be addressed is the Vietnamese community