Mar 072013

Lawyer Michel Togue It has unveiled that will continue to defend the human rights of the LGBT community in Cameroon, claiming the need to protect sexual diversity.

The lawyer has revealed that it will continue to work for the rights of sexual minorities in the African country After receiving multiple threats.

Both the African lawyer and his family they have received various death threats for his defence of the rights of homosexual, bisexual and transsexual people of the African country.

The Togue family decided to flee to the United States fearing to suffer an attack sexual diversity by the African lawyer defending.

Togue has stated that it will return to Cameroon to defend to the LGBT communitybecause it is his "duty", alleging that "homophobia is increasing, as well as intolerance".

The producer Jaw productions This week posted a video that has carried out with the aim of making visible the situation of sexual diversity in Cameroon, showing the situation which is Roger, a homosexual man who is being persecuted because of their sexual orientation.