Apr 222013
Mayor Lins (SP), Edgar de Souza (PSDB)

The Mayor of Lins (SP), Edgar de Souza (PSDB), granted an interview to G1 talking about his political career and about his sexuality since he was the only candidate homosexual assumed that if elected in the municipal elections of 2012.

For 34 years, the Mayor has a long political career, adding three terms as city councilman. But his sexual orientation was declared only in the last rally of the campaign last year when he revealed that keeps a stable relationship with another man for nine years.

"I don't have to hide who I am, who I love. If I hide, do not deserve to be Mayor. God loves me as gay, "said Edgar de Souza.

Degree in sociology, the Mayor has always had links with the Catholic Church and with liberation theology. Their connection is so great that he took a personal clash with a document published by the Vatican where Pope Benedict 16 said that homosexuals could not meet to the priesthood.

"My Christian formation did I recognize that God loves me as homosexual, said he believes that the" living in the communities is much higher "that follow the life as a priest.

In the interview, the Mayor was asked about statements by Mr Marco Feliciano (PSC-SP) that were regarded as homophobic and Edgar de Souza was unhappy with the Evangelical parliamentary view on this subject.

"I felt very offended when Marco Feliciano put on Twitter that the fate of the child created by couples homoafetivo is being a victim of pedophilia. Is an idiocy that has no size. The majority of cases of pedophilia happens in heterosexual relationships ".

For it was idiotic on Feliciano pedophilia and homosexuality. "Large hand be idiot say something of this. He puts everyone under suspicion. You know that thing, if on the street has a drug dealer everyone becomes drug dealer ".

Roberta Lee Hosea

"God loves me as homosexual", says mayor of Lins