Apr 292013
religioso Roberto Daniel

A Brazilian Catholic priest who refused to retract his opinions of support homosexuals, at the request of a Bishop, met Sunday with hundreds of faithful in his last mass prior to formalize his resignation, according to the press. Their statements through social networks.

Roberto Daniel religious, known as father Beto, drew attention by announcing for the social networks that it would "exercise of the priestly ministries", after refusing to rectify their views.

The Diocese of Bauru, a municipality in the State of São Paulo's 350,000 inhabitants, asked the priest to withdraw a video that defends homosexuality, bisexuality and advocate a change in the Catholic Church "to the new realities" of the internet.

"If the human science is noting that nowadays not can be framed more the human being homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual, we should frame us simply as sexual beings, and that love can occur at any of these levels", said the priest in the video released on Youtube.

Father Beto was propelled by his superiors to retract, which refused in another message where he also announced that his resignation from Monday would be effective.

"For me it becomes impossible to live the Gospel in an institution in which, for the time being, freedom of thinking and freedom of expression are not respected", he said on his Facebook account.

On Sunday hundreds of faithful packed the Church Santo Antônio in Bauru, to attend the mass of farewell of father Beto, also known for wearing t-shirts with the image of the guerrilla Che Guevara, according to the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo.

For "Jesucristo there was prejudice, Jesus loved human beings regardless of their social status, race and sexuality," said the priest during the ceremony, according to the newspaper.

In his message of resignation, father Beto urged the Catholic Church to open up to new realities.

"I hope that the Church is open to the development of science and the new realities that we live in our contemporary society that she (the Church) does not commit injustice and is not an obstacle for the happiness of the human being," he said.

With 123 million faithful, Brazil is the country with the largest Catholic population in the world, but in the first decade of this century the number of supporters fell 10 percentage points, from 74% to 64%, faced with the advance of the Evangelical Pentecostal, according to official data.

The Francisco Pope plans to visit Rio de Janeiro in July on the occasion of the world youth day, on the first trip to held abroad since he was enthroned.

Brazilian priest resigns without retract opinion in favor of gays | TRENDS | LANACION.com.py

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