Apr 162012
Silas Malafaia

This is a short post about Avon Products, Inc. and how their policies regarding LGBT community are not the same depending on the country. In addition, this a call for action for my friends and readers abroad, mainly in the USA, since Avon headquarters are American and their representatives in other countries are subsidiaries.

As you probably know, Human Rights Campaign (HRC) makes a list every year called Buyer’s Guide to help people decide from which corporations to buy their products and services. The personal care company Avon Products is very well rated by HRC, but their subsidiary in Brazil has in their product catalogs books written by a notorious anti-gay evangelical leader named Silas Malafaia.

Just to have a clue about ho is this man, he said in November 2011 to The New York Times the following: “I’m the public enemy No. 1 of the gay movement in Brazil“. Andrew Chesunt, an expert on Latin American religions compared him to Pat Robertson, a very known conservative and homophobic evangelist in United States:

He’s like Pat Robertson in the sense of being a pioneer in moving Brazil’s evangelical right into the national political realm.

Mr. Silas Malafaia is a television evangelist and he uses his milions of dollars to broadcast paid shows in two Brazilian’s national networks, besides having frequent meetings with congressmen in the capital of the country, Brasília. I highly suggest you to take a better look inall Mr. Malafia said to NYT.

Beside you can see one of Mr. Malafaia’s books announced in Avon’s catalogs. Acoording to Avon Brazil, in their advisor page, their brochure “Fashion and Home” is the largest seller of books in Brazil. When Avon offers Mr. Malafaia books, the company is helping Mr. Malafaia to continue his persecution against LGBT community in Brazil.

Many of us had already contacted the company both in Brazil and USA, but we need your help to speak about this issue louder. This is why I’m asking you to send a message to Avon USA (Contact Us) so they can push Brazil’s subsidiary to review their catalog and remove the books of this anti-gay evangelical leader. Also help us to spread this call for action to your friends that are consumers of Avon products.

Besides that, you can sign our petition to Avon Brazil in this link. You just need to provide your full name (Nome completo) and e-mail address. You can also fill your city (Cidade) and CEP (Zip code) if you wish.

You can also speak out to Avon USA using their social networks: Facebook and Twitter. I’m really grateful for your help with this issue.

Luiz Henrique