Mar 282013
Marcelo Regis Pereira

The protester who would have called the Mr Marco Feliciano (PSC-SP) of racist and, so, was removed from the meeting of the HRC (Human Rights Commission) says he won't be intimidated and will be present for continue the protests in the next session of the Board, scheduled for next week.

The anthropologist Marcelo Régis was arrested and had to testify in the Legislative Chamber, Police after Feliciano said that wanted to see the protester out of the meeting.

Régis says it was very nervous at the time of confusion and do not know say right what occurred. But it ensures that accompanied the police "peacefully" and that there was "no violence".

The protester also says it is not linked to any political party and was alone to protest because they do not feel represented by Marco Feliciano.

— I am a Brazilian citizen, black, poor and gay. I am here as a citizen, I have no affiliation with any party, nor any social movement. I am merely as a citizen, expressing my outrage at this violation of human rights.

The anthropologist says don't believed to have committed any excess. He tells who asked that one of the guests of the public hearing, which was being held in the Committee, the Bureau and withdraw to help protesters in the fight against racism. After that, was taken from the room of HRC.

Régis claims that Mr Feliciano posture is not a conciliatory person. According to the anthropologist, the Member should seek dialogue with social movements.

— A coherent vision would call me to talk. He did not say so conciliatory? Communicate with the social movements. I, as a citizen, he had to hear me. He has to invite people to speak with him, to express their pain and anguish.

Invasion attempt

In addition to Régis, another protester was detained for the attempt to break into the Office of Mr Marco Feliciano (PSC-SP). According to police, 100 people organized themselves and were being targeted by Alysson Rao forcibly entering Silver in Mr.

During the confusion, Alysson complained about police violence and approach and made a representation against them. The activist said he is with the wounded arm and will conduct examinations of corpus delicti.

Legislative police claims that several police officers were also injured during the confusion and one recorded occurrence, saying a cut in the mouth. He also var perform examinations in IML.

"I am Brazilian, black, poor and gay", says protester arrested at the request of Feliciano-News-R7 Brazil