Jan 122012

The Baptist minister Sergio Emilio Manny Santos starred in an unusual situation, in the city of Vitória da Conquista, Bahia. Fired by the direction of the Grace Baptist Church for allowing a young homosexual attend the Church, the pastor has a complaint at the police station of the city.

The pastor said he would be having homophobia within the Church against the young man, who has 16 years, is a member of the Congregation and is a musician. "I know that there was a meeting at the home of a member of the administrative body of the Grace Baptist Church, meeting that would have occurred on 23 December, and one of the issues discussed is that I should have placed a homosexual sexual orientation person to play the keyboard, so I could not continue as pastor of this church. And what surprised me is that I preside over worship on December 31, I led the Sunday school and worship of the day on January 1, with all members present, and nothing has been talked about my departure from the Church, "said the pastor in testimony, according to site information Pride.

Sergio said the delegated Beachcombing the boy's sexuality was discussed openly during a cult by the Vice-President of the Administrative Council of the Church, Helita Figueira. On occasion, Helita claimed to be dissatisfied with the fact that a homosexual to attend church.

Outraged, the pastor still reports that his resignation was made so impersonal and irregular, with a statement delivered anonymously: "on January 2, no communication to the members of the Church, which is headed by its General Assembly, a taxi, anonymously, handed the letter to my father, who is not an evangelical person. In the course of this shambles, we found that one of the issues addressed at the meeting of the Administrative Council VP (Helita Figueira) is that I was not able to continue as a pastor once put a homosexual playing keyboard, "reports the pastor Sérgio Emílio Manny Santos.

Pastor is sacked for allowing gay teen attend church