Mar 082012
beijaço gay

Members of the LGBT community (lesbian, gay, bisexuals, transvestites and transsexuals) of Maringá promote, from 5:0 pm this Thursday (8), in front of the building of the Town Hall, a ' gay ' beijaço. The intention is to protest against the measures of the local government that the Movement considers homophobic and segregadoras.

Also participate members of the black movement, the society for the protection of Animals, protesters against the installation of a waste incineration plant, among others. "It will be a protest open to various causes. Anyone who wants to take your band and your poster, regardless of motivation, will be welcome ", says the organizer of the demonstration, By Mary.

According to him, the demonstration will be peaceful. "We will hit all the hostility we receive with love. We invite everyone to take their mothers, grandparents and friends to protest. It is not necessary to kiss or hug any demonstration of affection also are worth, "he says.

Women's day protest

On Thursday (8) celebrates the international women's day. According to the Organizer, the date of the protest was chosen strategically. "No fighting is as worthy as the women for their rights. The woman is synonymous with affection, and that is what we want to go, "speech.


According to Modesto, the LGBT movement considers the policy of Barros prejudiced. A number of factors led the members to perform the ' spark ' beijaço would have been the gay nightclub lock D-Vinyl Club. The establishment was closed on February 24 during an operation of the Integrated Urban surveillance Action (Aifu), by irregularities in the documentation.

In a statement, the Club released a statement reporting that several attempts at settlement were held next to City Hall, but the permit was rejected. For Modesto, the closing was a political act.

"There are many illegal nightclubs in Maringá, in some of them happen to murders and nobody does anything. With the D-Vinyl there was prejudice because the conservative neighborhood complained of the bar, many threw eggs and xingavam who stood by. Were shocked to come out on the street and see a gay couple holding hands. But if heterosexuals are entitled to have fun, because gay people cannot? ", Modest speech.

The gay community also was angry after Sílvio Barros (PP) have vetoed the project ' school without Homophobia '. In justification of the veto, submitted to the Board, the Mayor argued that homophobia is addressed with educators to lead to discussions in the classrooms. The Mayor also said that the overexposure of the theme would bring disputes and increase segregation. It was mentioned that the municipal education covers children from 2 to 10 years, and that at this age the family would be responsible for the theme approach. Finally, Daniels stressed that the matter should be discussed more broadly with society.

Even with the position of the Mayor, the aldermen overthrew the veto and passed the law. The report sought to press City Hall to manifest itself in relation to the closure of Club D-Vinyl, but there was no return.

Demonstrators promote today first ' gay ' beijaço Maringá-Maringá

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