Apr 052012
Magno Malta

Senator Magno Malta warned, last Tuesday (3), for the possibility of creating "a homosexual Empire in Brazil". According to him, the country is not homophobic and gay militants would be promoting persecution against those who disagree with them.

While criticizing project that criminalizes homophobia (PLC 122/2006), in proceedings in the Senate, complained that demonstrations against Malta to homosexuality will be punished with more accuracy that the demonstrations against any other group if the proposal turn law.

-If you do not rent your property to a homosexual, or does not accept the emotional Act of a gay couple, takes seven years in prison. Resigns or does not admit a homosexual in his company, five years in prison. I can not rent my house to a negro, I can dismiss a disabled, I can not admit affective gestures of a heterosexual couple at the door of my house and ask that they popples elsewhere, away from my children. But, if I do this with a homosexual couple, a single police report will take me to jail.

Much of Malta pronouncement in the gallery was devoted to what he called "campaign against the pastor Silas Malafaia", one of the leaders of the Assembly of God. The religious is being sued for speaking up against the organizers of the 15th Gay Pride Parade of São Paulo, which led figures of Catholic Saints in sexy positions to Avenida Paulista, in June 2011.

In her TV show, Malafaia would have advised Catholics to "download the Club" and "enter" stick in the participants and organizers. For the Prosecutor in the case, he would have behaved as "killer of homosexuals".

According to Magno Malta, as the prosecution attempts to silence the opposing position to homosexuality taken by pastor. He recalled the episode in which a Bishop of the Universal Church kicked a santa in a TV show, and, failing the Act, asked where they are, today, the defenders of the Catholic Church then turned against evangelicals.

Incidentally, the Senator Lindbergh Farias (PT-RJ) said he knows the court documents and the speech context of Malafaia. For him, the pastor did not want to encourage physical violence to say "enter pau", only would have used a term commonly used to criticize strongly or respond with strong criticism.

-I read everything and I think are acting with intolerance against Malafaia, he was not inciting physical violence-said.

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