Apr 242013

With cults at 7:0 pm on Sundays, will be opened in São Paulo the first gay Church in the city. The Temple will be opened this weekend. The contemporary Christian Church is located in the East zone of São Paulo, with an area of 700 square meters. Founded in 2006, the Church has temples in the States of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais.

The inauguration of the temple is scheduled for next Saturday, April 27, but a first service was held at the beginning of the month. The São Paulo Temple is located in Tatuapé. With the slogan "Bringing God's love to all, without prejudice, the Church is known for advocating the same cause.

In addition to events such as gospel ballad – where alcoholic beverages are not allowed-will be promoted for adoption support groups. "The US supports the issue of family, adoption. My partner and I have two sons, one of nine and one of ten years ", said Fabio Ibrahim, one of the founders and pastors, to the Folha de Sao Paulo.

"The contemporary Christian Church is not a ' gay ' Church are inclusive, (not ' exclusive '), which urges us to preach the Gospel to all people, without prejudice. Undeniable, however, a real commitment in the homoafetivos hosting, since they were marginalized and condemned to a life of oppression and detachment of the plans and purposes of the Lord by the Christian community, "according to the website about the Church.

Currently, the Contemporary Church has 1,800 members throughout Brazil. There are six temples in Rio de Janeiro and one in Minas Gerais.

The contemporary Christian Church was founded by pastor Mark Gladstone in 2006, in Rio de Janeiro. He is married since 2009 with pastor Fabio Ibrahim and according to the site of the Church they identify themselves as the first couple of "Evangelical pastors to perform a marriage link homoafetivo in the country".

"The pastor Marcos had an encounter with God at the top of a hill where the Holy Spirit you revealed that his sexual orientation was something that could never escape, since it had been God himself who had you made to be that way," says the Web site about the history of its founder.

"Like never before in the country, without fear of showing the face and say what they were, the pastor Marcos accompanied by his companion, pastor Fabio, braved the tormentors (Giant Goliath) of homophobia, pastors, Evangelical churches, Evangelical countertop parliamentary", complements the text about the history of the Christian Church.

The Church is a supporter of Inclusive Theology that does not condemn homosexuality as sin and "stating that the practitioner of homosexuality will be saved even without leaving this sin" already criticized in an article the pastor Ciro Zibordi.

In Sao Paulo, there is also the city of refuge, led by a couple of shepherdesses lesbians.

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