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Um dos fundadores do PSOL na Paraíba, Renan Palmeira pode ser o primeiro prefeito gay do Brasil

He is professor of history and has a history of activism in defense of workers ' rights and against the social injustices. Young, with innovative spirit and willing to make the society more citizen if elected mayor in João Pessoa (PB), intends to decentralize the Government and bring the citizen of the Prefecture, as well as carry out projects and actions to guarantee human rights. Such a presentation would attract certainly most voters pessoenses, but if this curriculum belong to a gay made a bid for mayor, something would change? This response will come from the Brazilian society in these municipal elections. Renan Palm tree, 25 years, is the first made a bid to take on homosexuality in contention in a majority in the country.

Last Sunday (25), the PSOL Paraíba decided in Convention by Renan Palm candidacy to the elections for Mayor of João Pessoa. Militant social movements and one of the founders of the PSol Brazil, Palm had the support of the majority of affiliates. The name had already been suggested for the dispute in proportion, as a good option for Alderman, but faced with a crisis of names for the dispute to the Townhall, Renan Palm grew as a candidate of the Liberal Party in the majority. In the internal debate, there were doubts about how much the company is prepared to engage in dialogue with this made a bid and if the choice estigmatizaria not the LIBERAL PARTY in the dispute. "I have political action on several fronts: in defense of the SUS, against outsourcing, in defense of quality public transport. I managed to convince the party that my name was the best because of my career. I'm proud of militancy by the LGBT cause, but I have other fights that gabaritaram me, "says.

Renan Palm is still organizing the coordination of future campaign, but before the release of the Convention bid, he states that are having receptivity. "I will tackle the campaign with the same victorious soul that I faced the macho, homophobic and conservative society to assume my sexuality and military in the LGBT movement. Who have to be ashamed of my participation are the politicians who do not speak the truth. I am the first gay candidate who takes his sexuality in an electoral dispute, but there are several other gay or LGBT cause advocates who have disputed and are closeted. So who has that feel bothered my opponents, not me, "argues.

To the dispute, the LIBERAL PARTY does not think in exploring the cause of LGBT or even homosexuality of made a bid. As with any election dispute, party bets on political support and in coalition with other parties of the left. "We are discussing with the PSTU and PCBS, but these parties did not realize the size that this candidacy is taking. The race will be difficult because the new party is a LIBERAL PARTY in Brazil, but we defend important national debates as the understanding of a secular State, the struggle for PL 122 (to criminalize homophobia) and the fight against corruption and injustice ", he argues.

The made a bid to the municipal executive of Joao Pessoa is already making history. If becoming the first gay Mayor of Brazil, Renan Being promises to govern "regardless of the sexual orientation of every citizen". "My commitment is to ensure that public assets for the honesty of management, taking into account the protection of human rights. We will implement bold projects to consolidate human rights in João Pessoa and support vulnerable populations, "he says.

Grow colorful elections 2012 pré-candidaturas

If in the majority the country lives a time unheard of with the candidacy of João Pessoa, in proportional attempts to homosexuals occupy spaces of power are becoming reality in recent years. According to data released by the Brazilian Association of Gays, lesbians, Bisexuals, transvestites and transsexuals (ABGLT) have so far been identified 132 people from the LGBT movement as pré-candidatas at the municipal elections of 2012. By the lifting of the entity, in 22 States there is at least one representative of the Parliament of the cities vying for the cause. All parties presented names, including in the Social Christian Party, says the ABGLT.

In Maceió (AL), the Director General of the NGO pro-life, Dino Alves, which develops work in defending the rights of LGBT population, was countersigned by the PSB as made a bid for councilor. "Articulei election campaigns Already in the LGBT sector and general coordination of campaigns in Alagoas. For the first time, I decided to put my name. Come from the student movement and coordinate the gay parade, an event that became more politicized and less ' gay Carnival out of season ' and modify the form of transfer of resources for the realization of this event to prevent diversions, "he says.
Dino Alves account that even out of power already contributes effectively in town to break the fundamentalism and the strong conservative values of the land of the marshals. "We started to face the killing stats of gays by homophobic motivation and work on the life and work of transvestites. Developments a primer about homosexuality and homophobia that turned an institutional document distributed by the State Board of education, "he explains.

With the possible election to the city's Parliament, Dino Alves intends to be active in Maceio City Hall. "We can contribute to realisation of bills to create a LGBT in municipal executive Budget. We have to get you perform the actions for citizenship and have guaranteed resources to the cause. As gay, I have conditions to fight for the cause that property thiswith blacks and women are fighting for their rights ", compares.

"The election of A gay is very difficult, we have neither the gay vote," said former candidate

In the assessment of the Coordinator of the Group Nuances of Porto Alegre, Célio Golin, who played the vacancy in the City Council of Porto Alegre in the last election, political parties are the most interested in having nominations of representatives of the gay community. "This wave of LGBT that country living is being harnessed and the parties began to launch candidates to fill this space," he says.

Golin won 1.805 thousand votes and made the campaign with the help of friends. Due to the high costs to develop a campaign in the country, he evaluates his performance as modest and don't think more in being a candidate. "Militants are applying for, as I did here, but fail to be elected. Until candidates transvestites had more votes than me. It is not a question of homosexuality, because even gay people not necessarily gay vote. They vote for parties and projects ", considers.

The election of Congressman Jean Wyllys (PSOL-RJ), exemplifies the activist, also is not consolidated in the gay vote. "He had the fame of BBB and his party had a good electoral coefficient which placed him in Congress. Which was great because he was able to guide the country's political agenda with the PL 122 and other gay rights ", analyzes Celio Golin.

On the other hand, despite the electoral difficulties, Golin believes that the country increasingly throw gay candidates is important for gender equality and the secular State. "Politics is an area of contention for visibility and depends on joints. Have a homosexual in representative spaces of power brings the themes and the cause for the debate society. In addition to being a strong arm in charge of actions by the State, "he said. But, warns the LGBT movement itself. "Make any dispute must be in argument and with good platform. The debate has to be qualified and not stigmatised ".

Rachel Duarte

Gays come out of the closet and may have the first openly gay mayor