Apr 262013
A Memória que me Contam

For the worshipers of cinema, premiere in July a national film that promises high technical quality and good laughs. Directed by Lucia Murat, "the memory that tell me" shows stories during the period of the military dictatorship and leash drama, humor and a touch of terrorism within a hostile environment. The chemistry looks good, it's about a group of friends militants who resisted the military dictatorship.

For the Director was instrumental in dealing with the matter of homosexuality, since the years 60 and 70 opened the doors to the struggle of minorities. For Lucia, realize that nowadays still exists a veiled prejudice by the people is "shocking". The gay characters of the film are due to the presence of Miguel Thiré (Eduardo) and Patrick Sa (Gabriel). Eduardo is an artist, has 26 years and almost 2 years ha maintains a relationship with Gabriel. To Miguel Thiré, who ever lived in theaters a gay character paper, is more of a challenge, where you must pass the absolute truth, because according to the actor "a thing is playing to be effeminate, another is you develop a love, affection, lust for another man, but it would be a huge lie." As Patrick S believes that the preparation between the actors was key to the "liberation" of each.

The movie site defines it as "an ironic drama about utopias defeated, terrorism, sexual behavior and the construction of a myth". "ANA is dying. Ex-guerrilla, left icon, she is the last link of a group of friends who resisted the military dictatorship in Brazil. In the waiting room of a hospital, they meet again. Failed Utopias, terror and sexual release from the point of view of two generations, a group of former guerrillas and their children, are the themes of this film, "says the blurb.

Ana (Simone Spoladore) is the reason for the Group's reunion appears only in the memories of the young characters, as if he had never left the years 60. Young, beautiful and dangerously fragile. The film debuts in theaters in June. Below you can see the trailer and speaks of the characters.

Film "the memory that tell me" shows gay life during the dictatorship | Side Magazine

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