Apr 172012
Cartaz da Parada Gay em Maringá que utiliza imagem da Catedral

A poster used to promote the gay parade of Maringá (PR), in which appears the image of Catholic Cathedral caused controversy among the population. The Group of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transvestites, transsexuals and transgender (LGBT) created an image in which the Rainbow (gay symbol) explodes from the ceiling of the Church, the Cathedral Basilica smaller Nossa Senhora da Glória, the main tourist attraction of the city.

The Archbishop of Maringá Archbishop Anuar Neighbor believes that the posters are disrespectful. "The Cathedral before being a symbol of Maringá, is a religious symbol of the faith of the majority of maringá and, for this reason, we regret the use of the poster," said Dom Battisti to G1.

The Archbishop pointed out that the Church does not seek to impose values and principles. "The Catholic Church does not have the pretension to tame the society, their principles and values," said the note issued by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Maringá.

The note points out that the Church respects the social diversity, but "not always agree with all kinds of behavior". The note says that the organisation deplores the use of the image of the Cathedral and requests the removal of the poster of all media.

The responsible for organising the parade, and a member of the Group Maringay, Robson Girardello, explained that the idea for the creation of the poster came from the British group Pink Floyd album, The Dark Side of The Moon.

"Symbolically, it's something that comes whole and direct from one side, and exits the plural of another, showing its various and true forms," explains, in an excerpt from a text published by the site Maringay Girardello.

Also the President of the Brazilian Association of lesbians, Gays, bisexuals, transvestites and transsexuals (ILGA), Toni Reis, said he saw no evil intent on the poster.

"The symbol of Maringá is the Cathedral and the Rainbow is a symbol of diversity. I haven't seen any disrespect. Because we also are children of God. I didn't see no evil, "said the publication.

According to Maringay, the material did not come to be printed and posted on the internet as a draft campaign.

The Gay Parade in Maringá is scheduled for May 20.

Jussara Teixeira


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