Apr 292013
Sharon Seno Mathers

One of the contestants of the Miss Botswana pageant Sharon Seno Mathers who managed to reach the Top Five stage stirred up emotions with her remarks on homosexuality.

During the questions session, Mathers was asked by one of the judges to state two challenges that face Botswana youth. In her response, much to the shock of the audience Mathers listed homosexuality as the first challenge. This did not go down well with the audience who booed her before she could even finish her answer.

However, the flaring tempers did not stop Mathers from continuing as she went further despite the booing’s and said “Homosexuality is a disease that can be cured”. This attracted an even more angry response from the audience as they roared with anger and ranted in disapproval.

This got to Mathers as she finished her answer with a shaking voice and said that she believes homosexuality can be cured because it doesn’t add up to the already low population of Botswana. She said that with homosexuality there is no reproduction to increase the population.

In proceeding to conclude her answer, Mathers was almost inaudible as the screams of disapproval to her answer defeaned the hall. The second challenge to Batswana youth she listed was alcohol and drug abuse but she did not go further to elaborate as the odds were not in her favour.

The obviously shaken Mathers who had changed from keeping a smiling face to a sombre mood had to keep up appearances and wait for the other four girls to finish answering their questions, as she was the first to have been asked a question.






The Monitor :: Beauty contestant eranges audience with gay remarks