Apr 132012
Dayana Saucedo Durán
Dayana Saucedo Durán, is a transsexual person who wants to participate in the contest Miss Bolivia, following in the footsteps of the Canadian Jenna Talackova who got admission to fight the Crown in his country.
The potential candidate for the scepter of the most beautiful woman in the country asked the organizer of this event, Gloria Suarez of clean that is more tolerant, and take into account their intention to run.
In an interview that records the morning El Deber, Dayana confessed that women felt as a child, liked the dolls, was delicate and charming. In addition, feel weird when he should go to school dressed male.
The interview
What is your sexual situation?
I'm a transsexual because I got a vaginoplasty, i.e. that removed me the male genitals and built me one female. This operation I did in Santiago, Chile, in Bolivia does not make it. Doctor Luis Burgos made my bust me.
When will you be transgender?
When you have my female documents, which establishes that I'm female. I am considering that change. It is the only thing that I need to make it legally female.
Now that Miss Universe allowed to participate to transgender people would you like to be in the Miss Santa Cruz?
Yes, of course I want to compete, get to be Miss Santa Cruz, Miss Bolivia and go to Miss Universe. I have the same right to other girls, to represent my country.
Do you think that they will not compete?
I'm going to fight for it, it's my right. I ask the Lady Gloria Limpias, which is the organizer of the Miss Bolivia, to open their mind, which must accept us because we are a reality and exist. The political Constitution of the State protect us, as well as the Miss Universe Organization, which will change its rules so that we come to your event. Then no looks it change its regulations and support us.
And if you don't support?
I have an invitation from Katzu Model Agency to being one of the mannequins, I have not yet decided if I enter. And if I can't be miss I'll be model, because I love the catwalks.
Do you think that you have conditions to be model?.
Of course Yes, I have a good figure, I have a healthy body, mido 1.70 m and strut well why not?
Did you already go beauty queen?
Yes, was miss coast and Miss Bolivia transvestite 2008 in a contest that was held in La Paz. Even though I was second, I should win (laughs), it was beautiful, but no matter.
Is there someone in your heart?
Very well, I have never had problems of health (laughs). Now I'm in love with a good man, he is in the process of divorce, but not separated by my guilt, I arrived after.
Would you like to get married?
Yes, I'd like to reach the altar, raise a family and have children. That dream we have it all, isn't it?
How is your relationship with your family?
Excellent, my mother loves me and takes care of me, always gives me advice. With my brothers took me super well, respect me and love me. They accept my life because they see that I am a good person, that my life is like that of any woman.
And you think that society accepts you?
I don't know, I live my life, do not harm anyone, am not a hindrance and I do not see why I do not have to accept. I know we live in a sexist society, but we are gradually opening ways. This Miss Universe is very important, because it recognizes us as real women, that is what we are. I never felt men, never women attracted me. I didn't choose this life, so I was born, then I cannot be a rarity, I am normal, just missing me a touch, (vaginoplasty) that I already did me.
What are you dedicás?
He studied Social communication at the universidad Nur, but I had to leave for personal reasons. The next six months I think to resume my career, because I really enjoy.
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