May 142013
Por año registran 5 asesinatos por homofobia o transfobia

During the last ten years there were 55 murders of LGBT people (Trans, Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual) in the country, only 12 reached a research process and any judgment obtained. Most complaints to the Ombudsman is due to negligence of authorities.

"We are outraged by the crimes that were committed in recent years because of transphobia and homophobia. The groups and activists reported 55 murders in ten years, several admitted that even as a complaint to the Prosecutor. To these we call N / N because it only came to the media, "said David Aruquipa, president of LGBT.

The representative cited as "emblematic example" of what happened in October 2012 in Santa Cruz, where they killed the tranny Luisa Duran with 52 stab wounds. He said that although there is evidence against the suspects, this and other cases do not progress by the negligence of authorities.

Therefore, said that impunity is the main problem faced by LGBT people and said proof of the 55 cases, only 12 had research process, while the rest remains stalled. "So far no judgments, no arrests, nor compliance penalties."

Complaints. In addition to the negligence of authorities, Aruquipa told the families of the victims, who often decide inhibiting and refrain from initiating a lawsuit for fear of "raising dust" and the prejudices of society. In this regard, Griselda Sillerico, Deputy Delegate Programs and Special Actions Office of the Ombudsman, explained that most of the complaints received by this instance is for negligence and lack of attention from the police and the staff of the administration of justice .

"The first instance is the police complaint, but they, prosecutors and those who administer justice, become homophobia bias, then naturalize these facts sexual discrimination based on gender identity," said Sillerico.

He said that of the cases that reach the Ombudsman, almost all go unpunished despite having a valid Law Against Racism and All Forms of Discrimination, which punishes acts of homophobia (hatred against gays and lesbians), and transphobia ( repudiation of transsexuals and transvestites).

Alberto Moscoso, representative of the GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans), recalled the gay pride march in 2007, when they received a bomb in full parade. "It took six years and never gave the author despite having six wounded. In the country does not clarify the cases related to us, there will. "

During the weekend, the LGBT movement met with the Ombudsman and the Vice Ministry of Decolonization by the recent attack on a transsexual in Cochabamba, and to address impunity. The authorities expect the prosecution report.

Attacks against gays and trans


In 2009, Virginia Huanca lesbian who was beaten, raped and murdered by the husband of his girlfriend.


In 2012 killed two gay men in La Paz, one of them in their own homes and three in Santa Cruz, by homophobia, as GLBT.

They are sent to jail one of the aggressors

Angelica Melgarejo/Cochabamba

Gino Palmieri (35), identified as one of six drivers who hit a transsexual, was taken into custody at the San Sebastian prison, accused of causing serious injury and aggravated robbery. Judge of Criminal Investigation 8th Prudential, Vladimir Quiroz, also considered these crimes homophobia and discrimination. "There are aspects of the foundation of preventive detention," the prosecutor Jose Gutierrez. The morning of Friday, six beat three transsexual taxi drivers, because a driver's refusal to pay for the sexual services provided one.

After the incident, four drivers were arrested and released three for not finding evidence against him, "All three made statements and accuse Palmieri," said the judiciary. "I came because I asked a taxi driver for help and when put together the mess disappeared and now do not know anything about him," he said Palmieri, who hit Gabriela, the injured, with a tire iron.

"I reacted because one of them hit me with a taco on my forehead, hit a key, but not in your face," he said. Raysa Torrioni, Trans motion coordinator, said the judge made Anti-Racism Act prevail. "We will not be discriminated against, this is an example. Women should denounce men discriminators ".

By year recorded five murders of homophobia and transphobia

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