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Afectada. Gabriela, una de las transexuales agredidas el viernes en la ciudad de Cochabamba

The collective Trans, Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LGBT) of Bolivia reported that the country is not clarified any case of abuse or discrimination against people with a different sexual orientation. The Ombudsman's Office confirmed that the accused for these crimes did not receive any punishment.

The problem of discrimination against members of the LGBT group returned to the table for discussion after the beating he received three transsexuals on Friday in the city of Cochabamba, after a taxi driver refused to pay for sexual services. One of them left with a broken nose and bruises on his body. Even the affected complained that they were not given timely help.

The delegate Assistant Programs and Special Actions Office of the Ombudsman, Griselda Sillerico, told Reason that "the administration of justice does not fulfill its role and no impunity; these cases are like that." Cochabamba reported that there are four other similar incidents of assaults. While in La Paz were other three, even threw explosives at a march in the Gay Pride Day and, despite having documents the attack, all was forgotten.

Standard Law against Racism and All Forms of Discrimination was enacted on October 8, 2010. Since then he has ruled no crime against transgender, lesbian, gay or bisexual in Bolivia, despite the existence of complaints, according to data from the Office of the Ombudsman

There is also a regulation to implement the legal body and is pending approval of the plan anti-racism and discrimination. "We can say that we have all the necessary regulations, the problem is how the standard is met when there are such cases," said Sillerico.

LGBT group president, David Aruquipa, supplemented that victims of these facts are not denounce and 100% of transsexuals Bolivians have suffered some type of aggression since he decided to take this sexual choice. "These events are not reported for various reasons, such as family members believe that what happened was something that had to be done well. Sexuality is not understood as a matter of law but as a punishment. "

No more. After the adoption of the Law Against Racism murdered people in this organization and were also crimes unpunished, Aruquipa remarked. For example, in the city of Santa Cruz the tranny Luisa Duran was killed after suffering 52 stab wounds, lesbian and Virginia Huanca died with 14 stab wounds in the city of El Alto.

Despite this background, Aruquipa said, there is hope that the last case occurred Friday in Cochabamba is the first to have an exemplary sentence. Contacted the Ombudsman and the Vice Ministry of Decolonization to make it so. Moreover, today announced that it will meet with officials of both institutions to track. This, despite the fact that the affected signed a document that allowed the four drivers accused be released on Sunday (read note support).

In this situation, Sillerico stressed that there can be a "fix" or a reconciliation and that the Office is coordinating work activities with their representation in the city of Cochabamba. Even the official said that the Ombudsman Rolando Villena, already aware of what happened-after-travel back and meet with the group of Aruquipa. Both entities are expected to provide a conference where explain the following steps to be taken in the coming days.

A protest March Friday


On Friday 17, the LGBT group will organize a march against impunity in cases of violence against its members.


Each May 17 in Bolivia marks World Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

Accused drivers were released

The four drivers who were arrested and charged with three transsexuals hit early Friday in Cochabamba, left yesterday released.

The president of Bolivia Trans Network, Raiza Torriani, informed affected Reason assumed that the signing of a letter of commitment with one of the assailants. This document stated that he was going to run with the medical expenses of the victims.

The person alleged pact was initialed on who kicked and hit with a tire iron to one of those affected called Gabriela. Thus, those involved were not subjected to precautionary measures hearing scheduled for yesterday.

What happened Torriani outraged because, she said, transsexuals were not properly advised by his lawyer and also possibly parcializó the prosecution to the accused. "I make a public complaint because they were given the freedom to taxi drivers despite seeing the act of violence so brutal they committed. It can be said that there was an attempted murder. Bothered me a lot to have signed (the victims).

The authorities will be held accountable because it is not fair to have ruled in favor of these criminals. "

By phone, Torriani reported receiving support from the parliamentary brigade Cochabamba and travel tomorrow to the city of La Paz to file your complaint with authorities.

The attack happened early Friday 10, when a taxi driver refused to pay for the sexual services of transsexual Chantal. This called his companions, but the three were hit for six drivers radio taxi service. Two of them escaped, except Gabriela.

Erick Ortega

They denounce impunity in cases against members of group TLGB

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