Jan 062012

The Belarusian Web is made the echo since Tuesday in a small film, just put online on YouTube. Entitled love without borders, this small short film - "the first gay movie of Belarus" beautifully crafted shows in parallel with love moments of a hetero couple and a gay couple.

The creator of the film reveals a little bit more to STUBBORN: "I did it because in Belarus, we have a big problem of visibility. People do not know that it is there. "Our largest association, GayBelarus, should work for us, but it is almost that organize underground parties, nothing else, unfortunately. ''

"Do something for the visibility.

"Then, with four friends, I tried to do something, without a budget, to show that there is some homos here, that they are able to love, and that their love is not different from that of straight people, because the feeling is the same for all", explains Max Anatsko, which is the first film as co-writer, Director and cinematographer, and promises not to stop there. His film was shot on the outskirts of Minsk, the capital.

In Belarus, countries of Eastern Europe led with a firm hand by Alexandre Loukachenko, homosexuality has been decriminalized in 1994, as in all the former Soviet republics. But this was "the first and last won fight!" said a young gay, cited in a report published in the magazine TÊTU in October 2008 on-site.