Apr 242013
Belgium - Topless feminists from Femen showers Belgian primate with ‘holy water’

Four topless activists from feminist group Femen showered the Belgian Primate Archbishop Léonard with water on Tuesday evening.

The incident happened while Archbishop Léonard was taking part in a debate on blasphemy at Brussels’ Francophone Free University. The four topless protesters had daubed their bodies with slogans against homophobia.

They chanted slogans before throwing what they decided as “holy water” at the Belgian Primate.

Neither Archbishop Léonard nor the other person taking part in the debate, Professor Emeritus Guy Haarscher, were injured. The four activists had been sat in the audience before they suddenly took to the stage.

The took off their tops and unfolded banners before spraying Archbishop Léonard with “holy water” that was contained in bottles in the shape of the Virgin Mary.

Femen said that the protest was against “homophobic comments” made by the Belgian Primate in the past. Archbishop Léonard has in the past expressed the official stance of the Roman Catholic Church with regard to homosexuality.

The protest was over in minutes and the Femen activists were led away by the university’s security staff. The Archbishop later kissed on of the empty bottles that had contained the water that had been thrown at him.




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