Apr 242013
Belgium - Le premier couple pacsé de France «fier d'être Français» après le vote pour le mariage homo

The first couple pacsed of France in 1999 expressed his "great joy" Wednesday after the adoption on the eve of the law on same-sex marriage, the two men claiming have "never been as proud to be French.

"It is with great joy and immense satisfaction we sanded the champagne last night with straight friends", said by telephone at the AFP Dominique Adamski, who was with Francis Dekens the first to sign a Pacs in France, November 18, 1999, the tribunal de grande instance of Lille.

"We have never been as proud to be French", he added, stating that they had followed the discussions and that "phrases of the (Justice) Minister, Mrs Taubira, homos youth address telling them what they are part of the Republic ', them had particularly"moved ".

Mr Adamski and Dayal, respectively 59 and 67 years of age, and which address their 34th year of common life, married in Belgium on 24 February 2006, this country having legalized this type of union as early as 2003.

"We have more than the promulgation of the law to enforce our rights", i.e. to transcribe their Belgian marriage in French law on their family booklet, they stressed.

Now retired, their life is shared between Mouscron, common Belgian close to Lille, and Cayeux-sur-mer, near the Bay of the Somme.

Francis and Dominique underline that the path was long since in 1996, they had obtained a certificate of cohabitation for mayor of Lille, "one of the few to recognize then cohabitation between homosexual".

Even if they did not intend, in a personal capacity, benefit from it, they are supporters "in a later step" of open homosexuals the medically assisted procreation (PMA), holding "abnormal that both French lesbian travel in Belgium to inseminate.

The first couple of France pacsed "proud to be French" after the vote for gay marriage - sudinfo.be

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