May 082013
Stem cells

Community senator Jean-Jacques De Gucht (Open Vld) wants also male homosexuals may be eligible for stem cell donation. Through a proposal of resolution he wants the opinion of the Advisory Committee on bioethics on the scientific ability to also male homosexuals as stem cell donor.

Today are the criteria that must be met for stem cell donors in parallel with that of blood donation: between 18 and 60 years old, no risk of infection for the patient and no medical risk profile. This last criterion entails an a piori-exclusion of gays in, Jean-Jacques De Gucht. He wonders whether it is wise to exclude gays of stem cell donation while it is particularly difficult to find a match, and thus a donor. The chance to find a donor outside the family is on average one in 50,000, with siblings is that one in four. De Gucht points out that any stem cell donor undergoes a particularly thorough medical examination, including a blood sample that is thoroughly investigated (on hiv, hepatitis, herpes, CMV, etc.). In the medical questionnaire also asked whether he/she has alternating sexual contacts. Therefore, the Vld'er that the Government Open the Advisory Bioethics Committee asks for advice on the scientific ability to also male homosexuals as stem cell donors.

De Gucht wants to examine whether gays can donate stem cells – Belga Politics – –

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