May 142013

Bashing, the smartphone application that verbal and physical homophobic violence late reporting, France since its start in January 2012: 469 cases in Belgium. The Brussels-capital region is good for half (249). Most reports go about verbal abuse.

Bashing is an initiative of communication agency FAMOUS and LGBT-activist group Outrage! They made Bashing to register cases of homophobic aggression. At launch there were many incidents reported, then the number of new registrations. "The use of the app depends a lot of media attention," says Björn Pius of Outrage! in La Dernière Heure. "When there is nowhere, the number of new messages. Currently it is quiet although there the past three months anyway 67 new notifications came in ". According to Pius is 80% of the message about verbal abuse. ' dirty gay ' or ' dirty pot ' is fast said, right? Physical violence is much rarer ". Bashing is also used abroad. Netherlands, Luxembourg and France are among other incidents reported. But also, inter alia, from the us, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, South Africa, China and Australia came notifications.

Additional info:
-The iPhone-app is free to download from the AppStore and for other smartphones via Android Market (search term = Bashing). Aggression can only report via the application. The Gaybashing-map and more information on the application is also available online from
-Contact point LGBT and transphobia and info how a complaint:

:: LGBT. info. 469 notifications concerning LGBT phobia in Belgium via app Bashing.

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