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The following is an interesting article written by ALE K * for the blog friend We and the baths; "an aggressive article", as defined by the author, on of the barebacking as a high risk behavior.

The function of any protest movement or organization that are based on the finding of a deficit, is the disappear once objectives have been and overcome the deficits.

Why the anti-AIDS committees function would be, and it is desirable, that disappeared; that it cease to exist when everyone knew the mechanisms of transmission of HIV and know how to avoid it.

Thinking at my age, and in the type of precarious work which we are doomed, a technician in prevention as I has to be clearly in favour of the use and dissemination of the barebacking, if you want to continue working on something that is interesting and fairly well paid.

I already had that, thanks to the barebacking which that practice so many and so many of the heterosexual - not discussed - would be working for a while, but as it is I'm queer, in addition to working on prevention, and the same easy time aside, my field of action are the MSM, men engage sexually with other men, who are, according to the latest news - that some consider alarmists-those who have signed up for the "new" fashion of the barebacking. This news I see them as a promise to my retirement, for me are just lines and lines occupying leaves in my working life.

Since the mid-1990s, with the emergence of the retroviral, I had already noticed a certain relaxation in the discrimination and repression of homosexual practices and visibility. Homophobia, which is always on the prowl, created risk groups to drive gays into the fold of perdition and Sin, this time with divine punishment on Earth; but gays reacted, spoke of practices and not Sexualities or orientations, demanded prevention and information as weapons to prevent expansion, forced authorities and laboratories to investigate drugs that slow the replication of the virus, and yet were still in the eye of the hurricane by not refuse to practice sex, that in an optimistic way, we call safer.

We got that up from not very reactionary sectors we were considered as one of the most active parties in the fight against the AIDS pandemic, much that we have been awarded with egalitarian policies that have led up to, look, marriage.

But the new century has put things in place and all thanks to thebarebacking, that if someone does not know it consists of making sex, physical or mental, some.

Thank you, again, to the barebacking the people who work as prevention técnic@s have our insured post. We cannot therefore more than pleased by the increase they say has this kind of practice. Just visit any website or club to realize that with this naivete or ignorance - more own soft and languid speeches of heterosexual love that characterize the profiles of the participants, transmissions will continue to grow more and more. I am referring to that nonsense search and give "gift" (when many could put a store of supplements), on the one hand reminiscent pregnancies that occur in the relations of the heteros, by this sad issue leave visible and unwanted fruits after sex; and on the other, to this enormous literature from romanticism has tried to unite passion and sex with death; sad reading of Eros and Thanatos.

In conclusion, that what we are witnessing is not more than to a clumsy shadowing of the heterocentrados sex models, true core hard the barebacking, is that, even though us despite four progres ladybugs, the commitment of many fags has been the to become a bad copy of what is a heterosexual.

But the barebacking not only it will help to create jobs in public health, there will be other many career fields that will be highly favored the expansion of these practices. A well-known lawyer, is already preparing reports which may be heard by produced contagion, sexual, the owners of clubs and local partners.

Allegations that will be creating jurisprudence and increasing the amount of compensation. Insurance companies be able to see how they grow their profits, thanks to the high premiums that undergo their policy-holders so that they can then have some kind of treatment, because after the tobacco, there will be many diseases that will not enter the public health services, since these will not endure their economic deficits and assert that certain types of risky health practices will besolely and exclusively personal and as such options will not have coverage.

Another sector that will highly benefit will be, how no, the laboratories pharmaceuticals, with the emergence of new strains due to the re-infection and resistance of the virus, because many search engines "gift", in their naivety, ignorant of their serologic status reach with four or five in this case not so opportunistic diseases, and knowledge with a load of millions of copies of a hiperresistente strain; but this should be very attractive to practitioners of the barebacking.

I imagine his excitement to know who have already exhausted all treatments, waiting desperately for the discovery of a new anti-retroviral that makes them survive, being bedridden in bed with canker sores in the mouth causing them tremendous pains only by swallowing liquid, floating in the shit that his diarrhea, impossible to control, produce them day and night, with half of the weight that should be, and observing the changes of your skin color, violet, green, black, that will produce them sarcoma. Really exciting and seductive.

I hope that the barebacking does not remain in the principles that are in and go to more, because HIV is just one of many sexually transmitted infections, and should achieve all to expand. I think theme parties in the style of "Feast of the purulent canker, get syphilis inside", could be "sex night, all for genital Herpes", "Feast of the grower, get a Condyloma as a cauliflower for the year", "urethritis night, sipping mucopurulent discharge", "Encounters in the third phase (of syphilis)", total madness!

* Ale K He holds a degree in psychology and lawyer (UBA), psychoanalyst and coordinator of reflection groups. It works with HIV patients, couples and gay males. It is distinguished radio journalist for divulging the LGBTI culture.

Source: Us and baths