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Zenit St Petersburg’s big-money signing Brazilian forward Hulk has said he felt safe and secure in Russia, but sharply criticised racist and anti-gay elements among Russian fans.

Hulk, signed by Zenit last year for a reported 60 million euros in Russia’s biggest ever transfer deal, said he and his young family felt safer in Russia than they did in his homeland of Brazil.

“That’s one very important thing, which I feel here in Russia and which is seriously lacking at home in Brazil,” the 26-year-old international was quoted as saying by R-Sport news agency.

“I don’t worry for my child or wife when they go outdoors alone. Security is a very important part of people’s life and I can say that people in Brazil desperately need to improve security.”

But Hulk also expressed his disapproval over racist attitudes from a section of Zenit fans, who provoked outrage in December by publicly urging the club not to sign any black players.

“I think those people, those fans do not care about culture at all. I respect footballers of any skin colour and any sexual orientation.

“Those fans who abuse people of a different colour or gays just do not think at all,” he said.

Zenit are notorious for extremist elements among its hard-core fan base while the city of Saint Petersburg has also earned notoriety for passing a law banning homosexual propaganda among minors.

Hulk, who played for Brazil in the last week’s friendly with Russia at Stamford Bridge, which ended in a 1-1 draw, added that he believed that Russian team would be a real threat at next year’s World Cup in Brazil.

“The Russian team is currently playing at a very good level,” Hulk said. “They did really well against Brazil. I think that Russia are even capable of winning the World Cup next year.”




Hulk blasts anti-gay, racist fans in Russia – Yahoo! Sports Singapore

Apr 012013
Lisa Winters

The disgraced former head of a Bronx gay community center sobbed in court today — apologizing and making excuses — before she was sentenced to at least two years behind bars for embezzlement.

Blubbering Lisa Winters was led away in cuffs after Bronx Supreme Court Justice Martin Marcus signed off a deal that’ll keep her locked up for two to six years.

She pleaded guilty to second-degree larceny on Feb. 14, in connection to her $338,000 rip-off of the Bronx Community Pride Center.

Winters siphoned the money to pay for personal expenses such as a dog walker and expensive meals.

“I’m so sorry to all the people that I hurt,” Winters said through a flood of tears. “I’m so sorry for all the harm I caused.”

Even in apologizing, Winters made excuses for the embezzlement and hid behind her mom.

“I can’t believe I’m in this position,” she said. “My mom was dying, I don’t know what I was thinking.”

The judge didn’t buy any of Winters’ tearful explanations and called her crimes a “betrayal of trust.”

“I’m amazed you are in the position you are in now,” he said. “There was absolutely no excuse.”

The Bronx Community Pride Center closed this past summer after 16 years of operation. Board members said “economic difficulties, past debt and inability to raise” funds led to the center’s closing.





Sobbing ex-head of Bronx gay community center sentenced to at least 2 years in prison for stealing funds – NYPOST.com

Apr 012013
Catherine Cusack

A NSW government MP stunned colleagues at an inquiry into gay marriage when she accused the gay community of ”looking down” on women and deliberately excluding them from efforts to combat AIDS.

Catherine Cusack (pictured), a Liberal, asked the head of an AIDS-fighting agency whether gay men routinely referred to women as ”breeders”, ”beards” and ”fag hags”.

Nicolas Parkhill, the chief executive of ACON, a community-based gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender health organisation, said he was ”taken aback” at the line of questioning at a hearing of Parliament’s standing committee on social issues on March 15.

Ms Cusack went on to question whether ACON was delivering HIV/AIDS programs to the 20 per cent of people who contract the disease every year who are heterosexual.

Her first question to Mr Parkhill was: ”In the gay community are women often referred to as breeders?” He said that was not the case. She then asked if the term ”beard” was slang for a woman who was married to a gay man as a front for him and what was meant by the term ”fag hag” – a female friend of a gay man.

Ms Cusack, who was elected the first female president of the Young Liberals in 1985, revealed she had been a member of ACON when it was established in the 1980s.

But she had become disillusioned with its approach, claiming her membership was blocked.

”It seemed as if it got taken over by all these gay people and all the straight women like me got kicked out,” she told Mr Parkhill.

She added: ”I have voted for this legislation [gay marriage] and will keep doing so.

”But it bewilders me sometimes with the gay community that you want to be separate and the same.




Heath Aston

Gay slurs take AIDS fighter by surprise

Apr 012013
Undocumented Latinos Get Into HIV Treatment Dangerously Late

A recent study conducted at a free clinic in Houston found undocumented Latinos with HIV infections enter care with more advanced disease than other patients. Despite getting medical care at later dates, however, undocumented Latinos with HIV achieved similar success in treatment as documented Latino and white patients.

HIV doctors and researchers have long warned that it is far more difficult for treatment to succeed when patients begin after the virus has advanced in the body. Late diagnosis has already been identified as a key reason for higher death rates among black Americans.

Dr. Thomas Giordano, associate professor of medicine-infectious diseases at Baylor College of Medicine, reviewed data from patients who visited Houston’s Thomas Street Health Center over a five-and-a-half year period. The study consisted of 1,620 HIV-infected adults, including 186 undocumented Latino patients, 278 documented Latino patients, 986 black patients and 170 white patients.

“We found that undocumented Hispanic patients came into the clinic with the most advanced HIV disease compared to the documented Hispanic, black and white populations, indicating that they were delaying care or had experienced delays in getting diagnosed,” said Dr. Giordano in a statement.

The study found that undocumented Latinos entered treatment with the most weakened immune systems.

One year after entering HIV care undocumented Latinos achieved similar rates of retention in care and similar success in reversing HIV’s advance as documented Latino and white patients. The study found black patients, however, were “significantly less likely” to succeed in care than even undocumented Latinos. There has been significant research on the impact social and economic factors have on black Americans’ ability to get, keep and thrive in HIV care.

Houston has the third largest Latino population in the United States.



Study: Undocumented Latinos Get Into HIV Treatment Dangerously Late – COLORLINES

Apr 012013
John Amaechi

John Amaechi, one of the world’s most high-profile gay athletes, has questioned the concept of the Gay Games, saying he is “tired of the infighting” and would like to see “an amalgam” that does not exclude any athletes.

The retired British basketball player became the first former NBA star to come out publicly, doing so in his memoir Man in the Middle, following his retirement in 2007.

However, despite being a Gay Games ambassador, who is “broadly supportive” of London’s bid to host the event in 2018 explaining “that it would be nice to use the Park for something good”, he thinks a change is due.

“I’m tired of the infighting, not within the Bid Committee there, but the fact that there is the ‘out’ Games on the one side and the Gay Games on the other,” 42-year-old Amaechi told insidethegames.

“I’m just not interested in that.

“I would like there to be an amalgam.

“I think it is an absurdity.

“Its people with a lack of principle who think they can get away with keeping their position in power for a little bit longer and that’s where they won’t come together I think.”

London is currently in a bid race to host the 2018 Gay Games, alongside its old London 2012 Games rival Paris, Amsterdam – the only bidding city to have already hosted a Gay Games back in 1998 – the Irish city of Limerick and Orlando in the United States.

The Bid Committees now have the opportunity to answer questions from the public about their bid before the Federation of Gay Games (FGG) announces the three shortlisted cities on May 31 this year.

Speaking of London’s chances to win the hosting rights for the 2018 Gay Games, which is expected to see up to 10,000 athletes competing across a number of events, Amaechi thinks they are “good” but says there could be a chance for Paris after it lost its bitter battle to host the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics to the British city.

“Paris’ bid is also very good and maybe there’s a kickback: Paris didn’t get the Olympics so they get this instead,” he said.

“I don’t think that will be the case, but it could be.”

The 2014 Gay Games are due take place in Cleveland and Akron in the United States, the country that has held half of the Games that have taken place since its inception in 1982, in founding city San Francisco twice, as well as New York City and Chicago.



Emily Goddard

Exclusive: I’m tired of the infighting, says Amaechi as he questions Gay Games concept – insidethegames.biz – Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games News

Apr 012013
Michelle Demishevich

Turkey is the first transgender television reporter, Michelle Demishevich, a month working at the IMC TV.

The name "the Beatles" Michelle "Michelle, Ma Belle", from Demishevich, to live as a woman in the area before the trans in journalism is a Potter. Forced to leave his beloved profession because of gender identity, Michelle Assistant, business, night clubs for a long time, artists such as BDS has worked at various positions. But he also loved his craft and he discriminated against both in the sectors and decided to become an activist. Michelle tericihini, explains this;

"Not only in the hands of flag Independence walk in activism,. The only downside to televised coverage of Trans individuals while also work as a television reporter in my activism. ' The others could do something in the show. So I decided to walk to take the flag. I'm like everyone else here. Gender identity remained outside. I love my job. "

Media: First transgender reporter!

Apr 012013
Protestor in Russia

Sunday 31 March police detained in Syktyvkar on Stefanievskoj square, two LGBT activism, carrying pickets outside the single-State Council of the Republic and in front of City Hall. The action lasted for half an hour. Later the police had to remove the activists from the Office in connection with the crowd gathered near the homophobes.

While pickets LGBT activists stood with placards: "freedom marches for all?", "sex most of us ran circles around the mouth. We refuse to be invisible, "" Modernization on syktyvkarski: homophobia, censorship, fascism ".

Police checked the documents and asked to go with them, as well as single pickets were "not authorized".

One of those detained was the head of the Russian LGBT network in Syktyvkar Vyacheslav Sliussarev – organizer of a banned gay parade in Syktyvkar. "I defended its legitimate right to pursue a single picket in that place where I worked. This is the best place to convey their demands to the authorities. Freedom marches for all, even for gay pride! The authorities must stop muzzled. Government inaction makes you invisible, "he said.

Pickets were held in conjunction with the annual "week of campaign against homophobia" and passed, despite the refusal of the city administration in a gay pride parade and a willingness to adopt a law banning so-called "propagation of homosexuality". It should be noted that the city administration had earlier agreed on holding the event in the Mičurinskogo Park, which is set by the Republican government as Hyde Park. A few days later, however, advised the organisers not to reconcile, although the rally was scheduled to be held in Hyde Park, where permission is not required at all.

After his arrest, police were forced to remove the picketers from the transport service under the shouts of "death to the sodomitam!". Plot surrounded about 20 homophobes, some of them were masked. They threw eggs. Police arrested one of the attackers.

However, on Sunday at Mičurinskom Park hosted the rally far-right organization "Frontier of the North". The website reported that the event will be from 8 am to 22 pm. The site stated that such a decision was made not to give LGBT activists to hold their picket lines.

GayRussia, referring to "Rosbalt"

Police detained two Syktyvkar single LGBT picketers

Apr 012013
Nederland - Turkse demonstranten zijn boos dat het 9-jarige Turkse jongetje Yunus is ondergebracht bij een lesbisch stel

On the afrikaanderplein in Rotterdam-South have Sunday afternoon about 500 people demonstrated against the policy of Bureau Jeugdzorg. The predominantly Turkish protesters are angry that the 9-year-old Turkish boy Yunus is hosted by a lesbian couple.

According to the Organization of the demonstration are hundreds of families torn apart by the policy of youth care and unjustly is Yunus only the reason for the demonstration. "We are not against gays and this is also not a battle between the Netherlands and Turkey."

The police was out for care "with an appropriate number of agents" present and has no arrests. "The demonstration is conducted without incident," said a spokeswoman.

Yunus was when he was 5 months old was removed from his biological mother and lives since then in his foster mothers. In Turkey is fuss emerged on the case. His biological mother wants him back and the Turkish Prime Minister called on to commit to Yunus. The uproar led to the foster parents with the child are hiding.

Turks demonstrate against Dutch youth care | www.iede.nl

Apr 012013
San Donà di Piave

Kicked and punched because you kissing in a parking lot of San Donà di Piave. Yet another homophobic aggression in Sandonatese. Yet another injury that you may heal quickly physically continue to bleed inside. To make mischief in mind. In the head.

A 23-year-old del Veneto orientale wrote an email to the Lgbte door of Eastern Veneto, Association "in the trenches" for rights and against discrimination of homosexual, telling of an aggression suffered by him and his partner in parking lot near a local audience of San Donà. The violence was triggered Thursday, March 21. Sudden.

«While we were kissing – tells the unfortunate, who prefers not to make public your name – we heard a small stone to get in your head. Then they approached these two guys, half face misrepresented, Italians, was not very clear, and we have launched two punches and a kick. Then in a few moments the attackers if they would go. According to the story, they still reported minor injuries: two scratches and a shoulder bruise. But football and fists have left their mark: "we decided not to denounce the 23-year-old explains. We live in terror and fear. My parents think I'm sick, send me by the psychologist. They always say that "good care I will become normal." What should we do? "

Gay couple kissing in a parking lot: kicked and punched by two guys-the Gazette

Apr 012013
Miguel Bosé y Tiziano Ferro

Tiziano Ferro and Miguel Bosé are convolati married today in Milan and celebrate their Union was the Mayor of Milan, Giuliano Pisapia. Tiziano Ferro's witness Emma Marrone singer Miguel Bosé and her friend Maria De Filippi which was also she who has approached the two artists.

The pair, which in Italy is only entered in the register of de facto unions, would intend to formalize the promise even in Spain next year.

After months of gossip about Titian and Miguel finally the two artists decided to come out. Tiziano Ferro had already made clear in the past about being in love with Miguel and had spoken to him in Spanish broadcast Tele Cinco "Hay una cosa que te quiero decir" Spanish version of "you've got mail" carried out in Italy by Maria De Filippi.

Titian had in fact revealed that two years lived a very happy love story with a very famous man in Italy but, probably to avoid headlines, had preferred not to reveal the name adding that in Italy, unfortunately, it is not yet possible to declare his homosexuality lightly while he, unlike so many failed to fight his ghosts and get out.

Now free to speak with the greatest possible naturalness of his emotional status, the singer had told him some details of her new life at the Spanish announcer torque Jorge Javier Vázquez, himself gay.

In that occasion, probably helped by the fact to converse with someone who went through his own difficulties in exposure, il divo was confirmed to be happy and in love. Surprisingly, though, it was discovered that the man who made the heart beat to x-rated album, love is a simple thing, probably wasn't an Italian presenter.

No denial in fact had come from either by Titian or by Miguel to rumors that had started to circulate on the net.
Then the news of the illness of Titian in Spain, the official communication of the breaking of the engagement with the mysterious "conductor" then the appearance of iron to the transmission of Maria De Filippi "c ' è posta per te".

Host of Daria Bignardi to "the barbarian invasions", Tiziano Ferro not long ago had announced the end of his relationship with these words: "I was left" and had talked the presenter of many topics related to the theme of homosexual love. Although it had not explained the details of how it was ended his romance, the singer had identified the cause of the end of love with some misunderstandings: "on his part were not accepted in some aspects, I have not been able to change things, to offer him the securities that sought".

The interview was for the singer, who had declared his homosexuality two and a half years ago, even the opportunity to pause to reflect on unions between persons of the same sex: "they have a sentimental dimension, it is not a question of sexual choice, but true love, in the same way that heterosexual".

Iron, during the interview, he also exposed his opinion regarding impossibility to celebrate the marriage between persons of the same sex in our country: "I don't andro ' in Spain to marry me: or you can do it here or not marries. I think it's important to stay in Italy and to fight for a right ", to" leave the choice to the individual. "

Maria De Filippi decided to rush to the aid of Titian and Miguel, are bound by deep affection and, after consultation with the iron from the interview Bakula has invited Spanish announcer in Italy to participate in the early evening of friends and, on this occasion did meet again the two former boyfriends.

Today, thanks to Mayor Pisapia which allowed the inscription in the register of marriages in the city of Milan to gay couples, Miguel and Tiziano said "Yes".

Tiziano Ferro and Miguel Bose ', surprise wedding – Voceditalia.it

Apr 012013
Donal Óg

The Cork goalkeeper, who revealed he was gay in 2009, wants Pope Francis to let him get married in his parish church in Cloyne, Co Cork, because it is so much part of his local community.

Donal Óg, 35, wrote on a popular Irish-American website that his mother and her friends, who cleaned the local church on their hands and knees, were delighted with the inauguration of Pope Francis.

“We don’t talk much about the Pope or his business when I call to the house,” said Donal Óg. “We talk about what’s going on in our mad little village and we talk about hurling.

“In our house, the Pope might get his picture stuck to the fridge but Christy Ring was the only man we knew to be infallible and hurling has always been the one true faith.

“Still, I’d like to know someday about how the mother feels about the fact that her son whom she loves won’t ever be allowed to get married in the church that she cleans in the village she has always lived in.

“The Pope who gets the bus and talks about love is against gay marriage. He’s never been to Cloyne, by bus or by car, but he’s one of the last people on Earth who cares that I am gay.”

Donal Óg believes that people who love each other are entitled to get married.

“If I find somebody I love, the Pope won’t be letting me celebrate that relationship in the church which baptised me, gave me my communion, confirmed me, and which will probably seize my body for burial if I let it.”

He said he also expected the Pope would have a “hissy fit” if he did find somebody he loved and they wanted to share their home with a child who needed loving parents.

“Gay adoption, he [Pope Francis] says, is child abuse,” said Donal Óg. “That’s a pretty big steaming slice of ignorance for any badged rep of Catholic Church Inc to be offering to the customers in this day and age.”

The sportsman, who is currently single, said the Pope was now in the perfect place to learn a little bit about the realities of child abuse.

“Someday some fellow like me is going to decide to get married in a little church in some place like Cloyne, just like the people he grew up with and the people he plays with,” said Donal Óg.

“I wouldn’t want to be the priest who explains the Pope’s position to the mothers of Ireland when they’re done cleaning the churches and I wouldn’t like to be the man who bars the door to the community that makes up the church.

“So, my brothers and sisters, the lesson for the day is — taking the bus isn’t the same thing as walking the walk.”




Evelyn Ring

Donal Óg has high hopes for gay marriage | Irish Examiner

Apr 012013
les Hommen utilisent l'image de Jean Moulin, malaise sur Twitter

Hommen, leaning male of the Femen, have struck again. This grouping of anti-marriage gay, born this week with the context of the last demonstration against gay marriage in Paris, released this weekend on social networks an illustration of Jean Moulin. That is associated to the fight against gay marriage:


Over the more than the Nouvel Obs, the historian Giuseppe Di Bella says: "use Jean Moulin and the cross of Lorraine as propaganda on their posters against marriage for all, is comparing gays and lesbians to the German occupiers. It's all just filthy, totally moved. I can't find the words that express my deep disgust at this disgraceful and outrageous provocation."

The Hommen had distinguished already themselves earlier, always on social networks, by proposing this diversion of a road safety campaign:


A montage which follows controversies during the anti-marriage gay of 24 March in Paris, during which people - and in particular children-have been tear gas.

» Also relive the first public action of the Hommen March 28 in Paris:

Gay marriage: the Hommen use the image of Jean Moulin, Malay on Twitter

Apr 012013
France - Le PS dénonce la radicalisation des opposants au mariage gay

Children who have been "gassed", chahutes Ministers... PS sounds the charge Sunday against verbal and physical hardening against the project of the Government. "The radicalization of the opponents of marriage for all who no longer hesitate to opt for a strategy of tension, to conduct a guerrilla war against the Ministers, is worrying," deplores Frédérique Espagnac, PS spokesman, in a statement. "Just as disturbing is drift to the extreme right on the Internet, which no longer hesitate to go to the president of the Republic in offensive terms", she added.

According to her, "this is only in one week on the right, where the border between UMP and national Front tends each day more and more to fade, there was talk of children gassed in an event, which it did not hesitate to overflow the course, has been criticized severely the work of a magistrate, was given to the head of State of coarse nicknames and launched appeals for his resignation".

The right is to "learn the virtues of alternating"

Stressing that the right brought lawsuits in 'legitimacy' to the left when it is in power, the spokesman wish "the current opposition that she also has a long time to learn the virtues of Republican alternation".

PS denounces the "radicalization" of opponents to gay marriage - the Point

Apr 012013
Miles de personas asisten a la marcha en favor de diversidad sexual en Chile

Thousands of people attended a March in favor of the sexual diversity that was commemorated the murder of a young homosexual and called the proceedings in the Congress of a bill that legalizes the marriages in fact, including those between persons of the same sex today in Santiago.

The demonstration, called by the movement of Gay Liberation (Movilh), departed from the Italy Square and culminated with an artistic show opposite the Estación Mapocho Cultural Center, in the center of the Chilean capital.

One of the main objectives of the mobilization was to commemorate the murder of Daniel Zamudio, a young homosexual of 24 years who died in early March of last year after being attacked by suspected neo-Nazis.

The death of Zamudio shocked the country and caused that I will expedite the adoption of a law against discrimination, carrying several years stalled in Congress.

The demonstrators also protested the slow parliamentary processing of Bill of the "agreement of life in common", President, Sebastián Piñera, signed in August.

This initiative allows couples who wish to live together, heterosexual or homosexual, sign a legal agreement that can be signed before a notary or an officer of the Civil Registry.

The draft law stands in Congress because of opposition from some members of Parliament from the pro-Government political parties, especially the ultraconservative independent Democrat Union (UDI).

The demonstration took place without incident under a broad police, situation that was even described as "abuse of power" by the President of Movilh, Rolando Jiménez.

Thousands of people attended the March in favour of sexual diversity in Chile

Apr 012013
Mexican attitudes to faith and gay marriages

In these days of Christian holidays and the election of a new pope, the Mexican population shows much attachment to the Catholic dogmas and truths. His practice religious sacraments, liturgies and demonstrations of faith meets certain minimum without necessarily being scrupulous. In contrast, there is less commitment to behave according to moral rules established by the doctrine of this religion, as concluded in the last national telephone survey BGC-Excelsior.

The existence of God is fully accepted by 84% (Figure 1) of Mexicans, regardless of their religious beliefs. Major dogmas and truths of faith of the Catholic Church are fully believed by a majority of the population with telephone in her home, which is considered essentially this religion (80%).

In particular, strongly believes in the existence of the Holy Spirit (78%), in the resurrection of Christ (75%), in miracles (69%) and the virginity of Mary giving birth to Jesus (69%) .

Something least appear accredited belief in hell (fully believe, 50%), life after death (58%) and the heavenly paradise (59%). A truth of faith defining Mexican Catholic religiosity as is the Virgin of Guadalupe is fully accepted by 71%.

Catholic religious practice, reflected in receiving sacraments, attending liturgies or prayer tends to be relevant, but not necessarily strict. Within sacraments of initiation, almost without exception Catholics say they have been baptized, confirmed and have made their first communion. In turn, eight out of ten married civilly also did the Church. The liturgical considered minimal as attend the temple quite often present. A third of Catholics say go to the temple at least once a week (Figure 2) and a quarter of it for two or three times a month. Just over half (55%) (Figure 3) pray daily said.

Some rituals and obligations Catholic festivities are followed by significant sections of the believers of that faith. For example, five out of ten Lent always recognized at that time take ash when applicable (Figure 4) and abstain from eating meat on waking. However, attending a Via Crucis procession or Easter Vigil Mass is rather exceptional. Only about half of Catholics (46%) (Figure 5) considers the Easter as a time of penance and approach to their faith, while one third is time for vacation or break.

It has fewer Mexicans confluence with the provisions in matters of Catholic Christian morality and the functioning of the Church itself. Rarely expressed a broad consensus in some field and most common is divided. On the subject of life as dependent domain only of God's will, although there under rejection of abortion (74%) (Figure 6), we tend to approve euthanasia (in favor, 54%) and population splits halves to comment on the death penalty.

Precepts of Catholic morality on sexuality and marriage are far from winning broad social support. For example, the use of contraceptives are well supported by the people (for, 89%). Also, the possibility of sex before marriage split position (in favor, 49% against, 42%). The indissolubility of marriage does not attract many followers, as most are against the prohibition of divorce (61%), although there are matches to prevent a person can marry more than once by the Church (65%) . On gay marriage, while 52% oppose, 41% agree. Also the rules on priestly faced divergent positions among the population. Half welcomed the possibility of women priests (48%), with 40% against. In turn, while 51% rejected the priests could marry, a significant 41% approve such an eventuality.

The Pope is not seen as an infallible to establish positions of the Church in matters of faith and morals. Most Catholics believe that the Pontiff may make mistakes (89%)

Ulises Beltran and Alejandro Cruz

Mexicans believe in God; doubt hell | Excelsior