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In the very conservative Malaysia, a small family business of rubber became the world leader of condoms, a success story emblematic of the boom in the market in Asia.

Flavoured with grape or strawberry, in the form of missiles or "baggy", textured or multi-coloured: condoms presented Goh Kiat Miah desktop are not the type of products that are a family business based in a rural area of a Muslim-majority country.

The ancestors of Goh, CEO of Karex Industries, immigrated from China in 1920s. His great-grandfather opened a general store in the middle of a plantation of agroforests at the South of Malaysia.

The family then planted their own trees and opened Karex in 1988. A year later the company produced its first condom.

In 2013, this family owned company boasts is the world's leading manufacturer by volume, with 3,000 million condoms per year exported to over 100 countries.

Carex - brand developed by Karex - controls about 15% of the world market, according to experts, in front of Durex, the British Reckitt Benckisesr, and Trojan, of the American Church & Dwight. Durex and Trojan total 25% of the market.

The Malaysian company, unknown to the Giants Durex and Trojan, does not want to stay there. It plans to double its production and enter to the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, in an amount and a date was still not set.

"We take advantage of a rise in demand," said Goh from your company located in the quiet town of Pontian (South).

According to industry estimates, the global market should reach € 4.6 billion in 2015, by 27,000 million condoms sold, against 20 billion in 2012.

"It's an industry which does not suffer from the crisis," summarized Goh. "With growth rates of around 8% per annum, are going to stay in the market", said.

Buy half of the Governments or international agencies for the fight against AIDS.

China recorded the highest growth, not only because of an acceleration of the efforts against AIDS, but also by the liberalization of customs.

Every year 1,100 million condoms are distributed in China for free.

As elsewhere, Asian teens have sex younger and are more sensitive to the message of prevention to elders, explained Wei Siang Yu, sexologist Singaporean.

The phenomenon is notable in the continent, and even among the very Catholic and conservative Filipino, where was adopted in January a law still unimaginable until recently that it requires of the public health centers that distribute free condoms.

But taboos remain and condom still being associated in Asia to "sex workers", he added. "Many Asians estimate that only can have intimacy without preservatives," estimated.

Karex, leader of the condom, emblem of the sexual liberation in Asia | Www.renuevodeplenitud.com

Apr 022013
Dinorah Figuera

"The Government has forgotten the patients with HIV and does not guarantee them the drugs they need." Since November 2009, there have been failures in the provision of anti-retroviral drugs and the of reagents for the control and monitoring of HIV. Failures have been recurring in all States of the country,"thus it denounced the MP of the unit Dinorah Figuera.

FIGUERA, who is also a doctor, said that with regard to this type of medication, if lack at least one of the components of the treatment, the person must stop completely, otherwise it would be at risk of producing a picture of "resistance" to the treatment and you can lose the effect of antiretroviral of one or more of the drugs that make up the prescription.

"From the end of 2012, does not appear the generic drug, Raltegravir, unique in its kind in the world, used in the so-called rescue therapies, taken by those who have had the virus for 10 to 20, and they have gone through various schemes of treatment. This drug is priced at Bs. 3.800. To which is added the shortage of reagents for control and monitoring of HIV testing", said the parliamentary.

It was reported that it is has knowledge of federal entities in the country where single people can have a test every year, or year and a half, which is even contrary to national guidelines. "The impossibility of doing these tests, at least every 4 to 6 months, means that medical monitoring of the infection process is not appropriate. If the treatment of a person begins to not be effective because of the resistance and mutations of the virus, could take that year or year and a half to hear, which, in turn, can generate serious consequences for their health. The lack of reagents for something as basic as a screening test is a severe flaw in what refers to the policies of prevention and comprehensive care", he said.

FIGUERA said that contrary to the indolence prevailing in this Government, the administration of national unity will take care of that population in general, and in particular the fewer resources, is included in the drug policies, and there is no fault for the treatment of their diseases.

Unit: "the Government has forgotten the patients with HIV"

Apr 022013
Ex Gay equals harmful hoax

Christian clubs advertise for the treatment of young homosexuals. They offer "stood by problems with sexual orientation". The Greens want to proceed in the Bundestag against such psychotherapies that the sexual orientation of minors should be changed.

Do some Christian associations underage gays in serious emotional conflicts or even commit suicide? The Greens in the Bundestag - indirectly - raise the accusation.

You want to now prevent by law that parents entrust their supposedly gay children organizations, such as the "desert power", the "Federation of Catholic doctors" or the "offensive of young Christians". The associations offer psycho therapies according to the Green Bundestag group, with which the sexual orientation of minors should be changed.

The Greens fear "negative and harmful effects of such treatments". These included fears "Social isolation, depression, and increased suicidal tendencies" (death by suicide). The consequences had been scientifically demonstrated and confirmed by the Government some time ago.

The therapies are ineffective and vulnerable life in individual cases
"The therapies are not only ineffective, they endanger the health and in some cases even life". And: the State of California has just banned such treatments with similar arguments.

In the Bill tabled in the Bundestag now stipulates: "Any person is, who professionally or commercially offered therapies or performs, aimed to change the sexual orientation for minors". Infringements, there should be a fine - at least 500 euros. The Greens: The Government is committed to the protection of minors "perform his guard post".

The criticism are the organizations of "Power", "Federation of Catholic doctors", "German Institute for youth and society" and the "offensive of young Christians". In fact advertise some known clubs on their websites for the therapies and want to extend it still.

A ban on the therapies would state "paternalism"

n a text of the "Federation of Catholic doctors" (BKÄ) means it, for example: "Specific assistance in issues of sexual orientation is known in certain circles and will be further standardized within the framework of a yet-to-be founded 'network homosexuality' and established".

It is "indeed urgently necessary to protect the physical and mental integrity of every citizen and not to endanger the welfare of the child by warned the strongly harmful sexual practices (oral sex, anal intercourse) especially in young, active homosexuals". The BKÄ paper also indicated that homeopathic medicines used in such treatments.

The German Institute for youth and society defends itself, it advise only people, homosexuality as felt "not coherent" for them personally: "In an open-ended therapy a person must explore, whether his homosexual feelings are due to the possibly life-history or have to do with unresolved emotional conflicts". A ban on the therapies would be Government "paternalism" and "not compatible with a liberal democracy".

The Bundestag group of the Greens has expected this line of Defense - and refers to an opinion of the scientific service of the Bundestag. Then, a ban and even the interference in the education right of parents who want to give their child in such a treatment, are consistent with the basic law.

Dietmar Seer

Greens want to ban "Therapies" against homosexuality. WAZ.de

Apr 022013
Klaus Jetz

Legalizing same-sex marriage will reduce discrimination, says Klaus Jetz, director of the Lesbian and Gay Federation in Germany. In an interview with DW, he warns about the prevalence of homophobia in Eastern Europe.

DW: When the debate about same-sex marriages flared up in France, the foreign media focused on the attacks by those opposing a change in the law. Is homophobia on the rise in Europe?

Klaus Jetz: Opinion polls show that, in France, a majority is in favor of same-sex marriage. The average citizen does not have a problem with homosexuals being allowed to marry and assume the responsibilities that go with that, including raising children. That’s a conservative way of thinking. In France, this movement is not so much about homophobia or a dislike of homosexuals, it’s about mobilizing against the [Socialist] Hollande government.

Such attacks are by no means an exception in Europe. As an international federation, where have you encountered particularly pronounced intolerance?

We experienced aggressive attacks and violence in Poland and Lithuania when we supported Christopher Street Day (CSD) there. It was concentrated hatred. That’s something we don’t see here. We were shocked by the aggression we were confronted with by the counter-demonstrators. Again and again, CSD parades are banned. Religious leaders give hate speeches. When a society is in economic difficulty or a situation of upheaval, minorities become the focus of fears and protests.

The European Union is calling for anti-discrimination laws that member states will have to incorporate into their constitutions. Why isn’t Germany championing more of these initiatives within the EU?

The EU was always a driving force for equality in its member states, and especially for a policy of non-discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and sexual identity. Thanks to the EU, Germany also has such a gender-equality law. What annoys us is that Germany prevented the introduction of further anti-discrimination policy. It’s written into the governing coalition’s agreement that they won’t support such initiatives. As a result, Germany is putting the brakes on the EU Commission. We condemn this because Germany is withholding rights that is guarantees [and would be implemented by further EU regulation] for lesbians, gays and other minorities in Eastern Europe.

When will Germany make it possible for same-sex couples to marry?

Homosexual relationships are also lived according to conservative values. We demand equal rights for equal love. More and more countries are making it possible for gays and lesbians to marry. France is a milestone in this respect, and after Britain it will be Germany’s turn. It’s just a question of time, but it won’t be long now. The more countries that introduce civil partnerships or marriage for same-sex couples, the more will follow their example. In 10 years’ time, lesbians and gays should be able to get married in the majority of EU states.




Sabrina Pabst

Interview: ‘Equal rights for equal love’ | Germany | DW.DE | 02.04.2013

Apr 022013
France - Mariage gay - les premières cérémonies pour cet été

Dominique Bertinotti, the Minister responsible for the family, announced that the first gay marriages may be celebrated this summer.

Bill on same-sex marriage will be considered starting Thursday by the Senate. But Dominique Bertinotti, the Minister responsible for the family announces that the first ceremonies could be celebrated in the summer 2013.

Interviewed by Direct morning, the Minister said that the debates in the Senate should be less complicated than the National Assembly. Indeed, the text of law has only 266 amendments (against 5000 for members). The Minister 'welcomes a certain wisdom of senators who will express their position without obstruction".

The text should be amended by the Senate and will therefore have to be voted by the National Assembly. But Dominique Bertinotti announced that although the Constitutional Council must intervene in the project: everything should be set late June. "This summer, gay couples can marry."

Marriage for all, but not medically assisted procreation

With regard to the anti-marriage gay demonstrations that have occurred lately, the Minister replied: "it is not because you do not have the same vision of the family that you can impose a single family model as the company has integrated, in fact, a variety of family models".

The text of law won't have a amendments concerning medically assisted procreation. This subject should be considered end of 2013, but François Holland first wants to know the opinion of the national ethics Advisory Committee.

Gay marriage: the first ceremonies for this summer?

Apr 022013
une journée pour soutenir la propriétaire du seul hotel gay de France

There is a gay and lesbian chalet in the heart of the les Sybelles area. Though far from cities, there is also vandalism. A ski demonstration was held Monday, April 1, in support of the owner of the establishment.

Chalet called"Principality of Comborcière", only gay and lesbian hotel in France, is located at" La Toussuire, in Savoie. The owner recently saw his flags stolen and his flagpoles broken.

Around Florence Auger, nicknamed the "Princess de Comborcière", about thirty peope participated in a symbolic ski descent to denounce homophobia and to call for tolerance, just as protests against gay marriage do not weaken.

In Lyon, Tuesday morning, opponents of marriage equality gathered before the prefecture at around 9:30. Their goal: hold the prefect accountable after the excesses at the previous demonstration in Paris on March 24.

Sarah Raj

Savoie: a day to support the owner of the hotel only gay of France - France 3 Rhône-Alpes

Apr 022013
Frigide Barjot at rally

She believes and loose nothing. Frigid Barjot, spokesman for the La Manif collective for all, said Monday his hope to see the Bill on marriage for all defeated as soon as its passage in the Senate, which began its review of the text Thursday. "There are two votes. Project may be rejected as soon as the Senate", told BFM TV spokesman for the collective of opponents of same-sex marriage.

In an interview to be published Tuesday in Direct morning, the Minister responsible for the family, Dominique Bertinotti, considers conversely that the project should be completed quickly. "In the Senate, the debate opens Thursday until April 12 or 13, and then return to the Assembly will be held between 20 and 30 May." Even in the event of recourse to the Constitutional Council, may be that this will be resolved late June. This summer, gay couples can marry,"she says.


The Minister points out that it is "normal that various opinions expressed, including in the street". But to the attention of opponents of same-sex marriage, she added: "It is not because you do not have the same vision of the family that you can impose a family single model, as the company has integrated, in fact, a variety of family models."

The demonstration for all officials have repeatedly warned the Government against "exasperation" increasing their supporters. They claimed 1.4 million supporters during their last grand national rally in Paris, on 24 March, while the police said have been counted 300,000 people. Frigid Barjot once again insisted on the homophobic non of the opposition to a project of nature, according to her, to "change the structure of humanity".

A message from 'fight against homophobia' at the UOIF

His struggle claimed against homophobia was at the heart of his visit over the weekend at a meeting of the UOIF, she assured. She said went to this manifestation of the second federation of islam of France, considered close to the Muslim Brotherhood, for "will deliver a message of peace, home (...)" and against homophobia".

The gathering of the Union of Islamic organisations of France (UOIF), which was held from Friday to Monday, is the most important meeting of its kind in France, attracting more than 100,000 people each year at le Bourget. Also invited to take position on the Islamic veil, Ms. Barjot replied: "these women are veiled, it is their choice."

Frigid Barjot hope to see gay marriage rejected the Senate - Point draft

Apr 022013
Class A

A new British boyband have released a new single to aid gay rights charity Stonewall.

Promoting anti-bullying and anti-discrimination, Class A’s new single will be called ‘Pride’.

The band, made up of James Poole, Robin Varley, Jake Birnie, Seb Kinder, Craig Plant and Sean Ryan, hopes it will bring together asense of unity among the LGBT community.

All profits from the song will be going to Stonewall.

Lyrically, the song tells a story about overcoming prejudice, accepting yourself, and finding those who love you for who you are.

The single comes after Class A performed at the UK’s National Student Pride. They have been hailed as a whole new generation of pop group.

Music industry experts have said Class A will ‘lead the next generation of male groups in the pop music genre.’

Class A are also ambassadors of charities Terrence Higgins Trust, NOH8 and Mencap. They are currently working on their first album.

Pride is currently available on iTunes and Amazon. The single has been released through Universal Music, the label of openly gay rapper Frank Ocean.

Here is the band performing live at Student Pride 2013.





UK boy band release new song ‘Pride’ to support gay charity | Gay Star News

Apr 022013
Fight homophobia

Once again, fans of German football clubs have set a strong and important signal against intolerance and homophobia in football. Fans of the second division club FC St. Pauli from Hamburg have kept at the last home match against SC Paderborn upon entering the lawn with players brisk bow flags into the air and a banner ' but wen you want - love fight homophobia!'

Football is still a male-dominated, where no player dares to a coming out during his active career. A few weeks ago the American Footballer of Robbie Rogers made headlines, as had his coming out at the same time, his reported announced.

On the Easter weekend, the German second division team FC St. Pauli played his match in Hamburg against SC Paderborn. Fans under the initiative of "Alerta Network!" took this match as an opportunity to set a clear signal against homophobia in the stadium.

Multiple initiatives in football stadiums

The initiative and successful choreography of the fans of FC St. Pauli is just the latest of several actions by fans of football fans in Germany. Already in the summer of 2011, the initiative "Football fans against homophobia", an initiative by the fans of the football club founded tennis Borussia in co-operation with the project "Soccer Sound" and the "LSVD Berlin-Brandenburg". In the winter of 2013, this initiative was awarded (thinkoutsideyourbox.net reported).

Also in February year the first schwuLesbische Fanclub of the "Hertha BSC Berlin" put it, the "Hertha Junxx" in Berlin's Olympic Stadium (thinkoutsideyourbox.net reported a signal against homophobia in football).

In the spring of 2012, the fans turned the ranks of the football stadium into a giant rainbow flag on the five-year anniversary of the official gay and lesbian fan clubs of the FSV Mainz 05, the "Meenzelmänner".

Video: FC St. Pauli fans with great choreography against homophobia | thinkoutsideyourbox.NET

Apr 022013
Novartis Making a killing in profits

The supreme Court of New Delhi today dismissed the Swiss laboratory Novartis with its complaint against the Indian State, after seven years of procedure. Since 2006, the pharmaceutical group was trying to get a patent on the reformulation of an existing anti-cancer molecule, Gleevec. Pursuant to the Indian Act on patents [1], the India had refused to patent this new formulation (or reminder below). After a first unsuccessful appeal, Novartis seized the supreme court attempting thereby to ease patent regulations. Indian justice gives reason to all patients and all those who are fighting to improve access to quality at lower cost treatments in developing countries. The signatory associations are delighted with this decision.

The issues behind this decision

If the judges had given reason to Novartis, the production of generic Gleevec, 50 times cheaper than the original versions, would have been seriously questioned. Created precedent would have also facilitated obtaining future patents on some reformulations, endangering access to generic medicines at low prices and quality for millions of people. "80% of antiretroviral drugs distributed in the countries with low and middle incomes are Indian generics. If we stop the production, that will tell patients that they can no longer be cared for? ' warned Dr. Camille Anoma, Director of space confidence in Côte d'Ivoire, one of the 37 signatory associations. Finally, the Supreme Court ruled that the new formulation of imatinib did not fulfil the criterion of innovation required by the Indian Act, to obtain a patent. Retaining a strict interpretation of article 3d of the Patent Act, the Supreme Court acknowledged to him a character for the safeguarding of access to medicines.

Generics in India and treatments in the South

The entry on the market of generic versions and implementing competition of different producers to lower prices of drugs up to 90%. The India real pharmacy of the world must continue to produce generics of quality for its domestic market and for countries with limited resources. This is why patients and activists around the world welcomed the Indian supreme court's decision: "this decision is a relief for all patients whose lives depend on Indian generic drugs" concluded Jeanne Gapiya Niyonzima of the Association Nationale de Soutien HIV and patients of AIDS (ANSS) in Burundi.

This legal victory is crucial. Nevertheless, the Novartis case is only a step in the long list of lawsuits by laboratories pharmaceutical patent holders against the policy of the India in favour of generics. Our associations remain mobilised in favour of the poorest access to quality low-priced treatments.


Reminder about the Novartis trial
Novartis filed a patent application in India for a drug against cancer, imatinib mesylate, that laboratory markets known as Glivec (Gleevec in the United States) in many countries. The India rejected this request in January 2006, because it is actually that of a new formulation of an existing, non-patentable molecule in India. Novartis has appealed in 2009 and was rejected, before entering the highest Indian legal authority: the Supreme Court.

In 2007, Novartis had made against the United States to the same questioning of its patent on the formulation of imatinib, on the grounds that the wording used technique was known for a long time, not innovative, and deserved was not itself the granting of a monopoly of 20 years. Novartis had not then sought to defend more the so-called innovative nature of the application to imatinib of this formulation technique well known chemists.

Signatories: − AAS (FRANCE) − ABEFAB (BURKINA FASO) − Act Up-Paris (FRANCE) − Action health Plus (Côte d'Ivoire) − Actions treatments (FRANCE) − AIDES (FRANCE) − ALCS (Morocco) – ALTP (TOGO) – alternative sustainable development (ADD) (Cameroon) − ANSS (BURUNDI) – APCS (Algeria) – ASPROCOP (FRANCE) – Association African Solidarité (AAS) (BURKINA FASO) − Association women and development (BURKINA FASO) − Association for the Promotion of the therapeutic Education (BURKINA FASO) – Association solidarity Action to Face (ASAFF) (BURKINA FASO) − ATAL (HAITI) − Coalition more (FRANCE) – District Sanitaire de Cinkasse (TOGO) – space confidence (Côte d'Ivoire) − EVT (TOGO) – woman more (DRC) – Global & Local (FRANCE) − KidAIDS (Cameroon) − Médecins du Monde (FRANCE) − PILS (MAURICE) – Positive-Generation (Cameroon) – Renaissance health Bouaké (RSB) (Côte d'Ivoire) − Network National NGO for the development of women (RENADEF) (DRC) – network for access to the essential drugs (OAR) (BURKINA FASO) − RNOAC_GS/PLHA (DRC) − ROMATUB (Mauritania) Sidaction (FRANCE) Solthis (FRANCE) − − − Stop TB (Côte d'Ivoire) − SWAA COASTLINE (Cameroon) − Wale (MALI)
[1] In accordance with international law, Indian law (section 3d of the Patent Act) allows the grant of a patent only to the only medications demonstrating a significant therapeutic advance, thus preventing the evergreening, a common practice of the pharmaceutical industry which is to extend a monopoly by patenting a (reformulation, change in dosage, etc) slightly modified version of an existing drug.

Act Up-Paris | The Novartis laboratory dismissed by the Indian supreme court: relief of the sick and activists from around the world

Apr 012013
Cason Crane and mum Isabella are avid climbers

An American student who once attended school in Hong Kong is well on his way to becoming the first openly gay mountaineer to conquer the highest peak on each continent – known as the “Seven Summits”.

Cason Crane, 20, already has five of those mountains under his belt and was yesterday due to begin his quest to scale the highest of them all, Mount Everest.

That will be followed by his final target, Mount McKinley in Alaska, which will make him the fifth-youngest person to achieve the feat.

Crane’s seven-summit challenge is also a fund-raising effort for The Trevor Project, an organisation based in the United States that is the country’s sole 24-hour suicide lifeline for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning (LGBTQ) youth.

Crane calls his LGBTQ awareness-building initiative The Rainbow Summits Project, and he puts a rainbow flag on his tent on each of the mountains.

He was spurred into action following the suicide of New York university student Tyler Clementi, who jumped from a bridge in September 2010 after his roommate and others targeted him through cyber-bullying over his romantic relationships.

“I didn’t know Tyler at all,” Crane said. “But I felt like I knew him.”

Crane himself has experienced some bullying at school, but that has not stopped him from becoming a successful openly gay athlete since age 15.

The oldest of five children, he showed early signs of mountaineering skills. At just 15 years old, he went with his mother, a mountaineer and ultramarathon athlete, up Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain.

He has also reached the summits of Mount Aconcagua in Argentina; Mount Elbrus, a dormant volcano in Russia; the Carstensz Pyramid or Puncak Jaya in Indonesia; and the Vinson Massif, Antarctica’s highest peak.

As a child, he studied in the primary section of Chinese International School on Braemar Hill before his family moved to the US.

He was back in Hong Kong with his parents last week prior to his estimated two-month climb with a team and guide up Everest. His mother will accompany him on the climb to the base camp.

Crane was also pleased to discover that a number of Hongkongers had joined the Trevor social network. So far, he has collected US$110,000 for the lifeline and hopes to raise US$250,000 in total.

He also hopes to be a role model for LGBTQ youth and get them to enjoy the outdoors.

“LGBTQ young people are four times more likely to attempt suicide” than their heterosexual counterparts, Crane says.

However, if they have just one supportive adult in their lives, that number has been found to fall by roughly one-third, according to Crane.

And he is working just as hard on raising awareness for the cause as he is on getting in condition for his perilous trek.

“It’s very important to drink a lot of water,” he said, noting that dehydration would increase the chances of frostbite.

Fit and lean, he usually loses 4.5kg on a mountain climb. “You lose your appetite at a higher altitude”, so it is important to add a bit of body fat beforehand.

“I stopped off at Mrs Fields yesterday,” he grins, “and bought 24 cookies.”




Annemarie Evans

Student poised to be first openly gay climber to conquer ‘Seven Summits’ | South China Morning Post

Apr 012013
Homophobia in Egypt

A recent social media call to fight homophobia stirred a lively and heated discussion. In Egypt, it’s still taboo to have public debates on sexuality related topics, whether on or offline. Although homosexuality is not mentioned in Egypt’s penal code, state authorities have prosecuted gaysusing laws on prostitution and morality.

A Facebook event was created by Ramy Youssef in response to the increasing homophobic attacks on social media. According to him, a recent social media trend is “Crushes” pages, used by students to express their feelings towards others, witnessed some expressing their feelings for people of the same sex, resulting in numerous homophobic slurs. Youssef wrote:

I invite you to an electronic campaign, including comment on homophobic posts in these pages, and tweeting, and posting on social media websites. We should say what do we think frankly about homophobia, say NO, express, oppose, get angry, this is the time for movement against homophobia.

The hashtag #ضد_رهاب_المثلية (Against homophobia) attracted many supporters and opponents as well. Nada Louis writes [ar]:

#ضد_رهاب_المثلية عشان اكيد في على الٱقل شخص واحد في حياتك قريب منك مثلي و انت ماتعرفش.

@nadalouis: Against homophobia because certainly there’s at least one close person in your life who is gay and you don’t know about it.

Nadim questions:

#ضد_رهاب_المثلية عارف مشكلة ال بيهاجم ايه؟مبيهاجمش بالشراسه دي متطرفين حياتهم دم وقتل واغتصاب,وبيهاجم ناس بتحب بعض بشكل مختلف,مين الشاذ هنا؟

@nadimx: You know what’s the problem with the attackers? They don’t vehemently attack extremists that live in blood, murder and rape as much as they attack people who love each other in a different way. Who’s the pervert here?

Salma El Tarzi explains:

لان الحقيقة انت خايف على ذكورتك الهشة مش رافض المبدأ بدليل رجالة بتثيرهم فكرة ستتين مع بعض بس فكرة راجلين مع بعض بتقرفهم #ضد_رهاب_المثلية

@Salma_El_Tarzi: Because in reality, you’re worried for your fragile masculinity and you’re not against the concept itself. The evidence is some men are excited by the idea of two women together but disgusted by the idea of two men.

Amira Nosseir reinvents the biblical verse:

#ضد_رهاب_المثلية ما لقيصر لقيصر وما بين رجليك حرية شخصية

@Amira_Nosseir: Give what is Caesar’s to Caesar and what is between your legs is a personal freedom.

Dina Magdi confirms:

المثلي/المثلية مش مريض/ة ومجرد فكرة انه راجل وبيحب الرجالة مش معناه انه هيفكر فيك بشكل جنسي لو خدته بالحضن #ضد_رهاب_المثلية #مصر

@Dodzym: A gay/lesbian is not sick and because he’s a man and likes men doesn’t mean that he will think of you in a sexual way if you hug him.

Mona Sadek shares:

#ضد_رهاب_المثلية عشان اللي مولَعين برفض أي حد مش شبههم وعندهم هوَّس إنهم مسئولين عن كل البشر وإختياراتهم عندهم مشكلة مع نفسهم مش مع غيرهم.

@Lemonada1: Against homophobia because those obsessed with rejecting anyone who’s not like them, and obsessed that they’re responsible for people and their choices have an issue with themselves not with others.

She adds:

#ضد_رهاب_المثلية عشان المثلي يقدر يعلن عن ميوله الجنسية ويعيش حياة طبيعية ميتورطش في جوازة بالغصب ويعيش بالغصب ويطلع أسرة فاشلة.

@Lemonada1: Against homophobia so that a gay person can declare their sexual orientation and lead a normal life, with getting involved in a [heterosexual] marriage against their will and create a broken family.

Amr Jamil reasons:

#ضد_رهاب_المثلية “أصل ده حرام” .. يعني إنت بتتحشر في أكتر علاقتين خاصين بالإنسان (علاقته مع ربنا) و (علاقته مع حد في السرير)..

@AmrJamil: “It’s a sin”, this means you’re interfering with the two most personal relationships for people; their relationship with God and their relationship in bed.

Homophobic graffiti was turned into an anti-homophobic one  in Cairo. Photo shared by Leil-Zahra Mortada

Homophobic graffiti was turned into an anti-homophobic one in Cairo. Photo shared by Leil-Zahra Mortada

Leil-Zahra Mortada shared a before and after photo of a homophobic graffiti that was remade by some activists into a anti-homophobic one. The graffiti is located at Mohamed Mahmoud street which witnessed many of the clashes between police forces and revolutionary protesters. The graffiti originally read “Cops are gays” in a way aiming to insult police officers, heavily criticized for the brutal use of force against protesters. After being retouched, the graffiti reads “homophobia is not revolutionary”. Part of the comment attached to the photo reads:

You won’t believe how much the regime that we all fight against is based on patriarchal idea that hates gays like you. We all don’t want to curse the regime only but also burn it down but don’t use women, lesbians and gays, sex workers, belly dancers, because it’s sexual discrimination and it’s not revolutionary. This is an insult to your revolutionary comrades that stand with you in the face of a murderous regime. This is called chauvinistic lowness and backward thinking. The same mentality that we want to change and build a better society in its place. The same thinking that kills us.

Other tweets express more anger. Maie Panaga rants:

#ضد_رهاب_المثلية ما اسموش رهاب دول ولاد وسخة مش مؤمنين بحرية الشخص في اختياراته وجسمه تحت مسمي بقي مجتمع ولا اخلاق ولا دين . جاتكم الخري

@MAIEPANAGA: It’s not a phobia, those are sons of bitches that don’t believe in the freedom of a person in their choices and their body in the name of society or morality or religion. Screw you!

Others weighed in sarcastically. Gharebon says:

علشان ببساطة كل واحد من حقه يجيبهم بالطريقة اللي تريحه. #ضد_رهاب_المثلية

@Gharebon: Because simply everyone has the right to ‘cum’ the way they like to.

Abanob mocks:

قولت عليهم “خولات”؟ وحسيت انك راجل؟ و اتبسطت؟ :D #ضد_رهاب_المثلية

@ABA_NOB: You called them “faggots”? You felt like a man? You felt happy?

The hashtag continued for more than 24 hours and created an opportunity for Twitter users discuss the issue, however many homophobic slurs were thrown at proponents of equality. For example:

#ضد_رهاب_المثلية معا لتبويظ الهاشتاج معا للقضاء ع الخولات

@7amidovich: Together to ruin this hashtag, together we eliminate “faggots”.

Ahmed Awadalla

Apr 012013
Tasmania marriage equality

Tasmania’s proposed same-sex marriage laws could lose support if MLCs who oppose the reform are returned to the Legislative Council in next month’s elections.

Advocacy group Tasmanians United for Marriage Equality has been doing letterbox drops in the Pembroke, Nelson and Montgomery electorates, informing voters of candidates’ views on same-sex marriage.

Yesterday Rumney independent MLC Tony Mulder, who is not up for election, said if advocacy groups were going to make marriage equality an election issue then he would vote with whoever was returned to the upper house.

Mr Mulder was one of six MLCs who supported the same-sex marriage legislation when it was ultimately defeated by the upper house in September.

“My position with these things is that when a matter is before the Parliament when no one has a electoral mandate to do these things, then I follow my own conscience,” Mr Mulder said.

“But if you make it an election issue then I have to follow what the majority have said.”

Mr Mulder said the Legislative Council election would effectively be a poll of 20 per cent of the state, and he would accept that as a marker of community opinion even though it did not include his electorate.

“I’m fairly certain that if I did a poll in my electorate, there would not be community support for same-sex marriage,” he said.

Marriage Equality spokesman Rodney Croome urged Mr Mulder to stick to his previous vote, and not to “sway in the wind”.

Mr Croome said the group never intended to make marriage equality an election issue, only to inform people of candidates’ views.

He said it would be a different debate this year, as New Zealand and the United Kingdom have introduced marriage equality in the meantime.

Incumbent Nelson independent MLC Jim Wilkinson and Pembroke Liberal MLC Vanessa Goodwin voted against the reform.

Their rivals – independent candidate Helen Richardson and Greens candidate Tom Baxter in Nelson, and independent candidate Allison Ritchie and Greens candidate Wendy Heatley in Pembroke – support marriage equality.

In outgoing Legislative Council president Sue Smith’s seat of Montgomery, Liberal candidate Leonie Hiscutt does not support same-sex marriage while independents Ed Vincent and Cheryl Fuller do.





Gay union laws hinge on poll | The Examiner

Apr 012013
China - HIV cases among students rises

The number of Chinese students infected with HIV increased by 24.5 percent year-on-year in 2012, and sex between men was the main cause of the new infections, a senior health expert said.

There were 1,700 students infected with HIV last year, Yu Jingjin, director of the bureau of disease control and prevention under the National Health and Family Planning Commission, was quoted by Xinhua News Agency as saying on Saturday.

Yu said 64.8 percent contracted the virus through sex with people of the same gender. Eighty-seven percent of HIV cases were sexually transmitted.

In China, more than 7,000 students are HIV carriers or AIDS patients, Yu said during an event to promote HIV prevention on campuses.

Wang Ning, deputy director of the National Center for AIDS/STD Control and Prevention, said most of the 1,700 cases were male college students, and were reported by various non-government organizations around the country that focus on helping men who have sex with men.

Wang said more people are being tested for HIV, which is one of the reasons for the increase in new cases in 2012.

The number of HIV tests taken nationwide rose from more than 60 million in 2010 to 100 million in 2012, and the number of people infected has been on the rise every year, Wang said.

“Many more gay people are coming out and doing the test nowadays due to a more open public opinion,” he said.

He also said that a more open attitude toward sex and unsafe sex is another reason for the increase.

According to the former health ministry, 84.9 percent of the new HIV cases reported from January to October 2012 were contracted through sex, and 21.1 percent of them through men having sex with other men.

The disease caused 17,740 deaths between January and October last year, an 8.6 percent increase over the same period the year before, according to figures of the ministry.

Poor awareness of safe sex increases the risks of young people getting infected, said Ye Dawei, deputy secretary-general of the China Red Ribbon Foundation, a non-government organization working to prevent HIV and support people affected by the virus.

“Many students in junior high school have had sexual experience, let alone those in senior high school and college. But schools and parents are not willing to tell these young people how to protect themselves,” he said. “Also, young people are facing more temptation in this information age. I have heard of some college students offering sex through the Internet for money to buy things such as an iPhone.”

The foundation is conducting a program to educate college students and migrant workers on how to prevent HIV/AIDS, and has reached out to more than 5,000 students in 200 universities around the country, Ye said.

“College students are in a relatively active stage of sex. There will be more and more cases of HIV infection among them if they are not guided in the right way.”




Wang Qingyun

More HIV cases among Chinese students – NZweek

Apr 012013
Philippines - Being gay is not a disease (Queena N. Lee-Chua)

My colleague and friend Regina Hechanova, the president of the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP), alerted me to an article on “Being Gay” that came out in another newspaper.

At first I was thankful that homosexuality was being discussed openly by a public personality I like and respect.

However, based on interviews with psychologist Camille Garcia, the article contained several misconceptions about homosexuality, untruths that had been debunked by science.

Homosexuality is not a disorder. It is not included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (the most comprehensive arbiter of mental health, used by psychiatrists, psychologists and so on).

“Like other national organizations, such as the American Psychological Association, the British Psychological Society and the Hong Kong Psychological Society, among many others, the PAP recognizes that there is no inherent illness or pathology behind same-gender sexual orientations,” says the official statement.

Equal human beings

It continues: “The PAP enjoins Filipino psychologists to stand by their professional and ethical commitments to affirm the rights and well-being of all individuals… Anti-lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender prejudice and discrimination tend to be based on a rhetoric of moral condemnation and are fueled by ignorance or unfounded beliefs associating these gender expressions and sexual orientations with psychopathology or maladjustment.”

“Our best scientific knowledge has shown that sexual orientation is not a choice,” says developmental psychologist Liane Alampay. “Parents cannot control whom we are attracted to.

“What parents can control is whether and how they will show their unconditional regard and acceptance of their child,” Alampay continues. “Whether the child is gay or straight, the ingredients of good parenting are the same. Parents who are warm and affectionate, sensitive to their children’s needs and respond to these appropriately have children who are well-adjusted and confident, have positive social relationships, are competent in school and are at low risk for behavioral and emotional problems. For gay children, who will undoubtedly experience confusion, isolation, even rejection from others at some point in their lives, the positive regard of their parents is all the more important and can even protect them.”

Alampay says it is natural for parents to feel disappointment, hurt or shock when a child is gay. She urges these parents to examine their own prejudices and, together with their child, learn how to deal with the reality of having a gay family member.

“As yet, we do not have clear answers as to why some people are gay or, for that matter, why some people are straight,” Alampay says. “But what matters is we do our best to treat each other, especially our children, with the dignity, respect and care we all deserve as equal human beings.”


“The most curious question I got was, ‘You are straight—why are you pro-gay?’” Hechanova says. “I’ve never thought of myself as pro-gay. What I am is pro-person. The world is difficult enough—we live with poverty in our midst, our environment is slowly being destroyed, we hear about corruption, violence and crime… almost daily. Why should we make it harder for people just because they have a different skin color, god or gender preference?

“True, psychology teaches us that prejudice and discrimination are human tendencies,” Hechanova continues. “We are affirmed by being with people like us. We shape our identity by differentiating ourselves from others. Research tells us that members of minorities are easy targets for discrimination simply because they are different from most.

“Then again, the beauty of being human is the capacity to change and evolve,” she concludes. “If the prejudice is coming from ignorance, we can inform. Bias-based stereotypes can be changed by contact. Fear can be diminished through interaction and dialogue. But perhaps the [most] difficult aspect of prejudice is one’s heart. The challenge is to make people really look beyond differences and see that we are the same where it counts—we are all human beings who simply want to love and be loved.”

For more information about homosexuality and other psychological issues, visit the PAP website www.pap.org.ph. The PAP also “encourages media practitioners who wish to get professional psychological advice to see the list of certified psychologists in the PAP website.”


Queena N. Lee-Chua

Being gay is not a disease | Inquirer News