Apr 022013
Harvey Milk

A new concert piece about Harvey Milk by Tony Award nominee Andrew Lippa will have its world premiere in June in San Francisco to mark the 35th anniversary of the slain gay rights leader’s death.

Lippa said Monday that his I Am Harvey Milk — part choral, part theatre — will be performed June 27 to 28 at The Nourse Auditorium as part of the events celebrating the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus’s own 35th anniversary.

Lippa, who wrote the music and lyrics for Broadway’s The Addams Family and the upcoming Big Fish, will play Milk in front of the 300-strong chorus and the 30-piece orchestra. Tony winner Laura Benanti will add her soprano to the piece.

Lippa had initially been approached to contribute a short piece of music for the anniversary. “Some click went off in my mind. I didn’t want to write a five-minute piece. I wanted to write a 60-minute piece,” he said. “It felt like one of those ‘A-ha!’ moments.”

Milk became one of the first openly gay men elected to public office in the United States when he won a seat on the board of supervisors in 1977, inspiring a generation of activists with his uncompromising call for gays to come out.

He was assassinated at city hall, along with Mayor George Moscone, more than a year later. His life became the subject of the 2008 Oscar-winning film Milk.

Lippa has written a 12-movement work that begins when Milk is 11 years old and then offers a movement for each month in his tenure on the board of supervisors. The work is non-chronological and impressionistic, even including a song sung from the point of view of the bullet that killed Milk.

Lippa said a straightforward biography didn’t intrigue him, especially for a figure so well known in San Francisco. “What I was interested in was what I’m always interested in: plumbing the emotional life of the situation and the time and the people.”

After its premiere, the piece will be made available for choruses to perform nationwide and at least six have already signed up. Lippa hopes one day to do it in New York and at The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

I Am Harvey Milk will be directed by Noah Himmelstein, conducted by Dr. Timothy Seelig, orchestrated by August Eriksmoen and will feature the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus accompanied by the Bay Area Rainbow Symphony.




Mark Kennedy

Harvey Milk concert piece will debut in San Francisco | Toronto Star

Apr 022013
Booze-fuelled revellers ‘could kill Gay Village in five years’

Time could be called on Manchester’s Gay Village within five years, bars have been warned – as bad behaviour drives trade away.

Bosses are now so worried about crime in the area that a special taskforce has been founded to make it safer.

More CCTV, stricter door policies and tougher licensing restrictions are all being considered as a solution to a surge in late-night drug dealing, disorder and drunken violence. And the town hall’s city centre boss has warned the area must clean up its act soon – or face disappearing for ever.

Coun Pat Karney said: “Late-night drinking has ruined the Village.

“I pioneered the 24-hour city but if the Village doesn’t get its act together it’s got five more years.

“There’s problems with community safety and crime and it’s attracting people it was never intended to.

“It should be quality restaurants, cafes and bars.

“If we just have drinking dens the people with money and the right attitude will stay away and gravitate towards the Northern Quarter. Businesses are cutting their own throats.” A new Village Action Group is now meeting every few weeks to discuss community safety.

Founder and city centre councillor Kev Peel said: “I don’t want to talk the Village down because it’s still a unique space.But it’s important we recognise the problem and what we can do by bringing residents, businesses, the police and council together.

“Enough is enough – we don’t want venues open until eight or nine in the morning and have people stumbling out as everyone else is going to work.

“So we need to get tougher on that, but you also need proper door policies as well, so people aren’t being let in blind drunk.”

Tony Cooper, vice chair of the Village Business Network and part of the new taskforce, said bars were working closely with the council and police.

He added: “Ultimately, any area that’s got licensed premises has got issues.

“Over the last few years, the economy’s tightened and I think there’s been an increase in certain venues doing the lower-end drinks prices.

“But some issues have been highlighted more because we have been spearheading campaigns – a lot of it is an increase in reporting than an increase in crime,” he said.




Jennifer Williams

Fears booze-fuelled revellers in Manchester ‘could kill Gay Village in five years’ – Manchester Evening News

Apr 022013
E.J Johnson III

Finally, a story about a celebrity’s sexuality that doesn’t leave a nasty taste; E.J Johnson III – the son of basketball legend Magic Johnson – came out as publically gay, and has received the full support of his family.

Ideally, someone’s father – in this case Mr Magic – shouldn’t be applauded for his support of a gay son, but Magic is heavily involved in a sport which is struggling to come to terms with open homosexuality, and his open views on the topic can only help enlighten basketball. M. Johnson, with his history with HIV/AIDS, has spoken out about gay issues before. “I learned a lot from the white gay community because they had gotten their community, rallied them, educated them and did a wonderful job about driving the numbers down,” he said (of controlling AIDS, not homosexuals). “As a hip-hop fan, you realize that homophobia is still an issue everywhere, but especially in the black community. When people are scared to talk about it, that’s how the disease spreads. So what have you been doing to get that risk reduced?” he continued in a 1991 interview, which came after he was diagnosed with the disease.

Earvin Johnson – a student at NYU – came out to the world by walking down Sunset Strip, hand in hand with his boyfriend. A pretty cool way to tell everyone, we think. “Cookie and I love EJ and support him in every way,” Magic told TMZ “We’re very proud of him.”




Magic Johnson’s Son Comes Out as Gay, And His Parents Couldn’t Be More Proud | Contactmusic.com

Apr 022013
Amsterdam flies gay flag for Russian president Putin

On Tuesday, Russia's ambassador to the Netherlands Roman Kolodkin and President's Special Representative for International Cultural Cooperation Mikhail Shvydkoi told reporters as Vladimir Putin and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands will open in Amsterdam on April 8 Russian-Dutch year. Putin's visit to the Netherlands will take place against the backdrop of a gay parade ... against Russian law on "promotion of homosexuality."

8 April in Amsterdam, President Vladimir Putin together with her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands will cross the Russian-Dutch. Visit the partner country has cultural, political and economic activities. One of the main events will be the presentation of the exhibition at the Dutch branch of the Hermitage Museum, dedicated to "the unknown Peter."

- The visit is scheduled for a short time, but tight. Initially, the President, together with Queen Beatrix will open the exhibition on Peter the Great. Then scheduled to hold talks with the Prime Minister, as well as meeting with the captains of business, - announced the plan of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation in the Netherlands Roman Kolodkin.

The history of the partnership between the two countries has about 400 years. This is primarily economic relations, tied to the mining, manufacturing, transport and communication.

As an added special presidential representative for international cultural cooperation Mikhail Shvydkoi, however, the main event will be an exhibition dedicated to the "ambiguous figure of Peter I».

- It will be one of the biggest surprises. Peter I the visitors appears a man with impeccable European taste, with understanding of what is modern art of its time, contemporary architecture - said Shvydkoi.

At the exhibition you can see personal memorabilia and the king made with his own hands or brought for him.

- Exhibition, in particular, looks at what is taught Dutch Peter not only to build ships, but also made him a sailor, - added to colleagues head of the department of Russian Culture Hermitage Vyacheslav Fedorov.

As for the economic and business agreements, there are planning to sign a number of papers. For example, "Gazprom" signed an agreement with the Dutch gas company «Gasunie», and "Renova" - a local company for the production of bioplastics. Recall that the "Renova" - Russian private business group controlled by businessman Viktor Vekselberg. He recently received about $ 7 billion from the sale of its stake in TNK-BP. To date, the "Renova" examines three areas for future investment: high-tech engineering, biomedicine and IT.

In addition to extended Russian-Dutch program for training managers and agreed to "some relief" visas for those who come through the activities of the Year.

It should be said that the visit of the head of state will take place against the backdrop of the city authorities approved amstredamskimi gay parade against "antigeyskogo law" was adopted a year ago in St. Petersburg.

Organizer and coordinator of the action serves the world's oldest LGBT organization COC Nederland, established in 1946 (it even has a special consultative status with the UN). Another demonstration will be held at the monument to all gays and lesbians are persecuted because of their sexual orientation. According to surveys in social networks, these activities will have about 900 people, about three thousand like that sort of initiative, are thinking about whether to join the demonstrators, about 500 citizens.

The question "MC" that will follow if any reaction of the Russian authorities to these events, Mikhail Shvydkoi said: "We do not Interfere will. There is freedom of speech. However, there is a protocol, a visit to the parade certainly whatsoever. "

Putin's visit to Amsterdam timed protest gay pride parade - Political news from Russia and the world - MK

Apr 022013
Gdyby nie narodowcy, zyloby sie nam lepiej

The IRIS, which is the first in the Organization support for those homo-and transsexual, a few days will celebrate the first birthday.
Previously acted as an informal group of a nationwide campaign against Homophobia, then came the time to work on Silesia and zagłębie self-employed.

Local LGBT issues – this is the IRIS. -Acclimatization in was surprisingly easy, actually on all fronts met with the atmosphere of openness and support. But there have been a few glitches with the extreme right-wing, as the ONR and NOP. They so openly could not come to terms with the fact that we are-says Tomasz Kołodziejczyk, President of the Association. Recalls the situation when the national rebirth of Polish protested against a nonexistent already Milk Club in Katowice, known for its friendly against LGBT circles.

-These sluts what should standing there carrion amount from Katowice. We want to free Polish without pedals and respect for our traditions and honor, and where the pedals have the honor? -screaming protesters. Tęczowi not seized, because others accept them with open arms. -Well we cooperated Office in Katowice, we have always been treated equally as other non-governmental organisations, says Thomas.

For the first time in Katowice, the IRIS has organized Coming Out Day, which is the disclosure of a gay people on the streets of the city. -We wanted to accustom people to our presence. Although there were some negative comments, not met with aggression. A lot of people come up to us, said that he admires the courage and ensure it is worth the work, "says Thomas.

Thanks to the IRIS work support group for LGBT people and transgender, the telephone call, which serve as the blue line. -Most people who turn to us for help, have problems with acceptance. These are not just young people, some discover only retired, explains.

Last year in Katowice held a remembrance day is an international day of remembrance Trans. victims of attacks transfobicznych. -Then we remember especially about people murdered due to his transseksualność-says Tomasz. Besides, in summer 2012, you can encounter on the Rainbow attributes. All thanks to Seize shares Rainbow.-we came up with flags, umbrellas, brandished in various places in Silesia, to show that we are – sums it up.

In the IRIS work 44 people (including 20 volunteers), and the Association is hoping that this group will grow.

Michalina Bednarek

IRIS: 'Gdyby not, we ' better żyłoby obeyme

Apr 022013
Nederland - Verneukeratieve chlamydia-variant treft homo’s en hetero’s

Lymphogranuloma venereum, or LGV, is a sexually transmitted disease, which in Western countries such as Netherlands little occurred.

Last year, however, the number of infections more than doubled, from 51 to 116.

Doctors are concerned about the advance of this aggressive chlamydia variant, which spread among gay men.............

According to the annual results of the Amsterdam STD outpatient clinic that be announced shortly.

In tropical countries (South-East Asia, Africa, Central America and the Caribbean) came the soa already more common. That is caused by a certain variant of the Chlamydia bacterium, not the same type that also the well-known Chlamydia infection of the urethra in men and women caused, but another type (in the laboratory using the letters L1, L2 or L3).

Of the men who last year testing, turned out to be more than 1% with LVG infected. Meanwhile the first contamination of heterosexuals. There are fears that spread further accelerate expires, says AMC-Professor Henry de Vries, working in STD outpatient clinic.

The LGV-virus penetrates the lining the lymph job in. Lymph vessels can thereby destroyed, whereby no more moisture to drain. Constrictions in the intestines can also occur. The infection is very treatable with antibiotics, but the insidious is that a quarter of the patients had no complaints. De Vries: ' they can transfer it though. '

After an infection caused wounds, making people easier other STDs (including hiv) amount and transfer it. That explains also the possible increase in the number of cases of hepatitis C among Amsterdam gays.

Insidious chlamydia variant affects gays and heterosexuals | Sex

Apr 022013
Joanne Cassar

An agreement between government and Joanne Cassar – the aggrieved party in a European court case against Malta over the rights of transsexual persons to marry according to their reassigned gender – is understood to be “imminent” following several meetings between the two sides.

Cassar filed a case against Malta in the European Court of Human Rights, after unsuccessfully suing the Registrar of Marriages for refusing to issue the banns necessary for her to marry her long-term (male) partner.

Dr David Camilleri, who represents Cassar alongside Dr Jose Herrera (now parliament secretary for culture), confirmed that meetings have been held with government respresentatives to this effect: the most recent one yesterday.

The issue was also discussed at Cabinet level this morning, paving the way to a legal amendment that would allow Cassar to marry, after this right had been denied to her by the Court of Appeal, after the Attorney General challenged an earlier favourable ruling by the lower courts.

The legal amendment will reflect the principle that, by recognising a person’s reassigned gender identity through documentation (eg, ID card or driver’s licence), the State also de facto commits itself to acknowledging and protecting all the rights and privileges associated with that particular gender identity.

The announcement is expected later today or early tomorrow, and once the legal amendment are in place, the case filed against Malta by Cassar will be withdrawn.

Joanne Cassar’s ordeal began in 2006, when – after undergoing a complex and expensive procedure to change her sex from male to female, and having her birth certificate amended accordingly – she was refused permission to marry on the basis that the Marriage Act prohibited unions between persons of the same gender.

Cassar took the Marriage Registrar to court, and on February 12 2007, after noting that the proposed union did not contravene any provision of the Marriage Act, Mr Justice Gino Camilleri upheld her request and ordered the director of Public Registry to issue the marriage banns.

But the marriage registrar appealed, and in his decision to overturn the ruling last May, Mr Justice Joseph R. Micallef observed that while the Marriage Act defined marriage as a union “between a man and a woman”, Maltese law offered no legal definition of either gender.

The court therefore took into account various definitions, including an affidavit signed by the former chairman of the parliamentary bio-ethics committee, Dr Michael Axiak, who wrote: “after gender reassignment therapy, a person will have remained of the same sex as before the operation.”

Mr Justice Micallef also noted that Cassar’s birth certificate, allowing a change of name and gender, was only intended to protect the right to privacy and to avoid embarrassment. He therefore upheld the marriage registrar’s request, and annulled the marriage banns.

Afterwards, Cassar expressed bitter disappointment at the ruling. “One court allowed me to get married but another took it away from me,” she said.




Raphael Vassallo

Government hours away from agreement on transsexual marriage rights – maltatoday.com.mt

Apr 022013
Yahya Jammeh

Yahya Jammeh, Gambia's President, has called on homosexuals not to visit his country if you do not want to "repent of being born." He also defined homosexuality as evil, against God, humanity and civilization in General.

On the occasion of the opening of the Gambian Parliament, attended by various diplomats, President Yahya Jammeh announced, among other things, the possible end of the moratorium on the death penalty since there has been a sharp increase in homicides. He also launched a sort of crusade against homosexuals.

Homosexuality is against humanity. I've never seen a chicken or a Peacock homosexuals ... If someone is recognized guilty of homosexuality in this country, we will have no mercy for him. We'll put in the female prison wing.

Yahya Jammeh, evidently does not consider homosexuality. However, he continued:

We want the population to grow. There must be kids in this country. Homosexuality or against God, against humanity and against civilization. Homosexuals are not welcome in the Gambia. If we capture them, they will repent of being born. Allow homosexuality means allow Satanic rights. We will not allow the presence of homosexuals on our soil.

Aren't these the first claims of Yahya Jammeh. In 2008 threatened to behead all homosexuals who would not let the country (and after the ultimatum was put in prison a couple of gay Spaniards who were in Gambia). In 2009 an appeal addressed to the army because it allowed homosexual acts among his files (came to argue that gays and lesbians should finish at the stake) and even then called homosexuality evil. In 2012 stated that the rights of homosexual persons cannot be considered human rights.

In Gambia homosexual relations are punished with detention for up to fourteen. Unlike what happens in other countries, it is common for men than for women: in 2005, the country has updated its penal code to include punishment for lesbians.

Roberto Russo

The President of the Gambia is increasingly homophobic

Apr 022013
Da sodoma a hollywo0od

Now even the World Italian GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans) a space has it, though not quite adequate European standards, and this is demonstrated by the Turin GLBT Festival "Da Sodoma a Hollywood", no less than twenty-eighth edition.

From 19 to 25 April, at the Cinema Massimo, fans on the topic will take you between screenings of all types, from drama to comedy, from comedy to fantasy, until the documentary thriller, noir, etc.

Proud of the Festival Selection Committee which confirms "a willingness to investigate and propose topics, often hot and controversial, highly topical and of offering to the public movies from around the world, otherwise invisible.

The focus, this year, concern civil rights and equal opportunities, legal recognition of homosexual couples, the homosexual parenting and adoptions, which are major issues for debate and political development in Europe and the rest of the world these days.

In the Hall, in any case, there really is something for everyone: in fact there are more than 120 movies screened, and represent well 34 Nations.

Hosts usual Americans, with 36 titles, followed by Latin America, with 20 titles. But even Israel (6 titles), Canada (5 titles) and Australia (4 titles) if the fighting well. Of the 14 European films come from Spain and 11 from France, while Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, England, Poland and Croatia have smaller numbers. True pride of this year though are the contributions of Iran, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan and Taiwan. The Italy is no less and, like Latin America, brings even 20 works by young and independent authors also engaged in the battle of creativity and dissemination of LGBT reality.

The film buffs should sign on the agenda two events in particular, as to contend for the award for the feature film section there are two international previews the Australian "Monster Pies" by Lee Galea (a kind of Romeo and Juliet in gay version) and the Mexican "Todo mundo tiene a alguien menos yo by Raul Fuentes". For those more interested in the historical aspects are documentary, "Paul Bowles: The Cage Door is Always Open" by Daniel Young, a touching job on Paul Bowles, the father of the "beat generation", and "Codebreaker" by Clare Beavan and Nic Stacey, a portrait of Alan Turing is considered the pioneer of artificial intelligence and information technology (few people know that he was gay).

Among the interesting Italian jobs "nobody's perfect" by Fabiomassimo Lozzi, "lesbians don't exist" by Laura Landi and Giovanna Saheb and the docudrama "pink nude" by Giovanni queue.

To keep an eye on, moreover, even the two web-series in Turin: a preview, is signed by "The BADhOLE" and is titled "King (l) chain" actions (by Silvia Novelli), while the other is a mix of the latest episodes of "G & T" by Francesco D'alessio. Finally, following the wave of contaminations between expressive languages, cannot miss the videoclip where the musical element is add and expand the emotions, especially if authors there is Paolo Ferrarini, capable of proposing an acute mix of vision, message and feeling.

Eugenia Romanelli

the world is Queer to 28° Torino Glbt film festival – ideas – Travel – ANSA.it

Apr 022013
Brasil - Número de casamento homossexual aumenta

Since the beginning of March the gay weddings have been given equality in procedures in relation to heterosexuals, after new regulations adopted by the registry offices in the State of São Paulo. With this, the number of these marriages in March was almost four times higher than the monthly average this year.

According to the Association of Registrars of Individuals in the State of São Paulo (Arpen-SP), have been concluded, in the first month of validity of same-sex marriages, 41, while the average was 11 per month.

The growth of unions was predicted by Arpen. According to the entity, there is a pent-up demand from people who want to get married, but believed that the conclusion depends on judicial authorization.

Before the legislation, same-sex marriage was authorized only in some registries. In others it was necessary to resort to the internal affairs of the State. Now, the civil registry offices 832 in the State of São Paulo celebrating weddings homoafetivos normally.

The first same-sex marriage in the State of São Paulo was concluded in June 2011, in Jacareí (SP). From 2012, were concluded in São Paulo 149 of these weddings, 86 of them in 2012 and 63 this year.

Number of same-sex marriage increases

Apr 022013
Rolando Jiménez

This week the movement for Homosexual integration and Liberation (Movilh), will present at the courts of Justice an application for protection which will seek to ensure that citizens can express freely in the country according to the existing Constitution which dictates.

On appeal, the leader explained that “referring to the constitutional guarantee to demonstrate peacefully and unarmed, with all the evidence we have in the last 12 years of the marches of sexual diversity, we will go to court.’re Going to get to the latest judicial or constitutional guarantee that once and for all citizens to gather peacefully to express their political opinions, social and cultural rights are respected, “he said.

Regretting what happened in Saturday’s march when they were prevented from reaching the Daniel Zamudio animita Park San Borja, Jimenez explained that “the remedy of protection we’re going to run against the mayor of the Metropolitan Region, Juan Antonio Peribonio, who started taking the first time we met for the issue of the permit, which was complicated marcháramos at Easter. So here’s religious convictions authorities overlap to a democratic secular state of law that are supposed to be. After appealed to public safety issues and reject all because an alleged infiltration of our march. “

“I think the initial argument that I gave him (Peribonio), for it was complicated marcháramos at Easter seems to be imposed. Well, it seems that the police high command is present the Opus Dei and the Legionaries of Christ because it does not understand so much violence and virulence in gear that is historically well evaluated. I have a letter from the police last year where we welcomed the development of the march that gathered more than 80,000 people. congratulated us because there was no damage , riots, a peaceful, familiar, then you do not understand, “said Jimenez.

Asked if still maintain good relations with the government of Sebastián Piñera, the leader said that “we have put in question our relationship with the government. Were the only social movement that we recognized some merits respect civil rights of sexual diversity. We were the only organization with some political weight that the government acknowledged some work. This has been challenged not by us but by the government with their actions abusive, authoritarian and repressive on Saturday, “he said.

During Monday morning Movilh left in the Palace of La Moneda a letter which asks the President Sebastián Piñera urgency Life Couple Agreement (AVP), as well as to explain and investigate the repression and obstacles placed by the Administration and police to carry out a “March for Justice and Human Rights of Sexual Diversity.”

Courts Movilh resource presented by right to march – Terra Chile

Apr 022013
Small Mapplethorpe and Smith

With eyes blindfolded, totally naked and kneeling on the floor as if they were praying are the then-unknown, Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe photos of Lloyd Ziff which are exposed in the Gallery New York Danziger.

"They were always working, making paintings, drawings and sculptures, and the walls of his apartment were covered with their works," recalls Ziff, who met Mapplethorpe at the end of the 1960s in a kind of photography at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith

Now famous for having been the artistic direction of magazines like Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone, the photographer was in 1968 at the small house shared by the two artists in the Clinton Hill neighborhood to make them portraits that would be the first that were made together.

A year later, Mapplethorpe, who would jump to fame after its provocative photographs, he decided to do an animated film with images of the singer and of himself naked.

The two artists, who for years maintained a friendly and loving relationship that Smith told with mastery in his award-winning book "Just Kids", came to Ziff in the West Village apartment so this will take them this series of nudes.

This series of nudes focused exhibition, which will remain open until next May 4 and in which you can also see the "Godmother of punk" completely nude and with her arms aloft, but showing also more intimate portraits of the couple, pensive in front of the camera.

Mapplethorpe, who died in 1989 due to problems arising from AIDS, finally lost interest in making the film and photographs had been forgotten until now, when Ziff decided to dust them off and show them to the public in the New York gallery.

Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe, the naked

Apr 022013
Jesús Rendón Benítez

In the supervision of the personnel that work in bars and cantinas, there is responsibility on the part of the owners who send it to their workers, server sex or waitresses, so they come weekly to a medical review and so far of the year not have detected cases of the of immuno acquired deficiency syndrome (AIDS) in the municipality of Tuxtepec, said city health director Gilberto de Jesús Rendón Benitez.

"Last year there was one case of AIDS detected, but the girl already retired and is going to treatment to the capital of the State," he said.

"The problem of AIDS is not so common in this type of workers, because they are regulated, they use condoms, there is no sex without care;" "there are cases of AIDS in the city, but it has to do with other cultural aspects, people who don't use condoms by machismo, ignorance, especially there is much debauchery sexual, in the country concerned, as many say that with a condom not feeling equal, many are blind couple having is only with them"She said.

"AIDS is one problem of infidelity which other situations and people until they acquire the disease is when they are aware of the responsibility in the use of condoms," he added.

"There is little resistance and give those who do not comply with the requirement tracking; "usually the women responsible for bars and canteens, it has a working basis, but we are forced to be tracked even after his work, although this becomes annoying to some, because the inspectors are asked their health cards", said.

"There is no way to put on record that they only came to have fun or if they are working, so since they enter the register or registration of workers in bars and cantinas emphasis them which should carry their cards where they move," he stressed.

"Is not our responsibility to provide condoms to the workers in bars and cantinas, however by own management we ask to the Ministry of health, we provide condoms we deliver them regularly for free, either in the health service or inspections by supervisors," he described.

"There are some types of vaginitis, vaginosis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, candidiasis, trichomoniasis, they are very regular in sex servants are not serious, but that if not treated in time, can have repercussions on health," said.
It ended by pointing out that they receive support from the Municipal preventive police (PPM), to be able to detect women who walk giving the service without medical supervision.


No cases of AIDS in sexoservidoras | Voice and image news

Apr 022013
Sergio Lopez

Sergio López, Coordinator of the youth are Gay area, said that the presidential candidates and political parties that are not in accordance with the equal marriage lost votes in an electoral majority in the country. He said that they appreciate the support of parties and movements but that "what matters is facts and not words".

To be consulted by the 730 AM on statements made Monday by the candidate to the Presidency by the Colorado Party, Horacio Cartes, we are Gay Coordinator said that novelty for the organization is not the stance of the party.

"In the NRA have been always very reluctant to equal rights and equal marriage", said.

For Lopez, in election times these positions subtract points to candidates and political parties, "taking into account that the Paraguayan society is increasingly more open to the equality of rights and acceptance of same-sex relationships," said.

He also indicated that it is a pity that you assume these positions and more when it's someone who should be representing all Paraguayans, "assumes that it should ensure all alike", said.

He criticized that Horacio Cartes, in an interview given to the 780 AM, on the morning of Monday, referred to as an "abnormality" sexual preferences.

As for the parties that are willing to accept and respect for their rights, Lopez stated that what they are worth are the facts, not the words. "The simple verbal support to gay communities does not guarantee support in action, which is what we want to see."

Horacio Cartes

We are gay, candidates who do not support equal rights lose votes | UltimaHora.com

Apr 022013
Gay marriage heats Parliament today

Despite that debate social environment to the Bill of equal marriage, which the Senate approved today is given environment the legitimization of union between partners of the same sex, in criminal and civil warn of another center of controversy. Law experts consulted by the observer noted enabling couples to set the order of the surnames of their children to generate problems both at the level of the criminal identification of persons as in inheritance matters, since it will be difficult to verify the relationships of kin.

The civil prosecutor Enrique Viana told El Observador that regulations will generate "problems" to the police and judges for the identification of persons. One of the aspects that most worries lawyers from indistinct name order is the way of verifying data are and the linkages between people.

"All these changes are going to affect the identification of persons with the aggravating circumstance that criminal files will create problems", said.

"In the inheritance aspects also have problems because it will be much more difficult the identification of persons to determine if it is a child or grandchild of this or that person", added Viana.

Reported, in the courts located in the border of the city of Rivera with Brazil these problems at the time of defining legacies are frequent. It is that it governs a system where the surname of people is that of the mother in Brazil, so when there are men who have children from both sides of the border difficulties arise at the moment of check kin to determine inheritance.

Professor in law of family of the University Catholic, Mabel Rivero, also warned about the complications that will bring the rules to determine inheritance. "You can bring difficulties for example inheritance when at the end of the year is difficult to distinguish who is a relative of who to the extent in which may have changed the surnames according to whatever the parents".

The lawyer added that in criminal matters may arise "difficulties" in relation to the identification of persons, although he said that they will not be "irreparable".

Following the middle passage that gave deputies in December, the Senate today approved bill allowing marriage between persons of the same sex. In addition to the votes of the broad front, there will be opposition from opposition members that will accompany the initiative (see). The initiative will return to members for ratification, since the Senate introduced amendments.

In addition to the views of legal experts, in the field of the social sciences is also warn difficulties on the question of the order of the surnames.

Political scientist Oscar Botinelli said that allowing alternate surnames "disappears the identification of the parents as to the gender of each". He said that with these changes "liquefy family identification" and the practical utility of the surnames, which is to establish relations of kinship is lost.

Gay marriage heated today to Parliament