Apr 162013
Western Sydney joins the rainbow movement

Western Sydney locals have joined the movement for equality with a spurge of DIY Rainbow Crossing pictures’ flooding the Facebook site.

The site was created on April 11 by James Brechney in response to the removal of the Rainbow Crossing on Oxford Street and now has a global following of more than 1600 people.

Many of the participants are western Sydney residents from Parramatta, Greystanes, The Hills and Rouse Hill, who have posted pictures of rainbow crossings they’ve drawn with chalk near their homes.

Mr Brechney said he was very surprised with the phenomenal response from western Sydney, particularly The Hills and Parramatta.

“Gay marriage is such a controversial issue with politicians and politicians care so much about western Sydney, which makes this region so important,’’ Mr Brechney, 29 said.

‘‘I am so impressed and thankful for the outpour of support of DIR rainbows from Western Sydney.’’

Mr Brechney unintentionally started the movement by posting a picture of the first crossing in Surry Hills on Facebook as a joke after being really disappointed with the removal of the Oxford Street Rainbow Crossing.

“I wasn’t just disappointed with the removal, but also the way in which it was done. It was very political,” he said.

The photo went viral rapidly and is now what he calls “a celebration for that short lived crossing”. “This movement has been born from a political stunt but means so much more to people now; it’s about equality and it’s about connecting the community through public art and meeting neighbours.’’

Residents from western Sydney have embraced the Rainbow Crossings by using the colours to express their support with posts like, “Nothing grey in Greystanes tonight” and “The Hills are alive to the Rainbow!”

The movement is now a global viral phenomenon receiving posts of Rainbow Crossings from New York, London, Kenya, Toronto and more in what is now known as the chalk revolution.




Elly Kohistani

Western Sydney joins the rainbow movement | Hills News