Apr 262013
Pedro Robledo y la presidenta Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

"I discussed with the President's Office of Diversity policy: no more than laws, which must be accompanied by a strong change in society," said Pedro Robledo, the young militant PRO gay and he was assaulted for being with your partner in a meeting and that Wednesday was greeted by Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Robledo, who is also a member of the Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals and Bisexuals (FALGBT) - said he asked the head of state to promote the amendment of the Anti-Discrimination Act to specifically include sexual minorities and called for the enactment of a law about bullying or bullying. The young man said that at the meeting, "which lasted two hours and was very warm", the President, in addition to coffee with cinnamon invite him, "showed me the things you have on your desk" and revealed that "if she wears black, not for mourning, but because it was the favorite color of Nestor ". After the meeting, Robledo sent the President a letter: "Thank you for seeing me, it is very important their support." And he stressed: "Let the whole political spectrum have joined in a case as insignificant as mine and has become a symbol discrimination, gives me hope."

"The impression that I was was positive - said Robledo, after the interview-: it seems to me that in recent years in the Argentina missed the political dialogue on issues that matter and often discussed on topics that they don't really matter." "I discussed with the President about policies on diversity: does not reach the laws, that they must be accompanied by a change in society: we must work so that the non-discriminatory culture to expand and include more broad sections of the population."

"I spoke with the President about the project of the Falgbt to amend the anti-discrimination law, so that to reverse the burden of proof to the discriminatory act, and includes discrimination because of sexual orientation, gender and against the disabled. Currently, this rule not legislate against acts committed against people because they belong to sexual minorities", Robledo said. And he added that "the current Act of bullying is just a declaration of principles, since it does not regulate the creation of a State Office for the prevention of such crime, which manifests itself as violence in the school fields". In his view, "while in the sex education does not explain the existence of Homo families, discrimination against sexual minorities will not solve root". And "not enough with statements in favor of the Marriage Act equal, if public policy is not exercised. Thus, for example, the Government of the province of Salta does sex education law".

The meeting with the President of the nation "lasted two hours and was very warm - Robledo - counted. There was a very pleasant discussion, where we exchanged our country views. The President often reminded the former President Néstor Kirchner, which promoted equal marriage law; He had that Nestor had told him that that law was going to leave it out as it were".

The young man did not praise the coffee which was offered to him: "first I refused because I had so many desires, but Oscar Parrilli (Secretary general of the Presidency) said to me: ' how will you deny?" The pink coffee is the richest thing '. Cristina gave me cinnamon, that she has to put on the coffee, and Yes, it was very rich."

"The President showed me things on his desk - he recalled-: a stone carved him one presidiaria;" a bust of Nefertiti; Photo of Axel Blumberg who was Nestor; a photo with Hugo Chávez. And told me that if she dresses in black, it is not for mourning, but because it was the favorite color of Nestor: that she always wore color but he told her that he preferred black. I asked her what she felt when people questioned it by speaking publicly of Nestor and be sensitive or get to cry; He replied that she allows that critique their management, but never to criticize his feelings."

"I am part of the PRO, in the Mauritius 2015 project, and received much criticism for having gone to the Casa Rosada in moments that as controversial as the judicial reform legislation being discussed in the Congress of the nation: but the possibility of dialogue should always be exploited." Yesterday I realized that those who call for dialogue are those who criticize when dialogue occurs", he warned.

After the meeting, Robledo wrote the President a letter which says: "all political arc has joined in a case so insignificant as mine and has become a strong symbol discrimination, gives me hope that other fundamental and critical things begin to be solved altogether in the Argentina". He stressed that "were greeted by Mauricio Macri, by Ricardo Alfonsín, by Facundo Moyano, by members of the PRO and, finally, by the President of the nation." We hope that one day we will receive Pope Francisco. It would have been good to Francisco sent a letter asking for apologies for people hitting on behalf of the Church to gays".

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