Dec 072011


They gathered in San Martin and pedestrian and marched through the city streets with music, dancing, balloons and many colors. Numerous artists and political groups joined the demonstration which ended in the Provincial legislature.

A truck with music, balloons and dancers led the Gay pride March held on Wednesday for the first time in Mendoza. At km 0 (San Martín and pedestrian) about 200 people gathered from the 19 to move from there to the Provincial legislature. The number of participants has grown to reach more than 600 with the passage of the minutes.

After the 19 San Martin Street was cut between Amigorena and Catamarca and is point topped dancers and members of political groups. Police diverted traffic in the affected area, which then spread to streets Las Heras.

The purpose of this meeting was to claim three points: the adoption of the law on gender identity; a law of Mendoza comprehensive sex education and the repeal of articles of the code of misdemeanours that criminalize the diversity. Mario Vargas, Member of the Organization on July 15 and one of the organizers, explained that "we believe that at this moment we are strengthened in organizational terms and it is the propitious political moment to go out".

"We want to meet obligations and have the same rights of all and all. Now, we went to the street to show our visibility, that we are, we exist. We celebrate by the triumphs obtained today, as equal marriage and half punishment of law of gender identity (by deputies). And demand because we want it, rather than be a day of celebration and color, is also a day of struggle. We fight for an egalitarian education involving us all and all", explained Vargas.

Among these groupings were also Libres del Sur, the Socialist workers movement and other groups academics and left. The former candidate for Governor of Mendoza Nicolás De el Caño and former candidate to Senator by project South, Graciela Cousinet also attended.

With tranquility and excitement the demonstrators danced to the beat of a sticky electronic music by the rhythm and the warm climate that wet faces. In the corners passers-by were speechless, watching amazed the exuberance of the protesters and the colorful deployed in downtown. Other preferred simply indifference.

Past the 20, the caravan was by San Martin to the North to take Las Heras and there Street Patricias Mendocinas until nearly 21, where the participants were concentrated in front of the Provincial legislature.