Apr 252013
Joven atacado por ser gay le pidió a Cristina por la ley antidiscriminación

Pedro Robledo met with the President. He handed her a letter that asked "who support the anti-discrimination law that its deputies have blocked". He also presented a project to regulate the bullying

At the end of March, Pedro Robledo was with her boyfriend at a party in San Isidro. There was the victim of an act of discrimination: other youths insulted him because of his sexual orientation. "We started shouting ' fucking shit, go here", counted.

The repudiation was unanimous. From the ruling party and the opposition, they expressed their support for the 21 year-old, who is campaigning in the PRO and works in the thinking Foundation, linked to the party. Robledo today met with President Cristina Kirchner, and handed him a letter, in which it requested him "to support the treatment of the anti-discrimination law that today its deputies have blocked".

In dialogue with Infobae, Robledo said. "The meeting lasted two hours. "Spoke of everything: of personal issues, the tragedy of eleven of the judicial reform, from the trap to the dollar, from why not meets (the Chief of Government of Buenos Aires, Mauricio) Macri".

Also he said that he presented a project of the MEP Cornelia Schmidt-Liermann to regulate the bullying and pointed out that, according to the President, anti-discrimination law "to be treated in a short time".

The letter

"All the political arc has joined in a case so insignificant as mine and has become a strong symbol discrimination, gives me hopes that this may be the kick so that other fundamental and critical things begin to be solved altogether in the Argentina", wrote in the letter.

"Luckily are increasingly less people who believe that love has boundaries. People change. I know this from my own experience. My parents had to understand that his son loved in ways directly contrary to their schemes of truth", he added.

He concluded: "not I can dismiss me without remind you that which manifested itself last Thursday, which are at this moment in the square of the Congress, as you also love this country. My family had to leave the dogma when this prevented them from fully live with their loved. I hope that you can do the same for us."

After the meeting, he thanked via his Twitter account. But clarified: "now go to Congress. I think that this reform does not about justice to people. It is a step backwards for the consolidation of our democracy."

Young man attacked for being gay asked Cristina by anti-discrimination law - Infobae.com

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