Dec 182012

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With the fall of Nazism emigrated to the Argentina the scientific leaders of Hitler. An advisor to the former President revealed the subject of German businessmen who came to the country.

It was a cultural luxury in the Argentina of decades newspapers in communities. The Arab press, Jewish, Italian, German, Irish and the rest of the communities of printed newspapers written in their languages of origin.

Although some newspaper written in Arabic can still be seen in surrounding areas to Scalabrini Ortiz and Cordoba, it is almost an exception. New generations together with digital technologies disappeared almost all those newspapers of communities.

Herman Schiller and Daniel Schnitman were the last surviving Jewish newspaper publishers. Schiller later turned barricade press (threw it all the radios that became), and Schitman resists even from the digital format.

The voice and Opinion (Jewish Argentine independent journalism) It was no longer printed on paper and has its place on the Internet)

Hence, we rescued a Pearl documented on an issue that goes to bristle skin to many.

An interview with the historian of Nazism in the Argentina Carlos De Napoli reveals that Juan Domingo Perón hired the Danish nazi doctor Karl Peter Værnet in the Ministry of health with a specific function: "cure" gays and lesbians from its specific "disease".

Yes, for Perón homosexuality was a disease and therefore ordered the Ministry of health contract and put all the necessary means to the endocrinologist Hitler to treat the "sexually different"

Værnet had already developed in Germany and tried to do so in the Argentina a treatment consisting of enter in the patient a so-called "dispenser metal hormones (invented and patented by the same Værnet) that segregated testosterones and other hormones that supposedly cured"disease".

The interview published in the voice and Opinion reads thus, asked De Napoli for the unprecedented discovery of this material, it responds:

"I not discovered it. The credit goes to Peter Tatchell, a British gay who fought for the rights of homosexuals with an NGO. I just built a short biography with emphasis on staying in the Argentina where he died in 1965. He is buried in the British cemetery. In Denmark is called "the BARTOV" Danish to Vernet. Very successful title because there is almost no nazi health as much documentation as on experiences with homosexuals in Buchenwald, the SS Værnet, concentration camps personal friend of criminal Heinrich Himmler, was in the capital district of Palermo, on the street Uriarte, a clinic dedicated to "cure of homosexuals" and its specialty as endocrinologist, still existing building. He tried many characters of our so-called "high society" whose parents did not admit the sexual orientation of their children. There are two compelling testimonies of a man and a woman in this regard, but towards the end of the 1950s the valve had fallen into disuse. By one of the witnesses I know that they applied a medicine called Geriax, of laboratories Otto, then along with a cocktail of other hormones, which depended on the patient as it were gay or lesbian."

So far the impressive testimony of what Juan Domingo Perón considered a disease should be cured as it is homosexuality.

If even the historical records of the Ministry of health are retained, should include the hiring of the nazi doctor ordered Peron, because at that time all new employment and investments in the public administration should bear the name of who recommended the contract. And the clinic that Karl Peter Værnet rode in the street Uriarte more staff working there and the technology that should be implemented to solve the cash dispenser of hormones was not little money to go unnoticed. All that investment was directly ordered by Juan Domingo Perón.

It's amazing how the years pass and they are still emerging in Argentina - and in the whole world, new evidence and revelations about the incredible criminal raid developed, Hitler and the scientists who hired for the purpose of "superior race".

Don't be surprised which projects ever developed Nazism have been followed by one way or another in various places in the world.

Werner von Braum was adopted by North America to further develop journeys to the stars that once Hitler dreamed and which later made possible the NASA Aerospace Agency in that country...

New documentaries made by the History Channel signal realize even the secret work that found doomed the nazi Germany for the construction of similar technology to what are today called UFOS or saucers.

And a topic on which we will realise soon is the search in Patagonia a treasure valued at two billion dollars that was not yet localized. It's the so-called amber Chamber, a treasure that the nazis looted during its invasion of the Soviet Union and was taken to the Foreign Ministry in Berlin, refuge from Hitler.

Although legend has it that this monumental work was destroyed during the blitz which culminated with the fall of Nazism, never found remains of the treasure under the rubble, and it is assumed that Hitler made them withdraw and take them to another site. So far searches proved fruitless. It was the room of the Tsar of Russia, and dozens of containers, something that can not go unnoticed in any place on the planet was needed to move it. Patagonia post Second World War was a territory that the nazis knew very well, like the solitude and isolation of large sea areas, place where any complex moving would have gone unnoticed.

For today we are left with this amazing story of the nazi doctor who hired Peron for the treatment of homosexuality.

By Jorge D. Boimvaser

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