Jan 302012

The Liberal Democrats Germans of the FDP, currently in power in Germany where they are combined together with the Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) of Chancellor Merkel, announced last Saturday that the marriage of same-sex couples will be part of their electoral proposals in 2013 (read article from Spiegel online and the Stern article). This hunt for gay and lesbian voters will convince probably no German homo.

The party is dormant in still more disastrous polls which does him allocate more than 3% of the vote. We can therefore imagine that it will not reach the bar of 5%, which in Germany is the condition of parliamentary representation. Also is the FDP all wood. It is true that election promises don't cost much... Today, the small party right proclaims that all couples should have the right to marry and that he should not be entitled to difference between heterosexual couples and couples of the same sex. Implicitly, this should include the right to adoption. This electoral provision should be included in the electoral platform that will be approved at a plenary of the party in April next in Karlsruhe.

But voila, the party had already made this type of election in 2009 promise, it is in the power and it has not seen major changes in the status of gays and the German lesbians except those courts give more and more homosexuals when judgments on behalf of the constitutional principle of equality of citizens before the law. The party will still be able to argue that their partners, the Christian Democrats, are opposed to any significant progress. But it would be too easy: at no time we saw FDP up to the barricades to get change, while it does for reductions in taxes for example.

A lot of wind so. German gays and lesbians may be fooled. They must hope for a change of coalition in 2013. Progressive Party - die Grüne (Greens), the SPD (Socialists), die - Linke (ultra left) and the Party of the pirates all propose equality of rights, the Green top. In fact, we must kick the Christian Democrats out of power. Then only can an egalitarian sun shine on the Germany.

Luc Lebelge

Germany: FDP Liberals promise the opening of marriage to gay and lesbian couples. Yagg

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