Jan 312013

The Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle, has conveyed to the Russian Ambassador in Germany, disappointed by the law banning homosexual propaganda among minors in Russia.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs German, Guido Westerwelle, has conveyed to the Russian Ambassador in Germany, Vladímir Grinin, disappointed by law which prohibits propaganda in Russia marriage minors, today reported "Der Spiegel" in its online edition.

Westerwelle, who openly lives itshomosexualitysaid during his meeting yesterday with the head of the Russian diplomatic mission in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Berlin, that the Act violates, from the German point of view, the European Convention on human rights, indicates the weekly.

"A law of this nature hinders European-Russian relations and damage the image of Russia in Europe" an employee of the Ministry cited the words of the head of German diplomacy, according to the publication.

In addition, the Minister said Ambassador, as a friend of Russia and defender of good relations, "personally disappointed" by the controversial decision approved last Friday in the first reading by the Duma, or Russian Chamber of Deputies.

In a democracy, added Westerwelle, it is also exit at defending minorities.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs German, on the other hand, yesterday confirmed the meeting between the head of German diplomacy and the Russian Ambassador, but would not provide details about the content of the conversation.

Law adopted by the Duma has to punish propaganda of thehomosexuality with cash fines that can reach the 500,000 rubles (12,500 euros).

Source: The journal of Yucantan.