Jul 172012

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In an article, they argue that the remedy is based on psychotherapy, homeopathy and the religious councils.

The Association of German Catholic doctors published in magazine Telepolis that secure in their research they have found an alleged "curing" homosexuality, while in the same text, in no place qualified this sexual orientation as a "disease".

Gero Winkelmann, director of this Association, which describes itself as the "voice of Catholic medical community", said the Italian daily Il Corriere della Sera that "we know of many people with homosexual inclinations who suffer for it. If someone is unhappy or feels sick you should know that we can help you". To sustain this affirmations, Winkelmann relies on texts of psychotherapy, philosophy, ethology and the Bible.

The Association of lesbians and Gays in Germany (LSVD) have made public their revulsion to this study, which have been described as "insult". Similarly, Renate Rampf, the LSVD spokesman, pointed out that who removed homosexuality from the international classification of diseases in 1993.

Angel Ramos