Apr 132013
Homophobie = Mort

The activist association warns Christine Boutin, Christian Jacob and Frigide Barjot, who predict a hardening of opposition to the "marriage for all" movement: they will be held responsible in the event of new homophobic attacks in the coming weeks.

At the statements referring to "shed blood" and "violent confrontation" after the vote on the marriage act for all in the Senate, Act Up, including fighting homophobia has decided to raise the tone. Christine Boutin, Christian Jacob and Frigide Barjot, who predicted a hardening of the movement of opposition to the "marriage for all", will be held responsible in the event of new attacks homophobic in the coming weeks, said Saturday the militant association.

This last warning does in a climate stretched on bottom of radicalization of the movement of opposition to gay marriage. Since the launch of the parliamentary debate on the Bill paving the way to marriage and adoption for homosexual couples, several associations, including SOS homophobia and AIDS, also reported an increase in the number of homophobic attacks. recently, a couple was beaten while he was walking in Paris.

It is in this climate that the President of the Christian Democratic Party, the leader of the UMP National Assembly deputies and the spokesperson of the collective "the demonstration for all" accused Friday the Government to force. Christian Jacob notably warned that the Government was taking the 'risk of a violent confrontation with the French' in moving second reading of the text to the National Assembly. As Christine Boutin, it is expressed on Twitter in a virulent way. Frigid Barjot has clearly warned the Government declaring that "If Holland wants blood, there."

"The blood has already leaked"

This is the declaration too for Act Up which prevents the responsible opponents of these verbal blunders: "Call for the payment of 'blood', 'violent confrontation' or to 'fight to the end' a battle which boils down to say 'gonna fart' is neither more nor less than a call to violence against LGBT," responded Act Up in a press release. "The confrontation has already been violent, blood has already sunk - to gay beaten last weekend is just a publicized example", said the association, referring to two attacks in Paris. In this context, Christian Jacob, Christine Boutin and Frigide Barjot will be held responsible for attacks that may take place in the coming weeks, warns Act Up.

Saturday afternoon, in response to the manifestation of the opponents of marriage for all Friday night before the Senate adopted the Bill, supporters marched Saturday in Paris. In the procession, was notably e couple homosexual victim of a violent assault last weekend...

Act Up address a warning to Boutin, Jacob and Barjot – Le Nouvel Observateur

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