May 152012
Condom and pills

This release is a reaction to Renaud Persiaux said in an article published on Saturday, may 12 on the site Têtu .com. Indeed, as wrestling association, AIDS and as a member of the Association of the test Ipergay (ANRS) we cannot tolerate the remarks made by the author, editor of stubborn and employee of the aid, the test operator association.

First of all, let's talk about the figures. The author resumes, as the number of media last week, the figure of 90% efficiency of Truvada in prevention. This figure is an ideal value derived from the data in the test iPrEx in the case of a perfect treatment compliance, which is far from being the average score taking into account the diversity of behaviors that showed a reduction in the risk of transmission among homosexual men and trans' (man to woman) of 44% with a confidence interval of ranging from 15% to 63%indicating a very uncertain reproducibility of results. It is far from the 90%, and when lives are at stake, the figures are important.

Similarly, article mentions the Ipergay trial, underway in France (the test is still in phase of recruitment). Or if it is true that this test is designed to test the effectiveness of the PrEPs among MSM (men having relationships with men) using the Truvada, Renaud Persiaux exceeds the bounds of propriety in indicating that this test is 'the only way to free access to the PrEP': it is a biomedical research, with a protocol to the very specific criteria and which has so far brought no conclusionnot a new way of prevention on demand! Pass a test for a new offer from prevention to the public is dangerous and misleading.

One could multiply examples of inaccuracies and lies that contains this article, starting with its title: "a drug in AIDS prevention. French experts are in favour. No, the French experts are not 'friendly' to the use of Truvada in prevention, they are reserved and deliver a number of arguments questioning the relevance of this strategy, without of course away. The opinion of the national AIDS Council for example describes the situation thus:

'Develop a PrEP is therefore, in terms of allocation of resources, a question both ethical and strategic choice (...). In a country like France, the prospect of deploying an offer of PrEP, at least in the current of the ARV prices, poses to the problems of unequal access, or, if one imagines a supported by the community, a problem of choice of investment over other needs in health and also prevention insufficiently equipped with. In the absence of support, access to the new tool of prevention, at least as long as the cost of ARVS will not drastically decrease would be limited de facto to persons with significant financial resources, in contradiction with efforts for the reduction of health inequalities. This contradiction would be stronger that a portion of public target of the PrEP are people heavily exposed to transmission of HIV because of a large economic and social vulnerability and/or economic dependence on their (s) and partner (s). » [1]

Meanwhile, the Group of experts mobilized on this issue indicates in its response to the Director-general of health than the current scientific data, as well as new strategies of screening implemented for a few years «do not allow currently encourage recourse to this method of prevention or to give an opinion supported with respect to the future application of the concept interest»]2]… Is this really in this so-called "favor the PrEPs?

In writing this article, the author is guilty of a conflict of interest, and the fight against AIDS, after long time required a systematic statement of such compromises on the part of doctors, should require it its associations. Carefully passing under silence its employee assistance, operator of the test, label Renaud Persiaux there seems more worried about the recruitment of Ipergay information to readers. Tark must take care not to publish such misleading advertisements for a scientific test, under the guise of a journalistic work. In the field of prevention, misuse of the figures and the diversion of public expertise translates to contamination.

Act Up-Paris will organize on Thursday 14 June a public General Assembly on the question of pre-exposure prophylaxis; at 7:30 in the Auditorium of the lodges of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, 14 rue Bonaparte, 6e arrondissement of Paris.

Act Up-Paris receives donations from pharmaceutical companies (1). However, Act Up-Paris denies partnerships with them, and thus an earmarking of donations on a particular activity. We consider these gifts as a debt of blood of the firms for the sick.

(1) as a guide, Act Up-Paris received in 2011 gifts from Boerhinher-Ingelheim, Gilead, Janssen-Cilag, MSD, Sanofi-Aventis & ViiV Healthcare.


[1] Notice of the national Council of AIDS on the PrEPs (published May 11, 2012), p.22. Available online This following address.

[2] Opinion of the Group of experts available in this link.