Mar 282013
Vous couchez avec nous vous votez contre nous

Within the framework of the Bill Esther Benbassa (EELV) debated Thursday in the Senate, the Socialist Group seems to have renounced to its motion for referral back : the text tomorrow will be a detailed review. But two Socialist senators, Jean-Pierre Godefroy and Philippe Kaltenbach (responsible for the proposal to postpone sine die of the Act) propose to restore the offence of soliciting as it was in force prior to the Act of Sarkozy.

For two senators, there would be a "legal vacuum" to fill. So for Godfrey and Kaltenbach, a suppression of the prostitutes would be justified. everything would be question of form. Repressive ideology is very clear and this proposal is shattering the abolitionist appearance that two parliamentarians would like to give. No parliamentary vote this amendment could no longer say then that the sex workers are not guilty, but are victims!

Any repression, as it relates to prostitutes or their customers, helps divert the workers of the sex of the prevention, screening, care. It exposes them to more violence on the part of customers or the security forces. One example: the presence of condoms in the bag is a pretext for accusing a prostitute of soliciting. For fear of repression, some waive the right to protect themselves and protect their client.

As we said yesterday, prostitutes, association field and expert of the fight against AIDS have demonstrated the urgent need for a total repeal of the offence of soliciting public. The refusal of these Socialists consider health issues, starting with the prevention of HIV / AIDS and STIs is alarming. Parliamentarians supporting any repressive amendments will not be able to say 'I didn't' face a new health scandal which they and they will be responsible for, or that they and they have not prevented. This is not rhetoric. It comes to health, life and death, and it is time that some Socialists realize.

Because they are unaware of the challenges of AIDS, we demand that the two Senators receive urgently, this Wednesday, representatives of Act Up-Paris, associations or unions of prostitutes, community health and HIV/AIDS.

We ask the Socialist Group and all the members to refuse any repressive amendments to the draft law. We ask that the Government denounces these repressive amendments. Finally, we demand that our elected representatives continue to ignore health issues when they and they talk about prostitution. This electoral promise should be held: total repeal of the offence of soliciting.……


Act Up-Paris | Sida : l’ignorance de Godefroy et Kaltenbach met les prostituéEs en danger