Apr 152013
Des préservatifs estampillés 'je ne suis pas client de la prostitution'

This Saturday, April 13, 20 activists of Act Up-Paris, of the collective March 8 for all, and the rhinestones are chained front of the Machine from the Moulin Rouge. The Concert Hall hosted an event of an abolitionist group, 'Abolition 2012', which calls in particular for the criminalisation of clients of sex workers. To symbolize the criminal character of these repressive measures, fake blood was spread on the sidewalk.

In response to the action of the activists, 'Abolition 2012' organisateurRICEs have chosen to cast on the ground, before the sex workers, feminists and activists in the fight against AIDS, tagged with condoms "I'm not a customer of prostitution". The message is clear: prevention is for clients or sex workers.

This says a lot about 'Abolition 2012' HIV and STIs prevention approach: throw on the ground of prevention equipment. Furthermore, these condoms convey a message discriminating, for the hookers, and their clients on their packaging. According to 'Abolition 2012' everyone does not deserve to have access to prevention, everybody does not deserve to have the means to protect themselves from contamination.

One of the present person issued a few months ago: "Proponents of Regulation (...), on behalf of a principle of reality, distribute hood, of course to avoid the contamination of the prostitute-e-s but prostitueurs clients, and de facto maintain and reinforce the prostitutional system. (…) What do do if it doesn't guarantee to men that women remain and without any danger for them, serving them, to kiss, to produce children, etc." [1]

Then the rhinestones, Act Up-Paris, the collective March-8 for all etc. struggling to ensure that minorities, all minorities, enjoy equal access to prevention, screening, care, rights, 'Abolition 2012' continues to advocate for dangerous repressive measures which expose sex workers and their clients to abuse and contamination. If, as wrote Abolition 2012 on its condoms, "an orgasm has no price", it would seem that, for euxELLEs the life of a sex or a client homeworkers is good to throw into the garbage.

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