Apr 102013
Homophobie = Mort

Homophobia kills. Lesbophobia, biphobia and transphobia too. Equality Now!

We call for an emergency rally against homophobia, for equal rights: Wednesday, April 10 at 8:00 p.m. on the Parvis de l'Hotel de Ville :
- To denounce hatred spilled for months against LGBT-es by opposing the bill, hatred has intensified in recent weeks;
- To say that hate has no legitimacy in a democratic debate, and that those who believe do well, treated the partisan-es of hatred as legitimate interlocutor-rices have only strengthened their violence;
- To remind you that hatred is fueled by inequality and legal discrimination affecting LGBT and their families and it is urgent to stop them;
- To support LGBT families, including children, are particularly vulnerable to hate-the-art in opposing marriage to remind gay, bi and trans-are isolated, without contact associations, and they are not alone and can count on us to face hatred;
- To show the consequences of this hatred largest suicide rate among young gay or trans, prevented HIV prevention, risk taking associated with lower self-esteem, persistent epidemics of AIDS and viral hepatitis;
- Demanding equal rights in all areas for LGBT marriage, adoption, assisted reproduction, change in marital status for easy transport, etc;
- To denounce the threats and violence against LGBT associations, their members or elected representatives who defend equality - threats that demonstrate the absence of arguments available to homophobic
- Not to leave the street, instead of democratic expression, the enemy of democracy-es who monopolize for months and who are gays and trans as the first target of their struggles;
- To call in the face of union lines and extreme-right against democracy, solidarity with persecuted minorities.

Signatories to 10/04 at 04:00 : Act Up-Paris, Act Up - South West, Acceptess-T, aid, collective against homophobia Montpellier, collective under the Shorts of the daughters, collective March 8 for all, Dyke as a truck, the French movement for Family Planning, the sexual Labour Union (rhinestones), the collective of the 16th century, Pink block Paris, the collective OuiOuiOui, Ex Aequo (Bruxelles), Barbieturix, Le Refuge, the marriage for all, gay men, Federation Total Respect / Tjenbé Red, International Federation of Gay Games, the brawny rooster, the SNEG, SOS homophobia, MoE, Txy, G.a.r.c.e.s, R.O.S.A, PopinGays, CHEFFasbl (Belgium), Afrisante, Fédération Sportive Gay and lesbian, the CAELIF, Association joint Trans and Homo for equality, Plug'nPlay, the Muslim progressives of France, the Centre LGBT Paris island of France, the Inter-LGBT, LGBTP, gay Muslim women of France (HM2F), David & Jonathan, the children of Arc in sky-the Asso, ARDHIS, Warning, Beit Haverim, the Front Runners Paris, Africa future, migration health France, homosexuality and socialism (HES), the crossroads of Christians inclusive, the GAPS (Bordeaux), Mix city Rennes, study Gayment, OUTragéEs Republic, Solidarité Sida, Federation of the other circle, "Claiming of social Christianity", Association of same-sex parented families (Abdullah), ID Trans', Contact, Fier-E-s and revolutionaries, Paris Foot Gay, IPPO (Bordeaux), HomoFesty / HF Prevention / HF equal, GLUP (LGBT Paris universities group), MIF (Men in France), MAG young LGBT, Laissez Moi Danser, bear de Paris, OUTRAGE! Belgium, Couvent de Paname - the Sisters of perpetual Indulgence.

With the support of : the NPA, the Anarchist Federation (FA), the Young Greens, Munici'Gay (Marseille), Association of Centrists and Democrats and LGBT Gay Friendly, the cheeky-es, Europe Ecologie Les Verts (EELV), the Anti-Capitalist Left (GA), the Left Party, the PCF.

Act Up-Paris | Wednesday, April 10 GATHERING - 20 HOURS - TOWN HALL

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