Apr 232012
ACT UP Paris

If the accounts of the votes given to Le Pen, Sarkozy and Dupont-Aignan, are 48% of the voting which, for one reason or another, have given their support to parties who advocate hatred of minorities, stigmatize the sick, foreign, precarious, LGBT, addicts, prostitutes, prisoners, and many others. However, we are.

And if it is not us, they are our brothers, our sisters, our lovers, our mistresses, the people with whom we work, our neighbours, or of unknown.

These results us agonize:

We are certainly accustomed to public hatred that we fight; but such figures are however the dizziness.

These votes questioned our ability to affect public opinion about the fights that we have.

Even if we want to put an end to the extreme right in power, even if we call to terminate even in the polls, we do full no enthusiasm for François Holland, which proved to be particularly impervious to our concerns and our struggles.

What to do? We are not the only question. The first answer is to meet and discuss. We offer ourselves this Tuesday at the premises of Act Up-Paris. To talk together about the situation. To develop a possible collective strategy. And also, since it is necessary to ask it as such, to know what we will do in the event of a victory for the extreme right.

Local Act Up - Paris - 45 rue Sedaine - 75011

M ° Bastille, Voltaire or Bréguet-Sabin.

Code Street: A 42, 8, bottom of right Court

Act Up-Paris | The Pen: 20%; the far right: 48%. Responding to the left

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