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In the fight against AIDS, as in many others, the results of Francois Hollande after a disastrous year of mandate

Closure of hospital services, increased casualization of the sick and disabled, maintenance of the deductibles for care, reduced subsidies to prevention, screening and care for people, repression continued, sometimes increasing, especially on public-exposed HIV ( foreigners, sex workers, female drug users), keeping in prison of critically ill, down the French contribution to the fight against AIDS in poor countries, maintenance of funeral care for the HIV ban, maintaining the mandatory testing in some situations, no action against the discrimination suffered by sick people, refusal to facilitate the change in marital status of trans people, one of the populations most affected by the epidemic, etc..

He who promised "change now" continued the policy of his predecessor, when it has not accelerated. After a year, Holland has shown that He mocked the AIDS, he was concerned that the justification of austerity policies that harping against all the evidence in the field. In Greece, the cuts carried in the name of austerity led to a quasi-annulation of the grant to the fight against AIDS. Result: a 200% increase in prevalence in 2011 ! Hollande is he willing to take increased infections in France, and a lower quality of care, in the name of the policy that leads past year? Or, like other socialists in their time, he says he did not know, he is responsible, but not guilty?

Between the two rounds of presidential elections in 2012, we aircraft called to vote François Holland. It was for us to get it over with Nicolas Sarkozy. The evening of his victory on May 6, 2012, we brandished a gigantic sign Place de la Bastille, "Holland, the change that really should be now." We had no illusions about the slogan Francois Hollande. We denounced in the previous month, the poverty of its program and the PS health, human rights and the fight against AIDS. We also denounced the commitments he or his party, disastrous health, such as maintaining the crackdown on undocumented Papers, or the criminalization of prostitutes clients [ 1].

Of course, the disastrous results of Francois Hollande directly threatens the Socialist leaders. Who will vote for them and them in the next elections? But if we know in the coming months using the electoral threat to listen to people that are supposed to represent us 'they do not agree otherwise, we care very little about the political future of these people. For the disastrous balance sheet much more serious and more direct consequences for the sick, disabled and insecure. And François Hollande and his "socialist" most have forgotten this fact is an obscenity that we are not ready to accept.

Unfulfilled commitments, evasions and political errors

A Access to care and health, public hospital

The "60 promises" are only marginally related health issues. Hollande presented proposals on health in a speech in Paris on February 2, 2012. They were a rare indigence, as the noted aircraft while. Most of these proposals went unheeded. On "60" promises, the results are meager.

Commitment 5 : " I ask that is adopted within the European Union directive on the protection of public services. »

Commitment unfulfilled. Not only Hollande sits on that promise, but it has increasingly been adopted, by imposing its parliamentary majority, a European austerity treaty which seriously undermined public education services and health.

Commitment 19 : " I réformerai pricing to end the assimilation of the hospital with private institutions. I take it as a public service and not as a business. To fight against medical deserts, I I will promote a better distribution of physicians in the creation of local health centers in each country. I will fix a maximum period of half an hour for access to emergency care. (...)

Commitment unfulfilled. Certainly the PLFSS 2013 ended the price convergence between public and private. But it is far from necessary measures which constitute a real defense of the hospital as a public service. Nothing was done against medical deserts. Far from improving access to emergency Socialists in the government as local authorities, are struggling to shut down services. Example Act Up-Paris is the most denounced Hotel Dieuin Paris.

Commitment 20 : " I sécuriserai access to care for all the French in framing the excess fees, favoring a reduction in drug prices (...) and removing the right of entry into the medical device of State. »

Commitment unfulfilled. 16.2% reported French in 2010, giving up care for financial reasons. The decline in the price of drugs is a vital way to save money on health insurance and remove franchises care and remains dependent promise made by François Holland to Bruno-Pascal Chevalier when the latter was on strike Care to protest against this discriminatory and dangerous extent. Again, this promise has not been included in the program of the candidate's campaign at the Elysee. Commitments Holland patients are fluctuating, and systematically lowered. Bruno-Pascal Chevalier died last December, betrayed by Francois Hollande.

Commitment 20 (continued ): " and by deleting the entry for State medical assistance ticket »

Commitment required. But this promise, minimum, was insufficient to ensure effective access to health care for excluded. The Right to Health foreigners (ODSE) , which includes Doctors of the World, Help, Cimade, Act Up -Paris or COMEDE, requires integration of undocumented Papers at CMU.

Commitment 27 : " I will maintain public services in our suburbs »

Commitment unfulfilled. To give just one example among others, 40 positions are removed to hospital Delafontaine (93) Saint-Denis.

B Social Rights, Minority Rights

- Handicap

Commitment 32 : " I will guarantee the existence of a disability component in each statute. And I will strengthen the penalties for non-compliance with 6% of disabled workers in businesses, public services and local communities. »Commitment unfulfilled. Speaking to Seronet, Francois Hollande is not too wet on the issue the precariousness of people with disabilities. About Disabled Adult Allowance, he said: " The adjustment shall be an objective, even if I can not make a commitment for the immediate future. ". The daily lives of disabled is not a priority for Francois Hollande.


Commitment 31 : " I will open the right to marriage and adoption to homosexual couples. »

Commitment held by charging a high price for gays and their families, sacrificing lesbians and trans. Concessions on numerous occasions (see eg here or here) to opponents of equality have contributed to trivialize the homophobia. Receiving frigid Looney at the Elysee Hollande launched strong signal to keep gays less a legitimate discourse. By refusing to integrate LDCs into law, the government has sacrificed in favor of the lesbians and homophobic. What could have been a great socialist victory, perhaps the only one of five years, turned into a race for gays.

On the other hand, Hollande had openly promised improved rights for trans people, including the change in marital status without going through an act of surgery. He wrote in a letter to associations trans and stated in an interview with stubborn (April 2012 issue). Trans people are among the most vulnerable to HIV, particularly because of the discrimination they face people - subject Najet Vallaud-Belkacem declined to address in the hearings of LGBT associations last fall. Why Holland waived this commitment, as the access to the LDCs? A commitment to LGBT associations and media has a homo he therefore no value to the President of the Republic?

- Foreign

Commitment 30 : " I will fight against the "racial profiling" in identity checks by a procedure that respects the citizens and against any discrimination in employment and housing. I constantly fight racism and anti-Semitism. »

Commitment unfulfilled.

Commitment 50 : " I will give the right to vote in local elections to foreigners living legally in France for five years (...) »

Commitment unfulfilled.

Commitment 50 (continued) : " I lead a relentless fight against illegal immigration »

Unfortunately commitment required. 's deportation policy by the government at the height of that carried out under Nicolas Sarkozy, precarious foreign, hampers prevention and incentive screening and penalizes support undocumented. It comes at a high price: the ODSE alerted on the resumption of foreign seriously ill in countries where they are and they can not be cured - while these people are expellable. It had not been seen since 2010. Primarily responsible for the evictions is Marisol Touraine which showed no involvement in this matter. This is a significant element of the few cases that the Netherlands Government health.

Commitment 50 (end) : " I sécuriserai legal immigration. The adjustments will be carried out in each case on the basis of objective criteria »

Commitment without reference. Its formulation is also very poor. Regularization on a case solves any of the problems faced by homeless Papers. It is rather arbitrary source. Under undocumented seriously ill, the Socialists had opposed the dismantling of residence care organized by the right. Responding to an interview on Seronetthe candidate Holland even called the dismantling of hypocrite. And they do not seem determined to reverse the dismantling and now they are in power.

- Prisoners

Commitment 53 : " Prisons are consistent with our principles of dignity. »

Commitment unfulfilled. The health status of prisons is a well documented disaster. Deprivation of liberty contrary to health requirements, as evidenced by the continued imprisonment of many seriously ill prisoners. The Attorney General has announced a simplification of the suspension of sentences for medical reasons. This is a step forward, but may be insufficient. Moreover, the promise does not apply to detention centers, which also violate " our principles of dignity . "

C international solidarity

In 2005, France was engaged with the G8 in 2010 to ensure universal access to treatment. This promise has not been kept by Nicolas Sarkozy. 15,000 people die every day from AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. The Global Fund, which had a positive impact is further proof, that each country should increase its contribution by 25%. Today France gives € 360 million per year. But Hollande threatens to lower the budget.

Commitment 57 : " I will work to increase support for developing countries and for a renewal of multilateral aid. "Commitment 58:" I will break with the "Franco" enproposant a relationship based on equality, confidence and solidarity. "

Commitments broken. In fact a "more help" (commitment 57) and "solidarity" (58) Francois Hollande reduces credit cooperation. More specifically on the issues of AIDS, Hollande had said to Seronet : " We will have morewith our partners, to ensure universal access to AIDS treatment available ", once elected, he reaffirmed this goal Local elected to the association against AIDS: " It is one of the priorities I have set for the policy of France contribute to universal access to treatment. ". While Holland betrays his promise and his account under downward, Africa has the dead to rise.

Commitment 7 : "(...) I will propose the creation of a tax on all financial transactions (...) "

Commitment formally held, in effect bypassed. This tax must be dedicated to international solidarity, including additional funding coming from the French contribution to the fight against AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis in the world. At the International AIDS Conference in Washington last July, President Holland had sent an applause from the 30,000 patients, chercheurSEs and physicians worldwide message: " We want to create innovative financing additional. This is the meaning of the tax on financial transactions that my country has decided to set up on 1 August 2012. "He therefore pledged that the tax serves international solidarity, including the fight against AIDS . A few days later, Laurent Fabius announced that only 10% of tax revenue would be dedicated to international solidarity. For 2013, none of these 10% did not return to the fight against AIDS. In 2014, according to our information, in the best case, a portion of the tax will be used to offset the decline of the French contribution to the Global Fund to fight against AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. It is far from the "extra" funds promised. The tax will serve as sleight of hand accounting. But Holland was applauded and praised by activists around the world. This is essential.

D fiscal policy

The inevitability of austerity is opposite to each of our claims. The closures of hospital services, maintenance franchises for care, the decrease of the French contribution to the fight against AIDS in the world, it would be inevitable. But Hollande made promises to mobilize resources and provide a margin of maneuver. Scarce, these ideas were dropped. What credibility Hollande will it have when it rehashing the argument of austerity?

Commitment 7 : " I taxerai bank profits by increasing their tax rate of 15%. "; Commitment 14 : " The income will be taxed as capital-labor "; Commitment 17 : " I strengthen the means of combating tax fraud "; Commitment 35 : " To discourage layoffs stock, we renchérirons the cost of redundancies for companies that pay dividends or redeem their shares »

Not required. Commitments Instead, Francois Hollande has granted EUR 20 billion in tax breaks for businesses, without consideration. 20 billion less on the 2014 budget, 20 billion less for Social Security, supporting hospitals and international solidarity.


[1] See for example, our analysis of the balance of the PS to power or our critics after the speech of Holland with its commitment to health

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