Apr 242013

The boy did not understand the ending. I believe in God and those boys like boys ' evil '. ' Girl love ' instead of ' boy ' was just one of the reasons that. On April 25, 2003, John Doe (19-year-old at the time) the military broke the own life. Contending that homosexuality could not stay behind this known more leave school was the last consolation was the Office of LGBT rights organizations.

"The dead stands squarely behind. 'I'm gay '. No need to be sad anymore due to the pain and do not qualify. " The nickname ' six ' to the sanctuary to those who first well-known Yun Kun ddobagddobag the pain of old carved a short life. A devout Catholic who was accused of Christendom about homosexuality leap-Kun in front was largely reported to despair.

The Christian Federation of Korea, April 2003 (machine gun) is a county-level city "(homosexuals), Sodom and Gomorrah sulfur should be judged by fire". Article 7 of the enforcement decree of the juvenile protection law ' (youth) in the base of the hazardous medium ' homosexuality ' is happy to pursue the provision set forth in the Constitution, and believes that infringement of equal rights on the recommendation of the national human rights Commission was a statement that repel.

You need to delete the provisions that had been deeply involved in the LGBT rights movement in Yun County Council's statement turned opted to commit suicide more than 20 days. "Play dead" and mentioning the Sodom and Gomorrah ' pretending Christians give something to enlightenment .... A person unfit for bias, no Cliff countless sexual minority characters as my aunt how cruel is the enemy of humanity, "said Van Horn, a reflection, he wrote in a suicide note.

Whether died 25 days yungun, 10 years. Unfortunately what yungun phase according to the Youth Protection Act, the provisions of 'homosexuality' removed April of the following year, the gaze of exclusion and discrimination against sexual minorities is not that much better. 221 sexual minorities muscled patients, adolescents (less than 20 years old) July-August last year, a Survey 'sexual minorities against discrimination rainbow behavior, sexual orientation or gender identity discrimination at school' severe 'answered more than half of them (54.3%). Youth in their open-ended responses, that "homosexuality is a mental illness", and words such as AIDS etiology homosexual intercourse "is cited as a case of discrimination.

This sexual orientation, gender identity, education, age, medical history, etc. to prevent discrimination based on all the criteria "comprehensive discrimination ' legislation and even conservative opposition of Christendom was stranded in the crisis. LGBT rights organisations "22-28 6 Wudang forces of conservative Christian and right wing during the Memorial Day of may in the sanctuary in the midst of those who loathe the offensive and actively inform the legislative discrimination need to get out of policy," he said.

Gay human rights solidarity, such as LGBT rights and human rights groups are composed of ' 6 ' 25, the Memorial Committee for 10 cycles of Wudang evening, Jung-gu, Seoul, Francis Education Hall in LGBT rights are human rights advocates a Christian memorial service, is planning to open a prayer service. Saturday, 27, is in front of the door to the sanctuary for those who have an ongoing tribute to the youth culture Festival. The poet's dreams could not mean the military is trying to be accomplished is a leap month 1 to 14 days ' 1st 6 Wudang Prize ' conspiracy, too.

Constant representing the gay and lesbian human rights solidarity in Youghal "contains provisions for students ' sexual orientation ' is created, and the human rights Ordinance appeared to reverse the flow of change, but the value of these conflicts rife out. It's been ten years or six left for the conflict between this Wudang getting worse explicit aspects Boulevard, "he said.

It's been 10 years in the boy's suicide ...Sight for sore gaze by ex-gays: human rights & welfare: community: News: hankyoreh

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