Apr 122013
Let freedom ring

To acknowledge gay marriages? National debate over same-sex marriage come now in America is facing a hump.

That sparked began hearing about the constitutionality of two last week, Supreme Court defined "marriage only between men and women". Marriage defense of federal law enacted in 1996, and two laws and State constitutional gay marriage prohibitions enacted in California in 2008, it's. Nine Supreme Court Justices Exchange hassles in the conservative vs. liberal definition of marriage was published in the form of recordings and an entire nation focused on their marriage.

Nine States and the capital Washington currently acknowledged same-sex marriage in the United States. But the Federal defense of marriage act is not acknowledged those States same-sex marriage who rights as heterosexual married spouse tax deductions and social security, etc. Are homes of same-sex marriage rose 650000 households in the United States a decade, marriage and rights attached to it is "privileged" heterosexuals only recognized for them. Supreme Court hearing is none other than "equality under the law" to win the civil rights battle.

Marriages thrive only in the intended reproduction through the ages between men and women and will act to redefine for opponents of the religious right, such as in the meantime isn't. Was deep-rooted religious beliefs at all in America prior to the revolution of the emphasis on strict sexual morality and traditional family. Same-sex marriage reflected in threats to accelerate the collapse of the family for conservatives.

Still, same-sex marriage is now the familiar problems of family and friends on religion and politics in the past for many Americans. According to the CNN survey "family and close friends are gay people" is up 57%.

Recently Rob Portman Senator, Republican conservative, confessed homosexual son that overturned years of same-sex marriage opposition reasons, expressed support. Opponents of same-sex marriage and plummeted 46 percent last year from 68 percent in 1996, from gay and lesbian's familiar presence now for Americans also climbed 53 percent support it.

Supreme Court to reflect these social movements and authorizes same-sex marriage. Expressed the view that a majority of the justices questioned ban on same-sex marriage last week. Only problem only 2 minutes to public opinion, that could avoid judicial decisions in June ruling.

In any case, national watch over the whereabouts of same-sex marriage controversy is from this problem fits "21 century's civil rights movement".

Same-sex marriage controversy is a new civil rights movement | USA | Latest articles | Newsweek Japan official site

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