May 142013

Director Kimujo who came out as gay at 48 years old is to marry a lover of the same sex has been revealed.

On May 13th, film production company Rainbow Factory, founded by Kimujo, announced the same facts through a press release.

His partner is a 19-year-old younger men involved in film-related work, had been dating long time. Currently has served as the President of レインボーファクトリー.

Kimujo will hold a press conference at the art Theater アートナイン 15, 2:00 PM come, and officially announce the dates of marriage and so forth.

He attracted a wedding gift money, and he will reveal plans to set up the Rainbow Centre at a press conference.

Kimujo directed a movie with a homosexual theme last year, 2 times the wedding and the funeral his directorial debut.

Until earlier on behalf of youth film, film production company industrial production "Detective-secrets of aconite" introduction, crocodiles and Jenna, happy ending "jealousy is my strength", has produced approximately 10 pieces such as old Miss "diary"regret me not "," movie.

キムジョ Gans directed to gay marriage – k-pop News – latest news – Rakuten woman

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