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The Gay Athlete - Jason Collins

Collins declared that "out of the closet", became America's first public recognition of homosexual orientation in the four major sports leagues of active athletes, one question has aroused much attention: next season, Collins can play in the NBA?

This season, Collins have played for the Celtics and wizards are only 1.1 points. He will become a free agent this season, he said very clearly, themselves trying to extend careers. "From my teammates there, I wish I could support, because regardless of the team's decision, I will support them. "Collins said," the team is like a big family. Throughout the NBA like a brotherhood. It seems to me, we always present both inside and outside support. ”

Objectively, the New York Times review of road, aged 34, Collins, current presence in the locker room than on the field more. One NBA Scout said, next season, Collins has only 25% the possibility of returning to NBA rotation portfolio; however, a Union Manager said, with Collins leadership and experience, he can still find a place in the League. The Manager said, Collins announced the Cabinet's move may also be moved during one open-owner, eventually provided him with a team places.

Some gay supporters claim that Collins fight next season or not, will be directly related to his "decision" the real component. "If he does not stay in the team, he's just announced the next out of retired athletes. "Started a support of gay athletes websites jimu·bujinsiji said," we need to see him in the team, whether they are first released are bench-when he's playing at the moment, is the real attention. ”

NBA players, managers and coaches say, it does not appear to exclude Collins back to the Union. In Collins's "ego confessions" story before you get on the sports illustrated Web site, Collins called the wizards teammates went to the phone and received early positive response. Wizards Insider partner Emeka Collins · EO said, "If Collins returned to the team, and with open arms to welcome us. He also used to be the guy, now he just let us get to know him a little bit more. ”

Worth noting is that the NBA, gay has always been a difficult topic, even a reason for personal attacks. In 2009, in a war of words, Kenyon · Martin said Mavs owner Mark Cuban for gays, triggering waves in 2011, when Bryant complained about one referee in the game also known as gay, followed by NBA fines of up to $ 100,000. In Corinth, "out of the closet", though received the support of many people, but he physically present competition, caused by circumstances, I am afraid that would lead to a new round of discussions. In addition, Collins has been subjected to death threats, if he can still play for a team next season, for his security measures, also need to be further strengthened.

Ex-fiancee after shock support

As Collins's ex-fiancee, Caroline · Moose is a former WNBA player, functional Center that she, who served in the Phoenix Mercury and Minnesota Lynx. Moose was pretty shocked in her 7 years with Corinthian, Corinthian is gay she didn't found. Moose said: "we both love is sweet at the time I never had a doubt about his sexual orientation. So when I heard the news (Collins ' coming out '), I was somewhat unacceptable. ”

Moose disclosed that she and Collins spent 7 years, prior to the 2009 parted ways, and the two once formally engaged. Moose said: "in those days when Collins decided to break up with me, who find a whole bunch of reasons. "Corinthians officially announced he was gay, the news a few days ago, he has only been to the Mu Sitan white, and recognize that the real reason is that he ended the relationship.

Moose are now able to accept this fact. She said, "I really care about him (Collins) ... ... Now, I just want to wish him happy in the days ahead. ”

Collins suffered death threats

Declare themselves to be gay, Collins received the support of many people across America, but there are many opponents of homosexuality was not recognized, moreover, also issued death threats to Collins on Twitter. Here are some recent attacks on Collins's Twitter: "you're such a gay, has also been on TV! "" Gusen·kelinsi says he is gay ... ... He wiped the lipstick was on ESPN right now. Kill him! "" Gusen·kelinsi should be sentenced to death! How do you a seven-foot man is gay? The West is crazy ... ... "

In addition to the death threats, United States is known for extreme anti-homosexual Baptist Church Vista Road (Westboro Baptist Church) made a statement in the official Twitter early, announced in the rocket and Thunder series fifth and sixth game against the bulls and nets team gay picket. Vista Road Baptist Church said, "God hate the NBA."

Collins seems to have prepared for this morning, in the article admits he is gay, the old will not hope that everyone can accept and embrace his. These "extremists" message, now Collins has not made any response.

NBA gay

Collins was the first Active NBA player to admit gay people in the League, before him, also appears in the NBA have publicly declared their sexual orientation of homosexuals. In 2007 personal autobiography, former NBA player yuehan·amiqi publicly admit to being gay, when he retired for exactly 4 years. In this way, John Amaechi becomes first openly admit to being gay in NBA history (former) players. Entire NBA career, Ameche has played in the jazz and rockets, magic. Now, John Amaechi, United Kingdom Manchester operates a motivating lecture business, also has a service for high school girls John Amaechi basketball Centre.

Like·weierci served as a warrior President. In May 2011, when he was a senior Sun, had openly declared themselves to be a gay, which shocked the League. Former Sun player Charles Barkley's a Wilts in public, gay NBA player are commonplace, and prefer gay teammates as well as with his own team.

Not only is the sister of NBA senior celebrity Leiji·mile xielier·mile, but also the United States one of the greatest players in women's basketball history. Retired television journalist, General Miller ties or hanging pants on camera. It is reported that this is Miller, suggesting that he is a gay. But in public, xielier·mile've never publicly acknowledged he was gay. In addition, in mid-April of this year, "magic" Johnson's son, EJ · Johnson publicly admitted that he was a gay, when he and her boyfriend hold hands shopping photo by media exposure. EJ · John expressed thanks to his parents, because they help make his own choice "full of courage".

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