May 082013
Philip Kirkorov face fines for promoting homosexuality

Singer defends gays during a concert in St. Petersburg

Pop king of Russian pop Philip Kirkorov at a recent concert in St Petersburg, "October" has decided to once again "sepatazhnichat": for example MADONNA he defended gays. Artist gave his opinion on the prohibition of propaganda of homosexuality. His outspoken speeches Kirkorov just blew room. But that was only the beginning - the statements of the singer drew the attention of the authorities, and now he wants to bring them over to justice.

Member of the St. Petersburg Zaksobraniâ hopes to bring to justice the organizers of the concert Philip Kirkorov. According to Vitaly Milonova, popular singer broke the law banning gay propaganda during the concert, held the day before in the northern capital.

According to Milonova, public support that the gay community has expressed Kirkorov, a violation, and to answer for it to the organizers of the concert. The fact is that during a concert in St. Petersburg Kirkorov expressed surprise at the adoption of the law banning gay propaganda directly from the scene Concert Hall "October", during a speech. The singer also added that he considers the fight against sexual minorities humiliation of people.

-The guy who vytancovyvaet in a skirt with hairy legs – certainly icky spectacle. I believe that this is a violation of the law, of course. The concert was rated 6 . That is, he might go with children six years of age. Although it is not directly addressed to children. I'm afraid that children would be bad taste,-told reporters Milonow.

To invoke the responsibility of the Stones, the parliamentarian, will be difficult.

I think it would be difficult to bring to administrative responsibility, and here the organizers completely. They, I believe, can give an explanation of why they put 6 gig rating, added the Deputy.

In a similar vein earlier in St. Petersburg were overseas pop star Madonna and Lady gaga.

Philip Kirkorovu facing a fine for promoting homosexuality//Express newspaper

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